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Tools to Cope with Stress

March 15th, 2011 by Adaire in Sharing Success

I have been watching out for the upcoming gadgets this 2011 when I came across an article which relates stress and the modern technology. We all know that the mobile gadgets, such as cellphones and laptops or notebooks or tablets, were supposedly built to make our lives easier – meaning we can do things faster by having instant access and staying connected more often.

While these portable machines cut the work load, the advancement also encourages multi-tasking. Employees are given notebooks so that they can continue working even beyond office hours. Blackberries allow the user to read e-mails even at the wee hours in the morning. While having meetings or eating dinner with the family, your cellphone interrupts you anytime and replying to the text or taking the call becomes the priority. Whew!

I’m totally cool with gadgets, especially notebooks, because it allows me to write in my own time, my own mood and my preferred place. It also lets me jot down my thoughts or ideas anytime they pop out unexpectedly so I’m sure I don’t forget or lose them! :) And of course, google made research and keeping myself up-to-date so much more efficient. I guess it is totally inevitable for technology to continue advancing our way of life. But, it is always up to us to strike a balance.

When you invest in a gadget, keep an eye on the goal. You buy a laptop or mobile phone for you to better manage your to do’s so you have more time to focus on more important things – like taking care of yourself. Now if the endless urgent tasks make you always pressured and stressed; that is not you taking good of yourself. That is you letting the techie world get the life out of you.

Stress will continue to come in different forms, even in the form of your iPad which constantly notifies you to harvest your plants in your WeRule kingdom (Don’t worry, I’m an addict too. Teehee :) ). But stress happens not just because of gadgets but on how we manage our time and what we choose to prioritize. The key is to identify the causes and know when to stop, escape and be able to breathe.

An escape from stress need not be an expensive trip to Europe. When I say escape, this can be little activities that won’t take so much of your time but will do you so much good if done regularly. Things like listening to a relaxing music, thinking about delightful thoughts, massaging your thumbs and palms or by simply having pockets of time doing nothing at all! :)

Vincent De Maas’ “Stressing? Take Good Care of Yourself” outlines easy-to-develop habits that can actually form a stress-free lifestyle.  What I like most in the list, though, is the one which talks about letting it go.

Go to sleep with an empty mind and in your head close the day off as a page in your diary. Overflow anything else and let it go. Look at what went well and enjoy that. And then accept that this day is in the past that you cannot change things anymore. Now you can look forward to tomorrow and enjoy a healthy night.”

Personally, I think, this is the hardest part about dealing with stress especially if you had a very long bad day or when you are eagerly hoping for a result that just won’t happen yet because it’s beyond your control. No matter how much we know that we need to let it go, stress simply won’t leave our mind and body, resulting to sleepless nights, leaving us even more exhausted or worse, sick. Again, this is not you taking care of yourself. This is you making stress consume the time which is supposedly for yourself.

Again, focus on the goal. You work because you need to earn the money to pay for your expenses. But if your work causes you too much stress, you end up losing your money to pay for hospital and medical bills. There always should be a line between work and play and it should be very thick and solid that no mobile phone or laptop can blur it. The off button has a purpose and just like all the gadgets in the world, no matter how advanced they may be, your battery will also run out if you don’t take time to rest.

Recognize when stress is starting to build up and be ready with your coping mechanisms.

Living a life of stress is a choice and I certainly will not be choosing that! :)


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