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How to Become a “Word of Mouse”

November 17th, 2009 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

how to become a word of mouse

You might ask, “Isn’t it supposed to be word of mouth and not word of mouse?”  Normally it is, but we’ve come to the point already where we turn to the Internet as our main source of information instead of actually hearing the news from people.  Who doesn’t use email or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter?  Heck, even I am guilty of being a social networking addict. :)

The “word of mouse” phrase best describes an idea or a thing that is shared online and has the potential to reach millions of people.  It can be anything – a video, an e-book, a blog…  I came across this concept from the NOBS TALK of David Meerman Scott on World Wide Rave.  (By the way, he intentionally uses his middle name for a particular purpose but we’ll get to that later.)  David has many personas – he’s a marketing strategist, a professional speaker, a seminar leader, and also an author.  One of his bestselling books is “The New Rules of Marketing and PR,” which is translated in 24 languages.  While his latest publication, “World Wide Rave” was the main topic in the NOBS TALK.

World Wide Rave

The Name Game

I think David is a genius.  Who else but a brilliant mind can coin phrases like world wide rave and word of mouse?  According to him, that’s all part of his marketing strategy.  As an entrepreneur, you should be creative, especially when it comes to naming a product or something.  Traditionally, what most entrepreneurs do is to conduct a legal search and a trademark search to find out if they can actually own a particular name from a legal and copyright perspective.  But what most people don’t do is to make sure that you also own that name or phrase in the search engine results.

That’s the main reason why David opted to use his middle name in all his products.  Try typing in “David Scott” in Google and you’ll see plenty of people sharing this name.  But if you key in his full name, you’ll only find one David Meerman Scott.  That’s one of his tricks for online marketing.  You really need to come up with a unique name or phrase that can be associated to you alone.  This is the secret behind David’s success in the marketing business.

One of his examples in the TALK was “The 4-Hour Workweek” book.  Its author, Tim Ferris, could’ve named it “Work Life Balance” but it probably won’t be as effective as the one-of-a-kind title he chose.

Look Who’s Talking

Another valuable strategic marketing technique is to find a way for others to talk about you whether it’s because of your blog, e-book, video, or something else.  Just make sure that you have that specific mindset, which focuses on creating something with incredible value for the people you’re trying to reach.  But first, you have to understand the needs and wants of your buyer personas (another phrase that David coined), or more commonly called the target market.

David’s example was a dentist named Dr. Helene Smith who’s based in the Boston area.  She knows her target market – those who need dental services.  Her dilemma was that she wasn’t raking in a lot of clients with her traditional advertising tactics so she decided to try out some online marketing.  She created an e-book called “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Sex” and people responded greatly to it.  It was so effective that they started to send this e-book to their friends and it eventually became a world wide rave.  Even the American Dental Association talked about it – though not in a good way.  But the thing is, people talked about it and it was successful in bringing in more clients and more income.

Dr. Smith’s e-book became a success because it provided interesting and important information to her target market.  And she knew how to communicate with her market – that’s another essential thing.

Key Points

Before you even attempt to create a world wide rave, you need to make sure that your business has a website.  Every entrepreneur needs one.  Whatever product you create, you must put your website name on it, but make sure that it has a simple URL so people can easily remember it.  According to David, the other step to take in order to kick off a world wide rave is to work on your signature line.  Whenever you send an email, include your name, contact details, and your website link at the bottom of your message.  This low-tech technique is actually very effective.

These are just some of the lessons I learned from David Meerman Scott.  If you want to find out more about marketing online and other related stuff, you can listen to his FREE audio

Do you have other marketing strategies to share?  You’re welcome to post your thoughts and suggestions on the comments section below.  I’d love to hear from you.