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Why we are here

September 13th, 2009 by Liz in Financial Freedom, Lifestyle, Sharing Success

Hi and welcome to Make More, Live More, Give More!

We’re here to share stories and concepts, swap success strategies and, talk about ideas that can change your life, your business, and the world…

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

First of all, I’m Liz Thompson and I make up one-half of an awesome partnership with my husband, Ric. We are the co-founders of HealthyWealthynWise Magazine, Small Business CEO Magazine, the Transperience Network and Yoovolution among other things…

I say awesome not simply because Ric and I have been happily married for nearly 17 years, not simply because we’ve been blessed with 2 wonderful and handsome boys – Chandler who’s almost 13 and Stefan at 4 and a half – and not just because together we’ve created multiple successful businesses that make a difference in the lives of people around the world.

It is awesome because we’ve reached a point where we can take a step back and share our success and how we got it.

In this day and age when competition in a dog-eat-dog world can be pretty cutthroat, just sharing our “success tips” would be a waste of everyone’s time.

We’ve found in our own lives and those of our friends who are very successful that “tips” are pretty much useless.  What we all need is solid, actionable strategies backed up by concrete, fire-tested, practical application that gets RESULTS.

Ric and I have been very lucky and we’ve worked hard to get to where we are today. We feel it’s time to “pay it forward”, as they say, and hope you can benefit from some of what we have learned.


The Concept is simple. The idea is to Make More, Live More, and Give More…

So what exactly does that mean?

Glad you asked <g>…

Make More

Make More

In essence, this part of the concept refers to your financial resources. In our society money is the medium of exchange that makes the world go around.  We need it for the basic necessities, to fulfill dreams in our careers, business, family and personal lives.  We need money to get the ball rolling – and keep it rolling for that matter.

Anyone who tells you differently obviously doesn’t have a rent or mortgage payment, doesn’t go grocery shopping, and doesn’t wear clothes so they’re probably not someone you want to listen to in the first place <g>…

Like it or hate it we all have to make money to live in modern society.

Now back in 2003 Ric and I started Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine to help people live their dreams, to help people discover what they love, and then go DO IT.  We’ve since branched out with another magazine, a 3-D interactive world for personal and professional development as well as tons of products and services – many of which you’ll hear about in the coming weeks and months.

But behind it all is the idea that if we can help people become great at what they are passionate about –  whether its selling soap from their garage, or mounting a one-man art exhibit, or anything in between – they will not just make more money, but have the freedom to enjoy their hard-earned cash.

They’ll MAKE more…

Which brings me to the next concept –

Live More

Live More

You may have heard of Abraham Maslow and his Hierarchy of Needs – it’s sort of a stair-stepped list of things a person needs to reach his or her maximum potential as a human.

Maslow said, very basically, on the first step to becoming even remotely successful in life, your physiological needs (food, water, shelter, clothing, sleep and breathing) must be met before you can even think about your safety (personal security, financial security, health and well-being, and safety against accidents/illness and their adverse impacts).

You have to have safety covered before you can go on to feel love and belonging through friendships, intimacy and having a supportive and communicative family.

Once you have THAT then you can go to having self-esteem, confidence, and the respect of others.

Then, and only then, can you achieve self-actualization.

It has to be in this order and one follows the other in a very linear fashion.

While I appreciate Maslow’s work and actually base quite a bit of my own work on his theories, he is not 100% correct.

What I’m trying to say is that when it comes to humans – rarely is ANYTHING that cut and dried.

In our lives, Ric and I have come to realize that you don’t need to have reached your maximum potential or have one million in the bank, before you can go out and make a real difference in your own life or the lives of those around you.

Success and self-actualization are NOT a destination; they are a state of mind.  And that state of mind needs to be nurtured and groomed.

At several points in our journey so far Ric and I have stopped to take a look at ourselves — focusing on us, making sure that we are happy and still on track. And as a result of that reflection have often changed course in ways that some might see as reversals.  But trust me, if you dive in head first all the time without looking up and taking a breath, you are bound to hit something hard and get knocked out!

