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The Yoovolution Project

October 29th, 2009 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

The Yoovolution ProjectPhoto: http://www.yoovolution.com/stills/

Did you know that the Internet has been around for about 15 years only?  It’s funny how it seems like it’s been around for ages when in fact it’s just practically a teen.  It has come a long way since it was born.  Imagine before the Net was created we had to use the encyclopedia for research, a landline to call abroad, and snail mail to send letters… It all seems so archaic now.

Fast forward to the present when it’s so common to search for all kinds of information through Google, call abroad through Skype, and correspond through email.  And it doesn’t end there.  The Internet is such a powerful tool that you can use it for professional and personal growthThe secret is to be aware of where you can get such opportunities.

A Virtual Event

Here’s a clue: Something big will happen on November 6 to 8.  Something that will make Internet History.  A Yoovolution – a revolution for your mind and soul.  It is actually the world’s biggest professional and personal development conference that comprises of at least 33 experts and speakers in the various fields of self-help.  And what’s so unique about this event is that it will be held in a virtual 3-D environment – the first-ever of its kind.  Online gamers would be able to appreciate it since the environment is practically the same.  The only difference is that unlike online gaming, the Yoovolution won’t give you an escape from life, it would make you embrace it more.

You might ask why on earth should you be concerned about this event?  Basically, since Internet is part of your lifestyle, you should probably think about putting it into good use instead of just wasting most of your time on social networking sites and such. :)   I’m not putting down those sites or anything, mind you.  I’m just pointing out that you could allocate some of those idle time and do more productive things.

Maximize the benefits of the Internet!  You have the choice to do so.

All About Self Improvement

If you feel like you need to find the meaning of your life, or need to re-think your goals and objectives, or just want to do something about your professional or personal growth, then this virtual conference could help you do so.  The great thing about it is that you’ll gain a lot of knowledge from self help experts, maybe even discover their success secrets, and do all that at the comfort of your own home.  Yes, you don’t even have to leave your room.  All you have to do is to log in to the website and sign up for a FREE account.  After that, you could become a Yoovolutionist and explore the 3-D world.

And if you decide to get a guaranteed seat, then you’ll have access to great minds such as Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eker, Les Brown, Joe Sugarman, and Ellie Drake, among others.  You definitely would want to find out how these people became successful and how you could do it yourself.  And they won’t just tackle subjects on wealth building, they would also deal with other topics to help you fulfill certain areas in your life like your health and relationships.

Hear their stories, feel empowered, and be inspired.  Who knows?  You might turn out to be as successful as them someday.

Join the Yoovolution and experience a life-changing transformation.

The Skinny on The League of Extraordinary Minds

October 28th, 2009 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

think it about

Calling all entrepreneurs!  Yes, you.  The one who’s really ready to MAKE MORE…  Well, if you’re really concerned about wealth building, you want to arm yourself with all the business tools and success secrets that you can get a hold on.  And I’m not just talking about reading business books and other related literature – no, that’s not enough.  You want to keep your eyes open for other learning opportunities.  After all, these days we need all the help we can get!

The Inside Scoop

I got an inside scoop from a very reliable source, well actually it’s just Ric and Liz Thompson – who else? :)

There will be a mega-gathering called The League of Extraordinary Minds that will greatly benefit entrepreneurs.  This activity will feature the world’s leading business experts that could inspire (existing and new) entrepreneurs by sharing their knowledge on how to become rich and other specialized subjects.  They would also divulge some of their success secrets that could help you with your business and personal growth.  Now that’s something you wouldn’t want to miss!

Oh, and did I mention that there would be 54 legendary experts there?  This is thanks to Liz’s long-time mentor Rich Schefren and his partner Jay Abraham who quietly worked on setting up this interactive expert panel interview series for the past year or so.  Imagine what kind of knowledge you would get from 54 different great minds – minds that somehow see unique kinds of business avenues and possibilities that others can’t perceive.  And the best is yet to come…

Free Education

The best thing about it is not getting all these valuable secrets, it’s getting all these valuable secrets for FREE!  You don’t even have to spend a penny for it.  You could join the League of Extraordinary Minds for the whole six weeks at no cost.  During that span of time, you’ll learn the secrets of these business gurus and how they were able to put up billion dollar empires.  Yes billion – that was not a typo.

