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The Skinny on The League of Extraordinary Minds

October 28th, 2009 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

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Calling all entrepreneurs!  Yes, you.  The one who’s really ready to MAKE MORE…  Well, if you’re really concerned about wealth building, you want to arm yourself with all the business tools and success secrets that you can get a hold on.  And I’m not just talking about reading business books and other related literature – no, that’s not enough.  You want to keep your eyes open for other learning opportunities.  After all, these days we need all the help we can get!

The Inside Scoop

I got an inside scoop from a very reliable source, well actually it’s just Ric and Liz Thompson – who else? :)

There will be a mega-gathering called The League of Extraordinary Minds that will greatly benefit entrepreneurs.  This activity will feature the world’s leading business experts that could inspire (existing and new) entrepreneurs by sharing their knowledge on how to become rich and other specialized subjects.  They would also divulge some of their success secrets that could help you with your business and personal growth.  Now that’s something you wouldn’t want to miss!

Oh, and did I mention that there would be 54 legendary experts there?  This is thanks to Liz’s long-time mentor Rich Schefren and his partner Jay Abraham who quietly worked on setting up this interactive expert panel interview series for the past year or so.  Imagine what kind of knowledge you would get from 54 different great minds – minds that somehow see unique kinds of business avenues and possibilities that others can’t perceive.  And the best is yet to come…

Free Education

The best thing about it is not getting all these valuable secrets, it’s getting all these valuable secrets for FREE!  You don’t even have to spend a penny for it.  You could join the League of Extraordinary Minds for the whole six weeks at no cost.  During that span of time, you’ll learn the secrets of these business gurus and how they were able to put up billion dollar empires.  Yes billion – that was not a typo.

You must be curious about these 54 great minds.  Who could they be?  I’ll give you some hints.  One is the roving editor of INC Magazine, the other is the world’s top social media mind, and two of them are Online Marketing Hall-of-Famers…  If you want to find out who the rest are, you can check it out here

The Catch

I assure you, there’s no monetary transaction involved here.  But you have to register if you want to get a complimentary seat (Rich and Jay are giving out limited complimentary seats).  I suggest you do it now because registration is really, really limited.  So, if you’re truly concerned about the future of your business, and your future as well, then you should register right now so you could get all the business coaching you need from such great minds, no less.

Hope you could be a part of this wonderful gathering of legendary minds.