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Celebrate Your Abundance, Celebrate Life

November 4th, 2009 by Liz in Lifestyle, Sharing Success

In case you’re still not familiar with the concept of Make More, Live More and Give More, let me refresh your memory… <g>

The Make More part refers to your financial resources, which is important because you need it to pay for your basic necessities and other things.  The challenge here is to increase what you have.  How?  It’s likely that you’ll Make More money when you do the things that you love – so find your passion.

As for the Live More aspect, well, it’s all about celebrating life.  You don’t have to be over the top about it.  It doesn’t have to be like a trip around the world, it could be as simple as a trip to your favorite store or something like that.  All you have to do is to set aside some of your earnings every month so you could use it to celebrate life.  Ric and I call it the Live More Sale where we dedicate the first sale of each month (regardless of how much it is) to celebrating our abundance.  You don’t have to wait until you grow old and rich in order to Live More.  You can do it right NOW.  Commit each first sale of the month to living more.

The Give More part is where you can make a difference in other people’s lives.  Ric and I came up with the Give More Sale idea where we set aside some money each month and use it to contribute to whatever cause we care about.  Our goal here is to pay it forward.  You don’t have to be extremely wealthy in order to do that.  As little as a couple of dollars could make a difference to those in need.  And the satisfaction you get from helping others is indescribable.  You should try it for yourself.

I’ll share with you how Ric and our family Live More and Give More, and maybe you’ll get some ideas on how to Live More and Give More, too.

Live More: The $100 Book Shopping Spree

My boys and I recently went book shopping and we all got one book each to add to our ever growing library.  Have I mentioned that Ric and I are absolutely obsessed with books?  Picture this – a 2-room library full of fictional literature on the main level of the house, seven book-cases full of non-fiction lining the walls of our family room on the lower level, and the personal and business development sections filling our offices with hundreds of additional volumes.  Yes, that’s how book obsessed we are. <g>…

Anyway, I think our kids are starting to follow in our footsteps.  Chandler, our almost 13-year old, got the next book in the “Percy Jackson & The Olympians” series.  While Stefan, our four-year old who just learned how to spell and write his name a couple of weeks ago, agonized over “Scooby Doo” and “Thomas the Tank Engine” (Thomas won out in the end).  I, on the other hand, got an AMAZING deal on the book that I bought.  Imagine getting a 1902 first edition of Andrew Carnegie’s “The Empire of Business” for just $90!  That’s quite a steal for a book lover like me.



Give More: The $300 Charity Contribution

The Barefoot Runner

Remember the guy who’s running barefoot across the US?  Well, he’s our friend, Tellman, and he’s doing this to help raise funds for the homeless youth all over the country.  His goal is to raise $100,000,000 so he could distribute it to various organizations, shelters and volunteers, which help these homeless kids get access to shelter, food, and be able to rebuild their lives as well.

TellmanPhoto: Tellman Knudson

Tellman is running from the East Coast all the way to the West Coast.  He just passed by Pittsburg, Pennsylvania and he’s now en route to Wheeling, WV.  If you want to keep up with his progress, you can do so here.

Ric and I want to keep supporting him because we believe that what he’s doing is phenomenal and is making such an impact.  This month, we donated $295 to Run Tellman Run.  You can also contribute to Tellman’s cause by donating online. Even as little as $5 could make a difference in the lives of the homeless youth.

Life Changing Loans

About a month ago, Ric and I joined Kiva, which is a micro-lending website that allows us to make loans to low-income entrepreneurs all over the world.  One of our first loans went to Vincent Cadiz in the Philippines to support his hog farm. We made a $125 loan to him and he was able to pay back a part of it in just a month’s time.  His first payment was worth $20 and we added $5 to our Kiva account and then re-loaned the money to Miguel Ángel Miranda Vásquez in El Salvador to give him the last bit he needs to make repairs to his taxi.  The taxi is the main source of income for his family and enables he and his wife to send all three of their children – ages 21, 20, and 16 – to school.



Photos from: (Vincent Cadiz in white shirt, Miguel Ángel Miranda Vásquez in blue shirt)

It’s amazing how this program lets you send financial support to people in need across the world – with contributions as little as $25.  It’s so simple – just register in the Kiva website to become a lender and then choose which among all the featured entrepreneurs you want to support.  Eventually, they pay back their loans and then you can use these payments to loan to others – kind of like recycling your money.  Talk about “going green”… <g>

You know you’re making a difference in people’s lives when you see they are doing well enough to pay back the loans.  You can make a difference too.  Join us and Kiva today.

Now you have an idea of how we Live More and Give More.  It’s your turn now.  Share your thoughts and ideas on how you’ll Live More and Give More in the comments section below.