You must be curious about these 54 great minds.  Who could they be?  I’ll give you some hints.  One is the roving editor of INC Magazine, the other is the world’s top social media mind, and two of them are Online Marketing Hall-of-Famers…  If you want to find out who the rest are, you can check it out here

The Catch

I assure you, there’s no monetary transaction involved here.  But you have to register if you want to get a complimentary seat (Rich and Jay are giving out limited complimentary seats).  I suggest you do it now because registration is really, really limited.  So, if you’re truly concerned about the future of your business, and your future as well, then you should register right now so you could get all the business coaching you need from such great minds, no less.

Hope you could be a part of this wonderful gathering of legendary minds.

The Youth and Financial Literacy

October 22nd, 2009 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

How old should we start teaching our kids about money?


Hi, Adaire Mercer here and I’m so excited to write my first piece here on the Make More, Live More, Give More blog.  I’ve known Liz and Ric for several years and their work has been pivotal for me.

When I suggested that I could review some of the interviews they’ve done through Small Business CEO Magazine and the New Order Business School they thought it was a fantastic idea….

So here goes, and I hope you enjoy!

As you probably already know, Liz and Ric have a son, Chandler, who’s almost 13 years old and he’s planning to start his own business already.

Liz mentioned the story in one of her previous posts, that he’s working to raise around $3500 so he could go with his class on a field trip to Paris next summer.  The thing is, he’s not the type who’s really into business (not like his parents) but he’s planning to start some kind of money making venture that would help him earn the amount he needs to finance the trip.  And did I mention that he’s just barely 13? :)

How Young is Too Young?

Let me ask you then, do you think he’s too young to learn all about business and wealth building?  Well, I don’t think so, and obviously Liz and Ric don’t think so either.  They’re actually doing a bit of business coaching with Chandler, and have gotten him the tools he needs to start his own business.  Of course they just got the basic stuff for him – things that someone his age would understand, and help him achieve his goals and objectives.  But not every kid has parents like Chandler.  And unfortunately, schools don’t really teach students about money, which is why not everyone has the financial literacy to face the challenges ahead.

Financial Education for the Youth

“Financial literacy is a life skill that we must teach our children.”  Actually, I’m just borrowing those words from Sharon Lechter.  Ric recently got her to discuss all about financial literacy in the New Order Business School T.A.L.K.

Sharon Lechter is the founder of the financial educational organization Pay Your Family First, as well as YOUTHpreneur.  She is also on the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy.  And most of all, she is more popularly known as the co-author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Rich Dad series of books.  She’s very well versed about financial literacy and there’s no better person to learn from about it.

Cause and Effect

Sharon is actually very passionate about teaching financial education to the youth.  Her mission is to bring financial literacy education to schools because she believes it’s the way of hope.  Her interest in this began in 1992, and the thing that prompted her to do this was when her oldest son got into credit card debt while he was in college.  It got her pretty upset because she believed she taught her son well about money.  She passed on to him what she learned from her mother.  But back then, credit cards were still pretty much non-existent so her teachings may not have been applicable to her son.

What happened to Sharon and her son was not an isolated case.  Many young people are getting into credit card debt because they don’t know much about financial literacy.  But who could blame them?  It wasn’t really taught in school and not all parents have that particular knowledge to impart on their children.

Learning about financial literacy would not only help the youth, but people of any age as well, especially those who are planning to start their own business.  Of course you have to go through a bit of a learning curve and that means making mistakes along the way.  But mistakes do happen so just deal with it.  As much as possible, learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them.

Introducing YOUTHpreneur

If only there was a YOUTHpreneur program when I was young, I would’ve enrolled in it myself… :) …  Fortunately, our kids CAN benefit from it.  One of the products in YOUTHpreneur helps young ones get started in creating their own businesses.  They learn about business planning, marketing and more.  They’re basically being taught the fundamentals of how to make money and the basics of making a business grow.  In fact, one of the processes of the YOUTHpreneur program’s business kit is to teach the children how to set little goals and get little wins.  This would help boost their self-esteem every time they achieve their little goals.  Having self-esteem would not only make them feel more confident about dealing with their finances but would contribute to their self-improvement and personal growth as well.

