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In Pursuit of Purpose

January 14th, 2010 by Liz in Financial Freedom, Lifestyle, Sharing Success

Purpose — meaning, intention, aim — it’s not the end all and be all of things, but we spend every minute of our lives searching for it and trying to define it for ourselves. After all, how will you do something, or go somewhere, or basically move through your day-to-day existence if you do not have purpose or even a goal of some kind. It seems, doesn’t it, that purpose is the root that grows within us and causes us to go beyond and explore infinite possibilities. It’s probably safe to say then, that in everything that we do or say or think, we have a purpose — with or without realizing it.

We each have a purpose to serve

Featured in HealthyWealthynWise.com, Mike Litman’s article Take Your Solution Seriously discusses the fact that essentially, all human beings have a higher purpose in life. We each were born to solve someone else’s problem. We just have to believe that we have a solution to offer and work on that solution until we’re ready and able to find the people we’re destined to help.

What does this mean? It just so happens that we all have talents that may seem somewhat trivial to us, but can be a big help to others. What we have to realize is that we can’t be selfish, because we were placed on this earth to share our abilities. We have as much impact on people as, I’m sure, some have had an impact on us.

It’s a complete waste of our in-born talents and abilities if we just go through our lives like drones searching for the next easy money, instead of stepping out of the assembly line and realizing and living up to our latent potential.

That innate performing arts inclination, public speaking edge and marketing or tech-savvy skills you’ve had since you were little will not develop and hone themselves. You have to make an effort to practice and improve them, so you can eventually use them to be of service to others.

You Mission Should You Choose To Accept It…

You don’t even have to worry about survival or making money, because these will come to you once you’ve made peace with the universe and accepted your talents as something meaningful, not only to you but to a lot of people as well. Again, that is what you’re here for — to solve someone’s problem. Take note, not to confuse with you solving everybody’s problems, just someone’s. If you’re lucky, maybe even a handful or a slightly larger group of people. <g>

My husband Ric and I are lucky enough to be part of the industry we’re in. By reaching plenty of people online or offline and learning that our products are helping them reshape and realign their lives, we somehow realize the purpose we serve. I guess you could even say that our purpose is to help people realize theirs. It’s only a big plus that we get to enjoy what we do and are able to make more and live more for it. And that’s a great honor to have. <g>

A very wise superhero’s Uncle Ben (ahem, Peter Parker a.k.a. Spiderman <g>) once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” It’s a cliché, I know. But not just because we know we have power to influence others, it means because we have that power, it can also be used to take advantage — and shame on those who do.  As with any responsibility and ability, use it wisely and honorably. In a way, it all boils down to personal responsibility and accountability. Go figure, even with your innate talents and abilities, you have to be mature enough to operate! <g>

Passion breeds purpose

Another HealthyWealthynWise.com article by Debra Kasowski and Charmaine Hammond, entitled When Passion and Purpose Collide, tackles purpose born out of passion.

By its very definition, passion is something that we enjoy doing — not because we are forced, coerced or paid to, but because we want to. This passion helps us focus more on what we can do which, in turn, helps us find our purpose in life.

Once we accept and realize our purpose and combine it with our passion, we become empowered. We achieve a certain level and feeling of freedom to live the way we want and do what we want, making us just one big ball of energy that attracts people and opportunities. It’s a very nice concept indeed! <g> When we’re happy and excited about living our lives with purpose, we look forward to getting up every day and are eager for every new experience we might encounter. Suddenly, we let go of whatever insecurity or fears we have and just end up being more open to taking risks and getting to make more for it.

Unleash your passion and realize your purpose

Don’t hesitate to pursue your passion and accept your purpose. Trust me, you’ll breathe easier. <g> Knowing that you have the power over your dreams and life makes you appreciate living more. When you are able to enjoy life’s moments — whether on your own or with a loved one — you have a greater tendency to achieve more and make more.

In finding your purpose and accepting that you are here to be of service to others, you’ll have more room and better opportunities to give more of yourself and help others. Then, the road to a fulfilled and well-lived life is not too far ahead.

Have you found your passion? Do you think you have realized and are rightly fulfilling your life’s purpose? Let me know by posting your comments below.

Until next time!