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Financial Freedom… and Why You Don’t Have It…

September 29th, 2009 by Liz in Financial Freedom

We all want it, but so few of us have it…

So what’s the REAL deal?




We all know that everything starts out small, and it usually starts in the mind. The greatest artwork, the tallest building, the most successful business started with a little, itty bitty idea. An idea that was thought through, grown and nurtured to eventually become something real, something that can be seen, touched, heard…experienced…

Believe me though; it isn’t as easy as just sitting in on the couch and hoping to “think” or “intend” the next best thing into existence. Contrary to what you may have seen in The Secret the “wish and pray” method of manifestation is NOT what the Law of Attraction is really about (but I’ll rant about that more another day <g>)…

Even with the grandest of dreams and the clearest intentions, good ideas can be hard or downright impossible to achieve because of this one little thing:

THE MIND VIRUS mind virus

You’ve heard about these “new” viruses right?

I’m NOT talking about computer viruses

And, I’m NOT talking about physical viruses like H1 N1, Ebola or AIDS

I’m talking about a totally different type of “virus”

A virus you won’t hear about from Microsoft or the Centers for Disease Control

One that won’t be the big headline on the evening news any time soon

That’s because this “virus” isn’t on your hard drive, and it won’t show up in a blood test

This virus is hiding somewhere most people will never find it…

It’s inside your mind…

The virus I’m talking about is something called a “Mind Virus.”

“MIND VIRUS – Any of various extremely pervasive, often dis-ease-causing agents consisting of a thought, containing a mental program within a protective coat often known as a belief. (p. 1, PANDEMIC – Bird Flu of the Mind)

But that title is a bit misleading… because there isn’t just ONE Mind Virus—there are many of them.

And if you aren’t seeing the success in business you KNOW you are capable of, then chances are, you are suffering from one of them.

Don’t worry; you’re not really in physical danger.

That’s because the “Mind Viruses” probably won’t affect your body – at least not directly…

They do something much more destructive.

Left unchecked, the Virus will replicate itself, eventually causing “terminal” mental cancer. [That doesn’t mean you’ll die physically, but your hopes and dreams do, you enter a state we refer to as “living death” (see p. 2, PANDEMIC – Bird Flu of the Mind for the specifics).]

Basically Mind Viruses will steal your Dreams, your Financial Future…

Your Freedom…

(We spell out the details and explain the science in the report called PANDEMIC – Bird Flu of the Mind: How Underground Mind Viruses are Relegating Millions to “Living Death” & What You Can Do to Protect Yourself and Your Family. And we talk about why the regular channels just aren’t dealing with this and why it’s gone undetected for so long on page 8.  If you haven’t read it yet go to and get your copy RIGHT NOW!  Your success and your financial freedom very likely depend on it – this is some insidious stuff).


There are some universal symptoms you can easily identify to see if you’re infected.  Check these out…


  1. You don’t have the financial freedom you know you should have.


  1. If you DO earn “good money” but it seems like you’re never able to KEEP any of it – there’s always some “emergency” or another


  1. You’ve tried again and again to build your business but nothing seems to work


  1. When it comes right down to it you always seem to sabotage your success


  1. You have big dreams for yourself and your family, but something always seems to be standing in your way

Then you might be infected.

To get a more clarity about the SYMPTOMS, read the report at .

But regardless, the real point is, SOMETHING is blocking your progress, you probably don’t know exactly what, and based on the research it’s highly likely THIS is what it is…

And if you’re anything like I was when I discovered these things you’re a little dazed and confused, and a lot upset.

All I could think was, “GOD, what would my life look like in 5 years if I hadn’t realized that I was infected with these Mind Viruses…

It wouldn’t matter what I did, what products I bought, what courses or seminars I participated in, what business ventures I was involved with, or what “golden opportunities” came my way…

It wouldn’t matter how many 18 hour days I worked…

It wouldn’t matter how many gurus I listened to or learned from…

It wouldn’t matter how many goals I set…

It wouldn’t matter if I had all the available “dirt” on my competitors…

It wouldn’t matter if I busted my ass, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, for the next 5 years straight…!

Because as long as these damned things were my head I would find a way to sabotage myself, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, and generally continue to screw up my life.”

Can you relate?

Feel like you’ve been beating your head against a wall…?

And that nothing you do works quite right…?

Tired of feeling hollowed out and defeated…?

Just what will YOUR life look like in 5 years if you keep going on as you are today?

How much money will you waste?

How much time will you lose with your family and friends?

Will you ever be able to live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Do you have kids? How much of their childhood will you miss if you keep on your current path? (This is probably the most brutal question we can ask ourselves…  I have 2 young boys and this one tore me to shreds…)

So I ask you…

Do you think you might be infected with a Mind Virus?

People infected with Mind Viruses usually KNOW.  They may not know exactly WHAT they are infected with, but they know SOMETHING is holding them back. (Again, get the report if you want the full details…)

So if you think you might be infected take a few minutes and go through the following exercise.  Identify the major things you feel are standing in your way, in your business, in your overall success in general, in your pursuit of financial and emotional freedom.  Identify the things that are holding you back, because THEY are your indicators of the negative Mind Viruses.

Is there anything currently in your life that could prevent, or make more difficult, the realization of your dreams for a successful business, financial freedom, or whatever it is that you desire most in life? (This might include poor habits, unsupportive relationships, clutter, doubt, and so forth.) What do you feel keeps you away from living your vision? What do you feel is standing in your way? List everything you can think of.

What’s In Your Way? *

Save the list you create – put it in a safe place near your computer, because later we’re going to start pulling it apart and digging at the roots of your Mind Viruses.

And for now – We’re creating a supportive community here, so EVERYONE can Make More, Live More, and Give More, so let us know if the Mind Viruses are showing up in your life.

We’re here to help…