I believe it would be really beneficial for children and young entrepreneurs to find out more about financial literacy, as this would better equip them to face the real world.

What’s YOUR take on this?

Leave a comment below and tell us whether you think learning about financial literacy could really help you “Make More”.

Or if you wish to learn more about financial literacy and the YOUTHpreneur program, you can get the whole recording of Sharon Lechter’s TALK from the New Order Business School – for free.

Have fun learning!  Till next time.

Introducing Adaire Mercer

October 21st, 2009 by Liz in Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

I’ve invited Adaire Mercer, to write for Make More, Live More, Give More from time to time. She’ll actually be a mainstay blogger – just to spice things up. But I’ll still be doing my regular posting so you’ll still hear from me.

Adaire is a writer by profession and she’ll just give her two cents on various topics related to the blog. So watch out for her unbiased opinions.

Anyway, please say hello to Adaire and give her a warm welcome in the comments section below.

Let me start…

Welcome Adaire!

Are You Ready to Build Your Dream Business?

October 20th, 2009 by Liz in Financial Freedom

I hate to burst your bubble but the figuring-out-what-your-business-is-going-to-be is actually not the first step.

If you think you have that big business idea and you’re getting ready to quit your 9 to 5, pause for a while. I don’t want to discourage you, in fact, I’d like for you get all your ducks in a row NOW and make sure you have a firm foundation before you jump off the deep end.

Before anything else, you may want to take a step back and decide what it really is that you want in life. What are your dreams? Your goals? How do you see yourself in 10 years? If you’re getting tired of your current work and you’re thinking of setting out on your own you need to think about how this will fit in your life.

Being your own boss is no joke, and you will have to work hard. You have to seriously consider how your dream business will fit with your lifestyle. Having a business when you have a family is different from having one while you’re single. Or thinking of going into business would be a different matter when you have an 8-hour job or even a part-time one. For instance, if you’re single and you don’t have a regular job, then you have a lot of time in your hands to put everything into action. But if your time is limited because of your job or your family, then you have to adjust to your situation.

Building your own business requires time and commitment and even if you do get it up and running and even if you’re experiencing success, if you aren’t able to balance it with the rest of your lifestyle, then your life is going to implode.

To avoid that, you need to start with the end in mind. So don’t rush into things. Take some time aside to think about what that end looks like. To make things easier, I’m going to give you a brief overview on how you can lay the foundation of your business so it grows strong and true. I’ll share the 6-Step Process to The Science of Creating Your Dream Business with you here, which is part of our New Order Business School Curriculum.

The 6-Step Process to The Science of Creating Your Dream Business

1. Getting Clear on Your Vision

Getting Clear on your visionThis actually involves several processes to identify what your life looks like now, determine what’s happening in your life that makes you want to start your own business, and ask yourself why you really want to do this. Basically, it clarifies the question “Why do you want to go down this road?” In this first step, you’ll be asked to paint a vision of what you want your life to look like when you have your own business. Do you want to run a home-based business so you can stay home and take care of your kids? Do you want to keep your Day Job and just earn a little extra income each month? Do you want to totally replace your current income and retire to a sandy beach somewhere and sip fruity drinks out of a coconut? Whatever you want out of life you need to begin with that end in mind.

2. What’s Your “Why”

what's your whyAsk yourself, “Why on earth do I want to have my own business?” Although there are a lot of benefits that come with it – managing your own time, having the freedom to do whatever you want, it also comes with a lot of work. So, don’t believe those infomercials that say you can get rich fast by buying a particular item. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. There is work involved. You really need to exert effort to build your dream business. Along the way, it could be fun for you, rewarding even, and as far as I’m concerned, the only way to go. But you have to understand WHY you’re going to keep going when things get annoying.

To give an example, I’d like to share with you the story of my almost-13-year old son Chandler. This year, he started taking French class in school, and on the first day, he brought home a pamphlet from his teacher saying that the class is planning to have a 10-day field trip to France in June. Chandler was so excited to show it to us since he has wanted to go to France for YEARS . You see, a few years ago we were on a trip and were sitting in the hotel watching the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network. In that particular episode Ina Garten was at some fabulous street market in Paris and Chandler was glued to the TV for the duration of the show. When we got home he begged me to make the entire meal. I did and since then, he’s been obsessed with France and French food.

