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All Systems Go

February 25th, 2010 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

At the start of anything major that we plan to do, we experience a bit of hesitation. The “science,” so to speak, is sound and we know how to do it. In fact, we’ve been studying and planning for it for months. But somehow, we can’t seem to take the first step towards doing something about it. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? :) This also happens to a lot of would-be entrepreneurs out there, who believe they have found the next big success secret that would bring them money-making victory, but has failed to actually start working on their supposed goals and objectives.

On The Mark

Drawk Kwast wrote a Small Business CEO Magazine article entitled Start-Up Strategy – Stop Lying to Yourself and Start Accomplishing. In his seven start-up strategy secrets, I believe he captured the hesitation that happens to starting business owners and explains how they could move forward from such a backward thing.

Secret 1: Stop lying to yourself and start accomplishing.
Instead of waiting for people to keep on praising your good idea and fishing for accolades, why not try to actually bring your idea to life? :) Remember, your idea is only good to you if it becomes more than that. Stop assuring yourself that you have a good idea and that you can do it if you wanted to and start setting your goals right now. And yes, dear, there’s no time like the present. :) Have faith in your idea and in your ability to make it real.

Secret 2: Know it is possible and find the way yourself.
Anything is possible. If the answers are not in front of you, they do not arrive in your lap during the next few days or weeks or something is blocking your progress, then don’t give up. Build up the motivation you had when you started working on your idea, and take the lead on finding the answers yourself. No problem is unsolvable, as long as you keep looking for answers.  

Secret 3: Understand the difficulty reward connection.
The reason you started working on your big idea (or rather, the reason you should have :) ) is that you want to get something new out there. Face the challenge of being one of the few who comes up with an original idea. If you want it easy, just provide one of the existing booming businesses out there and make a copy of your own booth or stand. However, if you’re up for it and would appreciate the challenge, go for the road less traveled – provide people with products or services that only a few (if not only you) can do. Trust me, the reward would be sweeter at the end. :)

Secret 4: Ready, fire, and then aim.
Don’t be too focused on the perfection of the launch. If you keep putting off starting your idea because everything is not set, then you won’t be able to start your business at all. The moment you feel you have most things in order, go for it. You can always learn and adapt to the changes in the environment and twists of the industry or business you’re in.  

Secret 5: Get out of bed every morning for 3 reasons.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you go all gung-ho and start winging every step. :) Of course you need a plan! But don’t overwhelm yourself with list upon list upon list of things to do. It’s enough to just set out to accomplish three goals for the day, then work from there if you turn out to have more time. You’re already in enough pressure without adding to them yourself. :)  

Secret 6: Failure is a requirement.
As an adult, you know that you almost always never get things just right the first time, right? :) The same goes for businesses. Slow return on investment (ROI), and perhaps even failure, is expected of starting businesses. This is how we learn as entrepreneurs and as individuals. Take the opportunity to get valuable lessons from your mistakes, and work on improving your business – and yourself – in the process.

Secret 7: You don’t know what you don’t know, but others do.
Let’s face it, no matter how unique your big idea is, someone, somewhere has already thought of it in one form or another. Don’t be disappointed, be delighted instead. These people are good sources of ideas, information, DO’s and DON’Ts and the like. You should make the discovery of these gurus, ideas and tips part of your research before, during and after bringing you big idea to reality.

The Real McCoy

Alright, we now know that we have a dream business and have already gotten tips on how to go beyond the brainstorming and planning stages. (If not, reread the first half of this post. :) ) Now, don’t go cheating yourself now. Don’t just go for your pseudo dream, aim for the real McCoy. :) You don’t have to be afraid of pursuing your actual dream business.

If you’re still wondering how, then let me tell you this exciting news! My friend Liz Thompson, founder of Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine, Small Business CEO Magazine, and The Transperience Network has got us covered.

This genius of a woman has created The Science of Creating Your Dream Business. It builds on what we’ve been hearing since we were very little from Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”

You won’t need a lifetime to get out of the career you don’t want or a business that’s ruining – err, running :) – your life. In a matter of minutes, you can make your business work for you instead. By activating the six key techniques Liz devised, you will be in control of your business and life. What’s more exciting is that in as short as 10 – 12 days, or sooner, you can start enjoying the first stages of higher profits and achieve that peace of mind you’ve also been aiming for.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, from different businesses and in different economic situations, have tried these methods and are now living the life they want and chose. Even Liz and her husband Ric Thompson are still using them today, and they’re still amazed by the results and success they get.

Do you want to turn your dream business into reality? Reduce the stress in your life and have the financial freedom you’ve been longing for? Utilize your strengths and skills? Find the missing link to your business and life happiness? Work without struggling too much in a business or career that’s not working for you? Focus your energies towards something smart and direct that ensures your success? If you answered yes to most, if not all, of these questions, then it’s time to learn and use The Science of Creating Your Dream Business now!

If you’ve been dreaming of starting your own business for a while now and have been putting it off for all the reasons you could come up with, stop. It’s time to start accomplishing and create your dream business today. With help from the tips above, you are now on the road towards the success and life you’ve always wanted.

Do you have other start-up tips for aspiring business owners? Have you devised your own techniques towards creating your dream business? Let me know through the comments section below.

Good luck with turning your dreams into reality!