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Are You Feeling Lucky?

December 8th, 2009 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

“See a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!”  Have you ever uttered this statement sometime in your life?  Don’t be ashamed to admit so if you have.  It’s a good thing to believe in luck.  It can actually play a big part in your life and your business as well.  Luck is, in fact, not just something that is airy-fairy.  If you have the right knowledge, you can use scientific ways and other tips and tricks to really boost your luck.

Fortunately, Ric Thompson recently interviewed a very knowledgeable person about this topic.  It was really interesting to learn about this subject in the NOBS TALK of Tom McCarthy on Increasing Your Luck. Aside from being a great public speaker, Tom also trains and coaches Fortune 500 companies.  Do Cisco and Wells Fargo ring a bell?  Well, those are just a couple of organizations that he has worked with, and those groups pay him top dollar to share his success secrets through some business coaching.  He really knows his stuff because he’s been studying this subject for more than a couple of decades now. :)

Get Lady Luck on Your Side

Luck can indeed help you become rich.  According to Tom, you can apply specific strategies in your personal and business lives to be able to attract more opportunities.  If applied correctly, these particular strategies will let you attract more customers, form relationships with people who can bring you more business, and even help you spot new markets you can go into.  The secret is to find out what makes lucky people different from unlucky ones.  Tom shared some of the key principles in his interview.

1. Lucky people maximize the opportunities that come to them.

Generally, lucky people have a more open and outgoing personality compared to those on the opposite side of the spectrum.  These people will normally strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and they try to keep in touch with the new people they meet.  Usually, these chance encounters become an opportunity that can lead to success.

Tom cited an example wherein he tried to be friendly with a couple of guys from the Middle East while they were in an elevator.  He simply asked them, “How are you guys doing today?”  That sparked a conversation between him and the Middle Eastern men and it eventually ended up with him being invited to do some speaking engagements over in Dubai.  He actually got the formal booking a couple of months later, but it’s all thanks to that chance encounter in the elevator.

2. Lucky people listen to their lucky hunches.

Was there ever a time in your life when you had a gut feeling about something?  In your business for instance, have you ever felt like you can trust a certain person, or you must go through with a particular investment?  Did you follow your instinct or did you ignore it?  That gut feeling comes from your subconscious, and lucky people usually listen to it.

If you ignore your hunch, you might miss opportunities or make poor decisions when it comes to your money making ventures.  You must work on enhancing your intuition by meditating or taking time to think through topics.  So next time you have a hunch, don’t just disregard it.  Listen to your intuition.

3. Lucky people ALWAYS expect good fortune.

During this ongoing financial crisis, do you still expect your business to be lucky?  Tom believes that no matter what the economic situation is, you must always expect to be successful.  This way, you’ll be better at recognizing the opportunities out there.  It is also important to expect your luck to continue.  Don’t just quit when something unfortunate happens.  Continue to work on finding solutions to whatever problem you may have and you’ll be successful in the end.

Train your mind to think that you’ll be lucky today, and do that everyday until you get used to it.  People who believe in luck tend to spot opportunities easier than those who don’t.

4. Lucky people see the positive side of bad luck.

Everybody goes through some kind of bad experience sometime in their lives, but lucky people deal with it differently by seeing the positive side of whatever adversity or challenges they encounter.  They don’t dwell on their ill fortune, they do something about it by taking constructive steps.  For example, if you feel like you chose the wrong person to manage your business, you must learn from that mistake and hire someone else with a totally different personality or work ethic.  Work on making better decisions.

These are just some of the powerful things that Tom shared in his interview.  To hear more of his detailed insights, you can download the FREE AUDIO here.

Do you have other ideas on how to boost your luck?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.  Check out the Resources page also to find out more about business coaching and self-improve