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Looking Inside the Thompsons’ Holiday

December 5th, 2009 by Liz in Uncategorized

Hello everyone!

I think I’m STILL stuffed from all the food we had for our Thanksgiving last week!  As you may very well know, our family loves to live well and eat well. <g> And there is no dieting going on here since Christmas and the other winter holidays are just around the corner. For us that means another round of delicious meals and family gatherings.

Yes, I always end up doing most of the kitchen work <g>, but it’s fun and I really enjoy it – lucky for me so does Ric, our boys Chandler and Stefan, and pretty much everyone else in our extended families.

[RIC] Liz just does the cooking, the boys and I do all the cleaning –and trust me, Liz loves cooking a whole lot more than we love cleaning, but since we get to eat Liz’s cooking it all works out.

The Tradition

Every year for the past 12 years or so we’ve gotten together with our extended families and friends for either Thanksgiving or Christmas – sometimes if I’m feeling REALLY crazy – I do both.

These feasts usually have between 12 and 20 people in attendance depending on which side of the family it is and what friends can make it.  So to make my life easier for the past few years, we’ve adopted a fun new “tradition” where I compile a list of options for the holiday menu and let everyone vote on what we’ll serve. Everyone who is attending gets to participate and vote — men, women, children — everyone gets in the game.

It gets pretty spirited and often becomes very intense! Debates are not uncommon, especially on the finer points of the rules — can we have more than one choice per category; should all family members be allowed to vote, including the four-legged ones; and other technicalities that they try to bring to the table.

In case you’re curious, I have the final say in these matters. I‘m the judge, jury, court of appeals and of course, the chef. Last year my parents were trying to be able to get extra votes for their dogs for our Thanksgiving feast.  I said only 2-legged family members were allowed to vote so they “filed an appeal” claiming I was discriminating against “4-leggedness”.  I of course heard the appeal, but since my docket was full, the case didn’t get heard until January. <g>  Final ruling – only 2-legged family members can vote.

The Challenge

You are probably wondering why I’m telling you all of this. Well there’re really 2 reasons.  One is it’s just another way for me to further share my life with you.  And two it just so happens that I want you to be a part of this year’s process.

You see we’re spicing things up this year by trying something new.  This year Chandler turns 13 on the 20th of December – so we’re doing our big family gathering to celebrate that.  Which will leave the 4 of us (Ric, Chandler, Stefan, and myself) to have the first quiet family Christmas that either of our boys can remember.  Everyone LOVES the voting system so much so that no one wanted to let it go.  But it just doesn’t make sense for only 4 of us.

So here’s the deal – we thought wouldn’t it be fun and exciting, to open it up to YOU and let you help us to choose what we should donate to the food bank for the holiday meal. Now, the menu below is what our family voted on for Christmas dinner last year and we can use the same options for this year.

The stakes are definitely bigger this time though. Not only do you get to participate in our little tradition, you’ll also get to win a prize!

The Prizes

Aside from the pleasure of participating in how we live life and enjoy our holiday traditions (as well as doing some good by supporting a food bank), you’ll get a chance to win some of our products.

A digital copy of my book, “Successisms,” will go to those who participate.

A copy of the course I wrote, “The Science of Creating Your Dreams,” will go the Grand Prize winner. (This is normally worth $147, but you’ll get it for FREE!)

Who knows? You might even be featured here in our blog to share your own holiday traditions with everyone.

How exciting is this? I can feel my palms itching to do this already.

The Voting

Get ready to tease your palate and put in your votes. Remember, you can only vote once, and this is strictly for two-legged voters only, so no four-legged family members may be involved. <g>

Lastly, as with any good election worth participating in, you can suggest other choices that you really want but don’t see here.

I am looking forward to your votes! This is going to be another mouth-watering and exciting Christmas dinner, I can just feel it now – and it’s for a fantastic cause!

Do you have your own holiday traditions you want to share with us? Send me a comment below.

Happy voting!