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Social media growth

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Social media has grown increasingly these past few years. From putting up online newsletters, magazines, articles and blogs, people have now ventured into viral videos, networking sites and one-liner updates with 140 characters or less and whatnot.

If the Internet connected people before, it has definitely made them even more connected now. It used to be that people searched online for news and information. Now, information finds them. We used to compose messages and send them to people online through several email addresses via mail servers such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, and the like. Now, we could update hundreds of our family and friends with notes and status updates in the social networking sites. What used to take minutes takes mere seconds today, imagine that! :)

Nowadays, you can not only use and enter these social media sites via computers. They are now able to reach people via mobile devices such as cellular phones, PDAs and other handheld gadgets. The web of information and networks are made even more viral than before. :)
These are developments that Ric Thompson and Jody Colvard tackled in their Internet Marketing VIPS (Very Important Profit Systems) discussion entitled Integrating Social Media.

Jody Colvard is definitely a certified Internet expert, since she’s dubbed the Grandmother of the Internet. Being one of the pioneers who have utilized the power of the Internet since 1995, Jody Colvard has, together with her business partner Declan Dunn, worked with large companies such as American Express, Priceline and Travelocity – teaching them and other companies how to produce and use video, audio and podcasting.

Humanizing factor

Social media has captured the attention of millions of people worldwide. We not only use the Internet for information anymore. We also use it for connecting with more and more people. These social media sites have humanized online communication. We put faces to the names, speak with people in real time and update each other with snippets of conversation – just like the conversations we had before, back in the offline world.  

However viral and tech-y they might get, people should and do treat it like they do their usual offline groups and communities. Before developing a connection, they would first build relationships with each other – interact with several people in the community and earn each other’s confidence and trust.

In creating and joining these communities and networks, we find more and more people who share the same interests and goals with us. We connect with more people who have similar passions we have and have undergone pretty much the same experiences. It’s nice when people have an even bigger chance of finding their place in the world. :)

Business benefits

Gone are the days of putting out only print and television ads, notices and articles. Now, businesses, events and the like put up their own websites and set up their social media accounts to get more people interested.

Businesses step up and integrate themselves into the online world to communicate more with their clients and customers. Those who were apprehensive at first, due to fear of being too open, are slowly realizing that the benefits to be had are more promising by building stronger and more personal relationships with their customers. They now find that having an open line of communication with these customers provide them with instant feedback and suggestions for their products and services.

Customers, on the other hand, are not satisfied with faceless service anymore. They now demand to know who they’re dealing with – the more personal and open, the better. Customers are not satisfied with receiving newsletters and brochures via snail mail, or anonymous phone updates from random strangers. Now, they demand video and audio that offer them deeper insights and information on the products that they choose to patronize.

Instead of trying to get more new customers and people all the time, businesses also focus more on their existing clients and take better care of them. Instead of fleeting business relationships that consisted of one or two transactions, businesses and their clientele are now keen on building longer and deeper connections. When they’ve grown accustomed to each other’s qualities, the clients get to trust the businesses more in providing the products and services they want and need. That makes for a quieter and more profitable marketplace! :)

Deployment opportunities

From quotes and blog posts, to teasers and videos, the fastest avenues for spreading them around are the various social media sites and networks multiplying on the Internet today – YouTube, 5MinuteVideo,, Vimeo, Viddler, Veoh, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Digg, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc. They are made more colourful and striking by free online programs that help in their faster and easier creation and distribution – FriendFeed, Camtasia, Animoto, iStockphoto, TubeMogul, etc.

With people’s attention spans becoming shorter and shorter, businesses constantly need to find ways to feed them information and entice them to return to their sites to linger there and buy. They create as many accounts as they can in order to introduce their products to a wider range of their target audience – getting themselves out there and finding the people they want to reach. For some, collaborating with established online sites make for better visibility.

The bottom line is still knowing who their audience is, how to speak to them and how to reach them – with keywords, calls to action, multiple choices of accessing information and products and more involvement through different avenues for feedback and suggestions.

Of course, rules and ethics are not to be ruled out. In fact, more and more restrictions and limitations are being processed to protect online users. According to Jody Colvard, we could expect a more well-mannered society where people are going to have more control over their own niches and nooks, against people who just aim to promote themselves and exploit people online.

Have you been captured by the power of social media? Do you use such social networking methods for your business? Let me know through the comments section below.

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