Well now he has the chance to visit his dream destination but it comes at a price –$3424 to be precise.

The thing is, Ric and I don’t want to hand everything to him on a silver platter. We want him to learn to start taking responsibility for his own desires. We pay for his regular field trips in school but this is different. We think it’s the perfect time for him to start working for what he wants. So his plan is to start his own business even if he’s not really interested in “internet marketing” but since he’s dying to go to France, he’s willing to do what it takes. That’s his big “WHY.”

However, in your case, it might be a little different. You may want to start your own business so you could earn money while spending more time with your kids at home. Or you may want to earn more so you can travel around the world. Or if you’re in the retiring age and your children have grown up already, you may want to make more money so you could live your twilight years in luxury. Or maybe you just realized that the corporate life isn’t for you and you want to set your entrepreneurial spirit free. There could be a thousand reasons for it and you just have to sift through them to clarify that “why.”

3.  Figure Out “What’s Working” In Your LifeFigure out what's working in your life

The core here is to find out what assets you have now. It doesn’t necessarily have to be financial assets, it could be personality assets, or contacts, or knowledge about a specific topic, or even your passions. Just take stock of everything because those things will be your strengths and you want to build from there.

There are a bunch of exercises in the Science of Creating Your Dream Business for each of these steps – to take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process. Of course we don’t have the time to do that in a simple blog post, but we CAN hit the highlights here.

4. What’s Missing

what's missing“Oh no, I don’t have enough funds.” “I’m too scared to do that.” “I don’t have enough contacts.” Finding out what’s missing – this is probably the scariest part of this whole process but don’t let that discourage you. Every time someone goes through this step, they feel 10-feet tall and bullet-proof afterwards. As you go through the “What’s Missing” process, you’ll be able to figure out and neutralize what’s missing, and eventually turn these into strengths.

Part of starting a business is determining what’s missing or what you need and then finding a way to get it. Find out what’s standing in your way. Do you have enough time for it? Are your funds sufficient? Whatever constraints you have, you need to find a way to overcome them. This is probably one of the most important parts in the entire process of setting up a business.

Going back to my earlier example, of my son Chandler, his major constraint was that he’s only 13 years old. He doesn’t have a business background, much less, any experience in the world of work.

So Ric and I decided to buy him some courses that are geared to some very basic systems. Chandler can study those courses and go on from there. We provided him with some useful tools he could use in setting up his business.

Aside from his age, another constraint for him is time. He’s a full-time student and he also has extra-curricular activities, not to mention his responsibilities at home. So the challenge is to fit his business into his lifestyle. We want him to be well rounded so we set up a system wherein he can allot 10 hours a week for his business, and eventually earn the $3500 he needs for the trip. We’re helping him through this process so we can neutralize his “What’s Missing.”

5.  What’s Next

what's nextThis is where you think of an actual business idea. The plan is to combine the parts that are working with what’s missing so you can come up with “What’s Next.” For instance, you’re very passionate about food and you want to build a business related to it. One of your options is that you could start a catering business. But if one of your other passions is spending time with your family, then you’ll experience time constraints when you go into a full-fledged catering business. I mean, how could you enjoy being a caterer if you’re always on someone else’s schedule and you can’t spend time with your family whenever you want? It won’t fit at all with your desired lifestyle.

The trick is to assess your overall lifestyle first and then think of the business part. So if you combine your passions – food and family, maybe you could consider starting a food blog and figure out how to monetize it. This would be a better idea than the catering thing because with this, you could work at home while supervising the kids. The idea behind this step is to figure out what your dream business is going to look like in your life as a whole.

6. The Focus on Action

the focus on actionIn this last step, you basically put into a plan everything you’ve thought about in the previous steps and then get moving and finally start with your business. Again, you need to focus on your overall lifestyle and how you want your business to fit with it. You also have to focus on your monetary goal: How much do you need to make? If you just need an extra $500 or $1000 a month, you may not have to start with a whole huge business right away. But if you’re aiming to completely replace your current income and lead the “good life”, then your path is going to look very different. Take all of these into consideration while making your plans. The key is to assess your overall needs first and then just take it from there.

