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Communicating Leadership

April 15th, 2010 by Liz in Financial Freedom


Businesses are run by people. They thrive on the capabilities of these individuals and more so, on the skills of their leader. This is why in business as in life – and aside from great big ideas and stellar marketing strategies – building good relationships is one of the best-kept success secrets. A good working environment is key, together with cooperative attitude from colleagues and encouraging mentor-ship from its leaders. Imagine how stressful it is if you work in a discouraging environment with teammates and bosses who do more harm than good. I mean, competition and criticism are not taboo as long as they are constructive as well as aimed towards the improvement of the whole team, even encouraging personal growth of the individuals within, and the business itself – not just that of its greedy and destructive members. Can you tell that I feel very strongly about this? <g>

My husband, Ric Thompson, and I are very lucky to have had wonderful mentors and good professional and personal relationships with our business partners. It really helps boost morale and profits when we’re all inspired to work well with each other. Working in this great environment has given us the impetus to build several successful online marketing businesses that have allowed us to live the life we wanted.

These ideals were discussed in two Small Business CEO Magazine articles entitled Importance of Communication in Business and New Leadership Challenges of 2009 and Beyond written by Simon Johnson and Michael Marshall respectively.

A little more conversation

Effective communication brings about many good things – a more established relationship with colleagues and clients, as well as family and friends, and a more confident outlook that comes from the knowledge that you can convey any message you wish to share and actually have people understand what you’re saying. Believe me, in our business, having people understand you is a very big deal! <g> It’s one of the core goals we aim for in this online marketing world.

It’s also vital, so as not to waste the time of your listener and yours as well <g>, that your message or what you have to share with them is important and useful. It has to be relevant to the situation and to the people involved. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting precious energy and breath that you could use for better purposes, like building rapport and good relationships with clients and earn profit, instead. <g>

A lot more action please

Of course, being an effective communicator doesn’t only mean you know how to talk well. You also have to know how to communicate using your written words, especially for remote or online businesses that mostly reach their existing and potential clients via emails, newsletters, journals, blog posts, websites and the like. At the same time, you also have to know how to use your body language and gestures, which would definitely come in handy during those long and busy but network-rich conventions and meetings. When you’re tired and weary from a long days work, you can’t let your clients and people see that. You need to keep your energy and chin up. Who would buy your product if you yourself do not look and seem confident about it? <g>

However, all these communication skills would be useless if you do not know how to listen. It’s in listening that you’ll be able to discern what the people around you need and want. Since they themselves would be telling you what they want and how they want it, it would be very beneficial to you if you pay very close attention, listen well and know how to turn these learnings into effective and profitable plans.

A good communicator doesn’t necessarily make a good leader, but a good leader needs to be a good communicator. With this skill, he can build good relationships with his staff, clients and colleagues. He’ll not only be able to promote his business effectively, he’ll also be able to bring it to a whole new level given the right opportunities, method and timing.

Why they follow you

Now, don’t get me wrong, good communication skills aren’t enough to be a good leader in business or any organization for that matter – especially in these times and environment. If that were the case, people would just be fighting over the presidency and every other available top position all the time – well, it’s not like some don’t already, but that’s beside the point. <g>
For a business to run smoothly, a leader has to be experienced, educated, trained and continues to learn and hone himself for the benefit of his people and the company. Good manners, deeds and right conduct could only go so far and would not save you from economic downturn. You should have the capacity to salvage the crucial elements that make up of your business. For this, you should have the right mindset, confidence and knowledge that you’ve earned during the course of your career.

True, good manners and deeds would earn you many friends and admirers at easier times, but leadership and managing skills would actually earn you their respect. Trust me, that’s a more satisfying feeling to have – knowing that people trust you enough to lead them out of whatever rut you’re stuck in. <g>

Aside from his people and products, a good leader has another thing to consider in running the business. The physical location of the office is also important, since it could determine your success or failure. You need to know where and how to place your business in the most profitable location you could find. If you’re dealing with an online business, then home is one of the best places to set up in – as long as you have the right software, tools, sites and strategy to market your service and close deals.

Leaders should also have passion and the need to establish a good legacy that could be passed on to the future leaders and employees of the business. He should not only focus on building a good name for himself, though that would be good too <g>, but more importantly, building a good name for the company. Establishing a company’s own unique business culture and processes would also prove to be effective and would set you apart from the rest.

A leader should also be a visionary. He should be able to anticipate and accept changes; learn to choose which trend to follow; establish a healthy attitude, morale and mindset and encourage growth and learning among his people. As a group, they’ll have the ability to weather any economic condition and bring their company to a higher level of experience, service and success.

How effective are your communication skills? Have you used it for the benefit of your company? Has it led you to a position of leadership? Share your experiences with us through the comments section below.

Happy communicating!