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The Gift of Sharing – Part 4

May 4th, 2010 by Adaire in Financial Freedom, Lifestyle

Welcome to the fourth installment of my sharing posts, where I recommend a few articles that I hope would make the same impact on you as they have on me. May they inspire you to think and reflect on your own lives and business situations.

The first three posts focused on goal setting and self improvement this 2010, as well as starting a business. This next one will focus on the keys to success. Without further ado, here it goes.

Keys to Success

Every business venture has its ups and downs (just like life, right? :) ). Sometimes luck and good timing has something to do with business success, but more often than not, it has to do with the talents, strategies and capacity of the business owner running it. If I got you worried there for a bit, don’t. :) Below are a few helpful reads on how you could ensure your business success and sustainability.

1. The One Key to Business Success! – And Three Simple Ways to Do It

Aside from hard work, one of the best success ingredients out there is knowing your audience. To make them take notice and have them come back to you again and again, you should know how to read, approach and connect with them.

This can be done by talking to them and finding out what they want and need, doing formal studies on the market and keeping an eye out for the competition. After all, it’s not just important to know who you’re trying to reach and how you could reach them. It’s also vital that you know who you’re competing against for their attention.

2. Tony Hsieh – Profits, Passion and Purpose

To be successful at whatever field you choose, you need more than talent or knowledge. You also need to have passion for what you’re doing. This passion allows you to be more creative, cook up big and new ideas and to push the limits of what you can do and offer, not only to others but to yourself as well.

Find out how failure helps us determine what works and what doesn’t. Know why perfection isn’t the key – it’s actually the ability to get right down to business and do whatever you need to do to achieve success. See how building a good work environment and culture is important for the development of the individual and the company. Discover why the goal to do something to help others and make the world a lot better is also important, even for just a few at a time.

3. Deliver Powerful Teleseminars That Bring in the Money

To bring in profit, you should know how to capture the attention of your target market. Whether you’re doing a seminar, distributing an online newsletter or maintaining a commercial blog, you should be able to make your audience do a double take and keep them on their toes, so they would continue to watch out for your new material.

Find out how you could hold a powerful discussion, get your audience’s attention and generate interest during a seminar, especially when it’s via phone where they couldn’t see your facial expressions and gestures, with these few tips.

4. Weird & Wacky – Making Your Marketing Stand Out

Marketing is one good way to let the people know about your product. Before they come knocking to you for more, you should first bring it to them and introduce all the benefits it could give them.

There are plenty of traditional marketing strategies out there – newspaper ads, magazine spreads, billboards, radio ads, etc. – that are being used by many. They do work, but it also depends on the industry you belong to and with a lot of competition marketing practically the same way nowadays, it’s pretty hard to get separated from the rest.

After focusing on who to market to and gauging the effectiveness of your marketing effort, you should be able to step and think out of the box. Make sure that your marketing style stands out from the competition. Follow up as much as you can and don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself when need be. You could always let go of one idea in favor of a new, more effective one. Never, ever be afraid to explore the wacky and weird ways, because they might be the ticket to your marketing genius.

5. Be Nice: It’s Good for Business

More than the nice office, number of employees, good business location and product quality, what customers look for is nice service. All these bells and whistles will be overlooked if the service is bad and the staff appear bored with an “anywhere but here” look on their faces. :)

See why it’s important for a company to be conscious about building a “be nice” culture instead of just letting little things and mishaps slip by, because not making it a policy is just giving room for the alternative.

6. It’s Not Being Cocky, It’s Showing Confidence

Confidence is often mistaken for cockiness. But is there really something wrong with that? After all, being cocky is just being confident and assertive. :) If you believe you are the best at what you do, then you will certainly do everything you could to continue making that a reality.

Oftentimes, it’s about getting the right mindset. It all starts with how you perceive yourself and the amount of faith in you have in your abilities. You have the power to get your head in the game and focus on the end goal you’ve envisioned. If people see that you indeed have the ability to back up all that confidence and see that you have total faith in yourself, then they, too, would believe in you.

7. New Leadership Challenges of 2009 and Beyond

Charm and good deeds could only get you so far. In face of hard times, experience and knowledge would help you survive. It’s vital for a business owner and leader to know what his business is about and how to run it, how to handle the loops of the market and trade and have the continuous thirst for learning.

This way, he would know how to choose the people who would work for him and help him bring the company to a whole new level. Knowing the ins and outs of the business would also allow him to guard the company against those who have negative intentions towards it. I don’t know about you, but having that security is a very good thing. :)

8. How Well Do You Leverage Your Time and Effort?

Delegation is a hard concept to grasp for some. In turn, they end up trying to do everything themselves, and thus, spreading themselves too thin to focus well on each and every task. Leveraging the talents of other people to take care of certain details is not bad. In fact, this gives you more time and energy to focus on the things you are really good at. Not only that, it could also give you more time for your family and more chances to build good relationships with your colleagues.

Delegation does not take anything away from you. Instead, knowing how to leverage your time and effort allows you to focus more on the goal, cross off all the things that need to be done, achieve greater success and most of all, it helps you keep your sanity. :)

What are your keys to success?  Do you have other links or thoughts concerning success secrets that you would like to share? Let us know through the comments section below.

Catch up with you more next time!