Now you know there’s more to just thinking of that great business idea when you’re planning to start your own business. There are other important steps involved like the ones I mentioned above. But that was just an overview. If this has been helpful to you, check out the full course at The Science of Creating Your Dream Business

Turn your dream business into reality.

After you check out The Science of Creating Your Dream Business, come back here and post YOUR vision – let us know what your life looks like when you’re REALLY happy with it.

Can you REALLY do what you love, and make more money in tough economic times?

October 15th, 2009 by Liz in Financial Freedom

Ric and I have been married for almost 17 years now, and we’ve run our businesses together for more than 10.

It doesn’t surprise me anymore when people come up to me with genuine amazement at how we keep at it.

With a mixture of wide-eyed wonder and shock, people ask:  “How can you stand being together for that long, working together, and spending your free days together too?!”

The answer is – we couldn’t imagine it any other way.  It wasn’t always easy – but that’s a topic for another day <g>.

The more important question is not HOW we do it – it’s WHY we do.

We’re passionate about our freedom, and want to help other people find that for themselves as well.

Since there really is no separation for us between business and personal life often concepts and ideas will come to us from the strangest places, and we use them to reinforce the basic lessons of business.

Which brings me to one of the many things Ric and I are just loved that ended up last August – the show called The Next Food Network Star!

Being a family of foodies, we are always on the lookout for whatever’s out there that’s interesting about food – recipes, restaurant reviews, shows – anything.  And if it’s a show, since we only watch about 4 hours of TV a week, it had BETTER be good <g>…

What caught our attention

The Next Food Network Star was a show that featured cooks of different nature, backgrounds and expertise and pitted them against one another to get a shot at their own show on the Food Network.

I can only imagine how many people are out there who are good enough cooks to have their own show, or come out with their own cook books or start their own catering business or restaurant, or whatever.

If food is your passions I say – GO FOR IT!!

But keep the rest of this post in mind (and this goes for anyone in ANY business…)

But I’m getting ahead of myself – so back to the show…

Part of the competition of the Next Food Network Star highlights strategies, cooking styles, types of dishes, and the ability to be creative, calm, and poised under EXTREME pressure. What got us hooked was that contestants ranged from actual chefs, to sales managers, to the Season 5 winner Melissa d’Arabian – who’s actually a stay-at-home mom.  (Sounds like your typical pool of new entrepreneurs doesn’t it…)

nfns5_melissa_s3x4_alPhoto: FoodNetwork.com

I saw a clear message with the variety of backgrounds – on the surface you might think pitting trained chefs and dietitians against sales managers and stay-at-home-moms makes the playing field unfair.  But what it REALLY shows is that the field is what you make of it – when you’re in a competition, or in your business – or even in your personal life, your passion , drive, dedication , and creativity count for a TON more than pieces of paper hanging on a wall, or the proper “credentials.”

We initially thought Jeffrey was going to win. He was a clear leader throughout the entire competition but when it came down to the last 6 contestants, I started to see Melissa coming out on top.

Here’s why…

Play smart to win big

The last two cooks left were Ric and my favorites from the start.

2nd runner up Jeffrey Saad was very personable, poised and confident. Amidst all the kitchen chaos and the heat of a competition, he remained calm and he DELIVERED. Cooking Without Borders as his show would be called, took flight from his style on the show – which was to take cooking out of the box by taking a spice from a particular region or country, and integrating it in simple and common dishes to give it a twist. Concept-wise, we thought it was a great idea. As a cook, he was really good and very professional. We trailed him from then on for those reasons.

nfns5_jeffrey_s3x4_alPhoto: FoodNetwork.com

Melissa d’Arabian was the black horse. Compared to the Culinary Academy graduate Jeffrey, Melissa’s training was from cooking with her mom as a child and then for 4 young girls and husband at home. We trailed her too because we like rooting for the underdog, and because she had a concept that will make people sit down, watch and listen.

Here’s how she won.

Play to the Market

Melissa saw a need and, plain and simple, she filled it. I knew she was going to win because she met a demand that is very high in today’s tough times.

During the show, her point of view for cooking was “Family Cooking at its Best.”

At the end, I figured, if you’re still in the running you’re a damned good cook.  So let’s call all things equal in that department.

What it came down to, to win the competition was, who will make Food Network the most money – remember at the core this show was all about finding another personality for Food Network to add to their stable of Stars and the network is a business.

