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Gone are the days when women were delegated as simple housewives, homemakers and nurturers.  Today’s woman is no longer expected to just stay home, keep the house tidy, take care of the children and wait at home for the hubby with a warm meal.  :)   Of course there are still women who choose to do just that, and there is nothing wrong with it.  But today, women have more choices and today’s society is more accepting of the different roles that a woman can take on.

May it be in the corporate world, or in private business, more and more women are emerging to be just as successful as the opposite gender.  Women are no longer viewed as the weaker sex, in fact, the world is now more recognizant of how strong and powerful a woman can be.

I speak as one, a woman entrepreneur.  My good friend Liz, is another.  We are just two of the many women who have chosen to do more outside of the home, and can realistically say, are successful at it. :)

Clara Freema, a puplished writer, professional nurse and life coach wrote about women entrepreneurs in the July issue of Small Business CEO Online Magazine.  Her articles give us an insight into the mind of the businesswoman, and lists down Facts to Consider When They Do It for ThemselvesSmall Business CEO Online Magazine encourages people to start their own business and give support to people who have already started by sharing tips, market trends and success stories of other small business entrepreneurs.

Why women “do it”

For Clara, a woman’s reasons for going into her own entrepreneurial endeavor are simple.  In the woman’s mind:

1.     Working for other people is NOT (emphasis) my birthright

2.     Companies will never pay me what I’m worth

3.     I cannot pursue my dreams working for other people

4.     Do what you love and the money will follow.

I share the exact same sentiments.  When I started out, I knew I had strengths and capabilities that I could capitalize on.  Strengths and capabilities, that if were devoted to an employer, could not possibly be paid the appropriate compensation.  I also knew that having to be answerable to a boss would just curtail my passion and limit my ideas.  I decided that the best way to live and do something I love was to do things for myself.  And so I jumped, and became a woman entrepreneur. :)

Being your own boss

A woman knows that aside from raising the children and keeping house, she is also expected to augment the family income to the best of her ability.  This is why more women pursue higher studies and training, to be able to compete in the male-dominated corporate world.  And as the woman gets ahead, there comes a point in her life when she is faced with choices of priority – my career, or my family.  Choosing the family over office politics is one of the reasons why women decide to enter into private business.

An article in Bloomberg Businessweek, by Francesca di Meglio, shares women entrepreneurs’ success stories and reasons why they went into business in the first place:

“Having the flexibility to create your own schedule, which makes it easier to have a family and a career, also encourages women to become their own bosses. “I refused to outsource the upbringing of children,” says Corinne Wayshak, CEO of Groovy Goddess in Sunnyvale, Calif. “I found the entrepreneurial path as a way to be a leader who had the power to engender a more family-oriented environment.”

A clear example of a woman choosing family over personal career, and at the same time, being a productive member of society by pursuing her own dreams. :)

Knowing your real value

A woman knows the might of her capabilities.  She knows her strong points and is aware of the areas where she can be an asset.  A woman knows what she can do and the level of intensity she can put into it.   In simple terms, a woman knows her real value.  J  This is why women entrepreneurs make a go at their own business.  When they realize that the time, effort and energy they put into an endeavour can never be appropriately compensated when they are someone’s employee.

And what better endeavour is there than to devoting your time and energies on fulfilling a dream, making a passion alive, and enjoying every minute of it!  That, to me, is the most priceless part of it. :)

Making that small idea big

All it takes, really, is a small idea.  Study it, turn it around in your head, explore the possibilities, do your research, and assess if you can confidently turn your small idea into something big.  Start with realistic goals, do your thing, and watch it grow. :)

Needless to say, I’m not saying that for these reasons, women should just take that leap of faith and jump into the entrepreneurial bandwagon.  A lot of thought and preparation should be put into it.  Clara gives a straightforward suggestion on how to go about it:  “Starting your own business is a favorable pursuit. However, there are tools to learn before jumping on the bandwagon. Take stock of your financial affordability (staying power) Identify your product. Study the Market for such a product. Study the experts, and begin a business plan”.

Let’s go, women!  Let’s show the world the power and might of a true woman of the world. :)

Proud to be a woman entrepreneur,


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