So sometimes, between all the heartaches and headaches of starting and running our businesses we treated ourselves and enjoyed what we had created “so far”.  We ate at fancy restaurants, got a few massages, or splurged on a weekend at a great hotel.  Every once in a while we’d add a special volume or two to our extensive library, enjoy a ridiculously good bottle of wine, and take the occasional AWESOME trip.

From the relaxing to the heart-pounding, we felt our success right then and there. And we didn’t lose our minds trying to become millionaires before we lost sight of life as we knew it.

We LIVED more.

We still do.

And we want YOU to live more too – despite what is going on in the economy right now.

And here is one of the practical strategies we use to make SURE we’re LIVING more – and we invite you to join us in it…

We have what we call a LIVE MORE SALE.  Basically the first sale we make every month goes to living more – regardless of how much that sale is.  (And if you don’t have a business yet or aren’t making any sales you can STILL participate by taking the rate for the first hour you work at your job or something like that – the idea is to pick a measurement and stick to it!)

Of course now Ric and I spend a lot more on “LIVING More” than just the first sale of the month but we still take that first sale and enjoy it.

For example this past month our first sale was $297.  We took our 2 boys to this wonderful little wine bar/restaurant called Tastings on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA where we live.  They have fabulous food, excellent wine and a beautiful little dining patio outside.  We spent about 2 and a half hours there with the boys (you would not BELIVE how many Oranginas 2 boys can drink in 2 and a half hours) they played, had great food, and Ric and I enjoyed the quiet afternoon.  Then we splurged on a bottle of Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon to take home (as you get to know me you’ll realize I’m a COMPLETE food and wine junky <g>).  And then we took the rest of the money and bought snorkeling gear for our trip to Florida this month.

Just remember if you join us in the Live More concept simply take a set amount aside – the first “something” of each month and dedicate that to celebrating your abundance.

Make the commitment to LIVE more – it’s why we’re having this human experience.

Give More

Give More

At this point in our careers as entrepreneurs, we’ve seen the really good and the really bad. We’ve gone through the dirty work and plowed the fields back and forth.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not complaining! Far from it!

We’re living the life we’ve worked hard for. We have time in our hands, the freedom to enjoy our children, travel and see the world. And we’re enjoying the successes from the business we’ve created.

The goal now is to “pay it forward”, as they say. We tell our stories, business observations, and we ask you to feel free to take your pick on how you want to use it in your business and your life.

To give more isn’t something you have to WAIT to do until you’re independently wealthy.  You don’t need to go out and instantly make a huge splash.

The idea is to make a DIFFERENCE, because for most people, myself included, one of the major drivers in their life is to make an impact.

But often we’re conditioned to think that we can’t make much of a difference…yet.

And that’s just not true.

That type of thinking deprives us of the great joy of actually seeing the difference we CAN make.  So Ric and I came up with the GIVE MORE SALE.

Yep you guessed it – it’s pretty much like the LIVE MORE SALE, only this is the second one of the month, and regardless of how big it is we use it to make a difference in something we care about.

Just of few of the things we’ve done with GIVE MORE SALES are:

  • Provide food and medicine for 8 abandoned babies in Africa
  • Send Christmas Stockings and presents to a unit of 17 soldiers stationed in Iraq (we found out later that the soccer ball we had sent had been the start of many a game of ball between the soldiers and the local Iraqi children – too cool…)
  • Provide school lunches for 1200 children in Rwanda
  • Give gift baskets to the elderly who are housebound in the winter
  • And lots of other cool stuff that feeds our souls

There are lots of programs out there where a few dollars can make a HUGE difference and the feeling you get is FANTASTIC!

You IMMEDIATELY feel more prosperous and abundant and it’s just plain fun!

So as a reader of the Make More, Live More, Give More blog I hope you’ll join Ric and me by having your own LIVE MORE AND GIVE MORE SALES – however that looks for you.

And please post your ideas on how YOU’RE going to LIVE more and GIVE more.

Next time we’ll talk about that MAKING more part <g>!

Until then…

Have a GREAT day!