So there’s a lesson to be taken from this as well.  You hear lots of talk in the media, the blogosphere, talk shows, etc. about living your passions and making a living with your passions.  Many people have it in their head that, that “looks” a certain way and don’t deviate at all often ending up with a failed business and crushed dreams.  They forget to innovate under extreme pressure.

Let’s analyze the contestants though:

Jeffrey and Melissa are both absolutely passionate about food, cooking, and its importance to families.

Did they HAVE to go start a restaurant or catering business?


Did they go the publishing route and write cookbooks or entertaining guides?


Did they go get all the training people say is necessary to make it in the “food world” attending culinary school, etc.?

Jeffrey – yes.

Melissa – No.

OK – so they have the same passion and could have gone in any number of other directions with that, but they both decided to go the route of a television personality.

So now – remember for the sake of argument we’re declaring culinary talent equal.  What’s left?

Appeal to the Market!

Food Network chose Melissa because she is the most marketable.

I chose her as the winner before the competition was ever over because I saw that her concept was more marketable – at least in today’s recession and hard financial times.

Jeffrey wanted to incorporate exotic ingredients to expand people’s culinary horizons.

Melissa wanted to help people “survive in the kitchen” and eat well in spite of being so busy they could barely see straight.

Which do YOU think would be the easier sell to Food Network and its viewers?

So what’s the Take Away?

In business, even if you have a really cool concept that you believe will fly, even if you’re passionate about it, you have to think of how the real world will take it – right here and right now.

In the middle of an economic recession, diamond studded dog collars and designer squirrel clothes are probably not the best way to break into the pet market.

But if you want to get into the gardening and landscape business it might make sense to look at creating information products related to designing and supporting organic kitchen gardens.

You see the difference?  A passion for food, animals, or gardening need not be hindered by economic times, but it must be molded by them.

Even in tough times where businesses are closing left and right – there are businesses that will open up and thrive. We just have to keep our eyes open, stay true to our passions, and listen to needs of the market.

Check out Melissa’s new show on Food Network called “$10 Dinners” where she shares ideas and recipes for delicious, fresh meals to feed  4 people for $10 or less at http://www.foodnetwork.com/ten-dollar-dinners-with-melissa-darabian/index.html.

How’s THAT for timely and market sensitive?

And let us know your thoughts and comments on making money living your passions – even in tough times.

Hollywood is asking – How Will You Survive 2012? – is the Phenomenon Fact or Fiction?

October 13th, 2009 by Liz in Financial Freedom

As we get closer and closer to the date, and more and more people are asking the question, “How will we survive 2012?”, Ric and I decided to share one of our more “hidden” passions – the discovery or re-discovery of “lost knowledge”.

Let me give you a little background…

Ric and I have been following the Mayan calendar for about 5 years now (that’s where the 2012 date came from) and have noticed great synchronicities in our lives as a result.

It has helped us understand one another better in our business lives as well as our personal lives – he’s a “blue hand” meaning he lives to get things done and is all about transformation and accomplishment, whereas I’m a “white wind” and am all about breaking down old barriers to clear the way for something new, as well as refining what is possible for ourselves, our businesses, and humanity as a whole.

The calendar has helped us make better decisions with relation to timing – we’ve discovered that pushing to make a deadline isn’t always the best way to go, and we’ve also learned that a lot of times when you’re having one of those “I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING” sort of days, often those are the “idea” days and you’re not SUPPOSED to be DOING anything anyway.

In general it is an ancient system for time keeping, tracking the energies of the planet, and guiding our interactions with the greater cycles, which was pretty much lost to the majority of the world until the 1980s.

To get more information on the calendar I’d suggest starting the same place I did – www.13moon.com. (And if you’re REALLY interested just leave me a comment below and I’ll do another post with some more extensive reading and research places )

But the point of this post isn’t really to give you a primer on the Mayan Calendar. It’s to address the most famous aspect of it that you’ll be hearing A LOT about it in the next few weeks, through mainstream news, media, and Hollywood – I’m talking about the END of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012.

There’s a lot of speculation out there – Hollywood films predicting disaster, mayhem, the end of humanity, the return of aliens, etc. are in the making. Events based around a prophesied “Great Spiritual Awakening” abound, and of course there is the crowd who says this is just another Y2K scare designed to promote mass hysteria and that there is absolutely no significance to 2012 at all. So what the heck are you supposed to believe?!?

