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Where It All Begins

March 9th, 2010 by Adaire in Financial Freedom, Lifestyle

What gives us the reason to rise every morning and face the day ahead? How do our jobs become exciting? Which activities bring color to our days? No matter our thoughts or actions, there’s always some reason behind them — the impetus, if you will, that inspired or motivated us to do them in the first place. Even if we try to deny or ignore them, they’re just right there hiding in the corners of our minds. :)

Ric Thompson had a Small Business CEO Magazine TALK (The Application of Learnable Knowledge) session with well-known author of such books as A Whole New Mind, Free Agent Nation and most recently, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us Daniel Pink. Their TALK, entitled The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, can be accessed through HERE.

What Drives Us
During the TALK, Daniel Pink introduced the three drives that motivate people to do things. As humans progress, so do their needs and lifestyle, as well as the reasons behind the actions they perform in order to meet those needs.

This throws us way back in time, even as far as when humans first existed on Earth. We felt hungry, we ate. We felt thirsty, we drank. We felt sleepy, we slept. The reasons behind our actions were simple and uncomplicated. It was all very basic, very human. Our bodies dictated our needs.

How simple life could have been back then! To have simple wants, simple needs and freer time. :) Oh, but it must have been dangerous too, since a lot of the world and its other inhabitants were still unknown to us. We were also not yet equipped with the right tools for surviving in any and all environments.

Reward and Punishment
As the need to separate from small tribes of people, explore more of the world and learn more than what we saw and knew before our eyes nagged at us, humans started inventing technology and creating their own processes. As the systems became more elaborate, so did the needs and wants of people. The reward and punishment ideals then came into play. People desired for things they wanted to be rewarded with and avoided those that would bring punishment to them.

As mentioned by Daniel Pink, this second drive brought about the Industrial Revolution, wherein people worked hard to make such big improvements in their lives which then led to even bigger wants and needs. What a busy and productive time that must have been! :) With everyone pushing to create something of their own to contribute to the revolution. With changes springing up from different corners of the world, knowledge, enlightenment and manual labor were certainly valued. Imagine how many businesses started and grew during that time. There must have been thousands! :) I can just picture everyone’s excitement for every new invention and hunger for every new change there were. :)

Higher Purpose
When we’ve already come up with every possible invention that could make our lives easier, the journey suddenly stops for a while doesn’t it? :) This is when we tend to focus more on ourselves. We look for bigger things to do — things that would direct us towards something greater, something that matters more and is much larger than ourselves.

This, I believe, is when dreams are made. When we’ve taken care of our physical and mental wants and needs, the emotional and spiritual ones call attention to themselves. Why not? They deserve to be fulfilled and honed as well, don’t they? :) It’s always important for us to realize our own purpose and try as best as we can to fulfill it within our lifetime.

How do these all relate in business? :) Well, the biological could be the beginning stages. When we first start the business, we just see the market need we want to fulfill and the customers or clients we want to serve. It’s simple, we have the means to provide what they require.

The reward and punishment may come later when we come up with better processes for our business. When we work harder and harder to make a name for ourselves, and we aim to corner the market and be number one. The rewards are great when we reach our goals, but the punishment is equally hard when we fail. We praise ourselves for the triumphs, but become too hard on ourselves, or maybe even destructive, when things don’t always work out.

The search for higher purpose and the power to direct our own lives hit us when we least expect it. When we’ve accomplished our goals or are nearly burned out from doing the same things over and over every day, the need to create something different and far bigger than we ever imagined brings our excitement and motivation to a higher level.
True Motivation

We work harder, aim higher and are happy with whatever we’re doing when we are truly motivated. Daniel Pink mentioned that the components of true motivation are: autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Autonomy is our ability to direct our own lives and actions towards something good — our ability to make something out of nothing within a short span of time. This is the test of our creativity and resourcefulness. It gives us a chance to tap into our unique talents and skills and to discover just how brilliant the human mind can be. When left alone to our own devices with trust and freedom, we find that we do deliver better results and end up doing something great.

Mastery comes from knowing what we want to do and knowing exactly how to go about doing them. There are a lot of technology and processes out there that we could learn and tap into in order to help us fulfil our needs. We are more energized if we know how to do the things we need to do.

Purpose. This is probably the greatest component of all. It’s always fun and more meaningful when we know that what we’re doing has purpose and would be useful to someone, somewhere. It’s not always about money. Sometimes, the mere knowledge that someone needs whatever we could offer them is enough to drive us.

When we’re given true motivation, we are able to build and make something that would last longer. Not to mention, our energy would always be recharged, and our drives renewed. :) We may claim that we don’t know where we get our motivation from most times. In reality though, they come from all around us. We may just not see them all the time, but we could learn to recognize them. By doing this, we’ll be able to direct ourselves towards what really matters to us and what would help us leave our marks in this world.

How about you? Have you ever been truly motivated in your life? What great results came from this motivation? Let us know your story through the comments section below.

To listen to Ric Thompson’s TALK (The Application of Learnable Knowledge) session with Daniel Pink, go to this link
Keep motivated everyone!