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10 Things About Goals

May 29th, 2010 by Liz in Lifestyle

The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I always knew there was something special about that man. <g> I agree with what he said 100+%. A man who knows where he’s going does clear great paths for himself.

Take it from Ric’s (my husband) and my experience. If we did not know where we wanted to go or what we wanted to do all those years ago, or if we did not know what we wanted to make of our lives, we wouldn’t have been able to put up all our successful businesses, afforded the good life we’re providing our sons Chandler and Stefan, met all these amazing people we work with and lastly, touched the lives of all the people we’ve helped in our own ways. It’s all about having goals after all. <g>

Ah, goals! I know not everyone has them, but they darn well better should. <g> I’m all for throwing caution against the wind every once in a while, but even that has a hidden goal within – that of having fun, releasing suppressed tension and letting go for just little bit. That may be freeing for a time, but at the end of the day, we all know that it’s no use flying blind through life’s journey. It’s not bad to go with the flow at times, but some form of plan or vision has to come in sometime.

See, the thing with being too carefree is it eventually gets us lost at some point or other. The only way to find our way back, or to avoid being lost in the first place, is to know where we’re going. It would be nice, too, if we know how. <g>

Tapping Consciousness

Our friend Jill Koenig, the “Goal Guru” and founder of Goal University, shared with us the reasons Why You MUST Set Goals: The 10 Biggest Benefits of Goal Setting through one of our online magazines, HealthyWealthynWise. I’ll gladly share them here with you.

First off, you must know that setting goals has to be a conscious effort on a person’s part. It’s  a form of initially taking a step back, assessing one’s life and taking control of what you want to happen with it. You cannot achieve or reach anything if you do not take responsibility for your own actions, or lack thereof, and don’t know how to take a hit every once in a while. No one’s telling you that this is going to be easy. Of course it’s hard! Most anything worth working or fighting for is. <g>

In setting your goals, you also have nothing but your time and efforts to invest. It would be nice if you already have some money to start with, but that’s not necessarily the situation most people find themselves in. Your time, energy and efforts are your best assets, whether you go at it alone or seek help from others.
Pros for Goals
Jill’s top ten benefits of goal setting serve to remind us that in learning how to set our own goals, we’ll be able to take control over our lives. Having this kind of impetus makes us realize just how important this practice is.

Greater Peace of Mind.

This is a given. If you know where you’re going and you’ve mapped out how to get there, it’s easy to gain peace of mind. Even more, it adds a little skip to your step when you know that what you’re doing is actually worthwhile. You’ll definitely sleep better and reduce the stress that threatens to suffocate you sometimes, as well as the wrinkles that go with it. <g>

Clarity of Purpose.

Goals act as beacons in our lives. When we know what we want to do, we often realize the purpose we serve in this life. You discover that yes, your life does have meaning – not only to you, but to those you encounter as well. That makes up for a lot. Knowing your purpose gives you a clearer, less confusing angle at life.

Greater Productivity and Focus.

Being that we already have a clearer view of life, we have more time to focus on the more important things. We won’t waste any more of our time on the trivial ones that tend to distract us from our goal and, instead, focus all our energies and become more productive at the tasks we choose to do.

Greater Personal Growth.

With all the distractions out of the way, it leaves more room for personal growth. Now that you’re able to look into your own self and abilities more and you’re able to see your environment better, you’ll discover the needed changes within and act on them. All that added productivity would most definitely add to your knowledge and skills too. <g>

Higher Quality of Life.

Since you’ve narrowed down your vision and have started working hard for it, you’ll also seek, or even demand, a higher quality of life. You can’t let other things get you down if you
already know where it is you want to go and how. Life and fate give back whatever you choose to give. The more goals you have, the happier you become. The easier the journey gets, the more you get to enjoy it.

You Attract a Higher Quality Peer Group.

Like begets like. Who else would be good company for you than others who have realized the same thing you did and are making the same changes you have. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have more support from not only your loved ones, but other groups as well.

Increased Confidence and Self Esteem.

Oh, to have a clear vision of your life! Nothing builds confidence and self esteem more. You can’t bring down someone who has a vivid picture of what he wants out of life and knows that he’s doing all it takes to achieve it. Better yet, no one gets in the way of that kind of determination. They know enough to not even dare. <g>

Contribution to Others.

The more you realize all the goals you’ve set for yourself, the more you’ll have something of yourself to give to others. When you get to a stage where you’ve reached where you wanted to go and experienced what you’ve longed to happen, you have nowhere to go but outside yourself. Being at peace with yourself gives you better opportunities to contribute for the benefit of others. Not only that, you’ll also get to be a shining example for someone around you – whether you know about it or not.

Goals Help You Become a Better Person.

Since having goals gives you a picture of your future, then you will do everything that is in your power to protect that vision. Thus, you wouldn’t do anything that would jeopardize any part or step that would keep that vision from happening. Who would have thought, right? Goals actually breed and bring out better individuals. These goals help you develop the best parts of yourself and realize hidden abilities you may not have known about. Without them, these inner strengths and talents would remain untouched and unused. Wouldn’t that be a waste? <g>

For the benefit each individual goal will bring to your life.

Each and every one of these goals would bring some sort of fulfilment and great outcome to our lives, so we sometimes do it for the sheer benefit they would bring us. When we know what to expect at the end of the journey, the anticipation gives us just the right fuel we need to get there.

Have you set goals for yourself or your business? What are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time and act now. Let me know how it turns out through the comments section below.

Happy goal setting!