That’s what we asked ourselves too, so we started researching and connecting with some of the top experts in the world on the 2012 phenomenon.

The result?

To begin with – this post .

The purpose of it is to give you the straight talk from the experts themselves – unedited, unbiased, without agenda. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and very little that takes a true investigative approach. Over the coming months we’ll be interviewing these experts and making available some of their best research and information to you so you can make your own decisions about 2012 and how it may or may not affect you and your family.

Some of the content will be motivational and upbeat – some won’t. We’re not going to sensor the tone because we want you to have the full story. If the content is negative and feels bad, note that in yourself and ask yourself if you want it to be part of your paradigm. If it’s negative but rings true, note that as well. If it’s upbeat and positive and makes you feel great – FANTASTIC, but if it’s upbeat and positive and feels woo-woo or Pollyanna-ish, pay attention.

Trust your intuition.

We’re going to be doing the leg work and the research, all you have to do is take it in and decide what works for you.

Right now I invite you to join us on the journey by starting out with a free video we’ve put together at 2012 Predictions and Prophecy. It tells you the #1 Thing you need to know about 2012.

Sit back, strap yourself in, and enjoy the ride!

Also leave us a comment below and let us know what YOU think is going to happen on December 21, 2012…

Visions, Viruses, and the Value of YOUR Dreams…

October 7th, 2009 by Liz in Financial Freedom

OK – let’s dive right in today.

Maybe these last few posts have left you wondering what all this “Mind Virus” fuss is about?! You may be thinking – “so what if I have beliefs that are different from others? Isn’t that the whole point – that we are unique and we don’t all believe in the same things?”

You’re right, and that is EXACTLY what the protection protocol for a mind virus will tell you to think…

Mind viruses are called viruses for a reason and I have to warn you, the recovery process is not a cake walk.

I’ve been there and am still working on some issues myself, and I know any successful person worth their “salt” would tell you the same thing.

We’ve all got years of negative programming and malignant beliefs running around in our heads and most of them are disguised as conventional wisdom and sacred cows…

Some people are even suffering in the advanced stages of Mental Cancer totally unaware of what is happening to them and why.

It takes time to get over it.

That said, you don’t need a COMPLETE recovery to start experiencing the life of your dreams…

To start Making More, Living More, and Giving More…

But to recover ENOUGH you’ve got to be crystal clear about what you’re fighting for – getting clear on your Vision and WHY you’re going to prevail…

You need to know the value of it… The value of your FREEDOM!

It’s not hard…in fact it can be quite fun…

So let me tell you a bit of a story to illustrate what I mean about why I was willing to fight…

And then we’ll start writing YOUR story…

You see, I was probably a lot like you when I started out.

I had a RAGING case of the Virulent Freedom Virus, among others, and had bought into one of the biggest Myths that virus propagates – you know the one – “Go To School, Get Good Grades, Get a Good Job, Live the Good Life…”

Yeah… Right.

Can you relate…?

Ric and I worked our butts off to get through school so we could “get that good job.”  Ric even got a Masters Degree in addition to his Bachelors to ensure his success.

I finished my undergraduate degree, Cum Laude, with a Major in International Relations, double minors in European History and Social Science Education – in 3 years not 4.

AND we paid for the education ourselves – or should I say we’re STILL paying for the education ourselves…

The kicker was when we graduated with a Mt. Everest of Debt our job prospects weren’t all that great – there certainly weren’t any “live the good life” type jobs out there.

And I was ^&%%#@ off – felt betrayed by the whole system – like so many other people who’ve bought into that load of crap.

At the time Ric and I were expecting our first child and I didn’t want to go back to working someplace like Wal-Mart, like we did in college, and I couldn’t see putting my newborn in daycare 12 hours a day so I could go work for peanuts at the State Department or in some entry level corporate gig.

Ric found a full-time job with a small tech-company, but the “family” was still only bringing in a whopping $28,000 a year.

After a combined 9 YEARS in college and over $100K in education debt we were making frickin’ $28,000 a year!!!

Now I don’t know about you, but my version of “the good life” costs just a LITTLE bit more than $28K a year – and it requires actually seeing my husband every once in a while : ).

Ric was working like a dog leaving before the sun came up and getting home after dark.

I was at home with a newborn desperately trying to figure out what to do with our lives and wondering when the “good” part was supposed to kick in.

Doesn’t sound like “Go To School, Get Good Grades, Get a Good Job, Live the Good Life” to me…

I mean – just look at the numbers…

According to the Business Week 2007 Undergraduate Business School Report, the top 3 undergrad Business Programs in the country were The Wharton School at U Penn, The McIntire School of Commerce at UVA and The Haas School of Business at UC Berkley.

Average tuition for these programs was $25,591.67 per year, for 4 years.

That’s a total investment of $102,366.68.

Average earnings of the grads from those 3 programs were $56,678.34 a year….

That’s 2 TIMES what Ric and I were making, but STILL, not “good life” material as far as I’m concerned…

And then once you’ve earned your $57K paycheck for the year you’ve got to go back to the same job with the same politics and do it all over again next year – still working for someone else– where’s the freedom in that?!?!?

Now we weren’t so different from your “NORMAL” college graduates (except for a 10-year difference is starting salaries)…

And we’re not so very different from most people who want to start a business either…

We wanted more from life than the regular 9-5 grind with a 401K and 2 weeks off a year.  We wanted Financial FREEDOM and control over our lives!

You can relate right?

So that’s when I started my first “successful” business – we’d dabbled a lot in college but nothing had really worked.

We had our first taste of true freedom and wanted more…

Ric left the corporate world for self-employment a few years later as well.

And we’ve never looked back.

But it certainly wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine.

We had a lot of challenges along the way and some absolutely horrendous “learning experiences” – most of which can be traced back either to Mind Viruses and the beliefs and myths that were protecting them or to a complete lack of business education.

But we’ve conquered the worst of the Mind Viruses, though we have to be careful to keep inoculating ourselves – they’re persistent little buggers – and we’ve had quite the education in the Business School of Hard Knocks.

Now we live the lifestyle of our dreams, doing what we want pretty much when we want, going on really cool trips to exotic places all over the world, and spending quality time with family and friends.  And we have successful businesses that make a real difference in the world.

And you know, that’s all well and good, but the NEXT step is what’s REALLY exciting.

Now that Ric and I have beaten back the Mind Viruses and learned how to create success, we can duplicate it and the monetary gains over and over again to create our REAL vision.


I mean living in a beautiful home, taking exotic trips, and never worrying about the prices on the right hand side of the menu is fantastic, and that was a major goal of ours for a long time.

But it’s the Absolute Freedom – the ability to do what you want, when you want, with whomever you want that is REALLY amazing.

But it’s not MY freedom that’s important here.

It’s YOUR Success, YOUR Financial Freedom, YOUR Story we’re concerned with …

And THAT’S why Ric and I founded our companies and started writing this blog…

It’s time to write YOUR story now…

You need a vision with power, which comes from your heart, and guess what…

You already have it…

The question is will you let yourself SEE it.

To help you get crystal clear on that vision I’m including an exercise below from one of the courses I’ve written The Science of Creating Your Dreams. That course regularly sells for $147, but I’m offering this exercise to you as a gift to get you moving in the right direction.

Check this File

Take a few minutes right now and give yourself the time to dream – to REMEMBER your vision.

What does your life look like when you are FREE?

When you don’t have to worry about money anymore…

When your business is just the way you want it…

When you get to spend quality time with your family and friends…

When you are making the impact in the world that you came here to make…

Write it down – capture it in all its glory…

If you get stuck don’t worry, just realize there’s a Mind Virus in there that we’re going to eradicate so make a note, acknowledge it, and keep going.

Then I want you to share a quick 1 or 2 lines of your vision with the rest of us on the blog (have FUN with it, build an EMPIRE with it, ANYTHING you want – just PLAN for it now!).

Ask any ultra-successful person and they will tell you there is great power in public declarations.  They put your thoughts out in the open, make them more real, and make you accountable.

The cool thing about posting here is we’re creating a supportive community.  We’re all banding together to Make More, Live More and Give More.  Your visions and dreams are SAFE here.

Let us all support you…

Until next time…

Have a GREAT day!