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The Crystal Clear Mindset

April 12th, 2011 by Liz in Sharing Success

Have you ever had days when you were just in the zone?  By “in the zone”, I mean, with sharp focus & clarity of mind.  So much so that everything you did & said at that particular time (perhaps during a business meeting or while in a conversational debate) that you clearly stated what you wanted to say, solidly defended it, and ultimately, got what you came for?  <g>

This is what lawyers, creative directors, managers & salesmen, have in common.  Crystal clear focus that wins the argument, delivers the sales pitch, gets the “a-ok” on the project, and closes a big account.  It’s not just the crystal clear focus that sways the audience (or the jury) to the side of the speaker, it’s also the high level of confidence that exudes from each word – the modulated tone, the timed facial expression, emphasized by both body and hand movements.

It becomes fascinating to watch, when you’re part of the enthralled audience.  You silently listen to the speaker as your admiration increases, and at the right moment, sees “it” the way he does.  It’s a powerful, dramatic moment, and you wonder, if that “production” was rehearsed, or if he was simply, a natural. <g>

Roseana Leaton, a specialist in hypnosis confidence, says those who are not “born with it” can program their minds for success.  In the November 2010 issue of Healthy, Wealthy nWise, Roseana talks about training the mindset in her article entitled Build Confidence Through Clear Focus.

Put on your rose-colored glasses

“We only ‘see’ people responding to us in the ways which we expect them to, through those filtered lenses of ‘prior knowledge’, self-belief and our own expectations.” Roseana says that most people’s level of confidence, or insecurity, for that matter, mostly depends on how people perceive themselves in other people’s eyes.

If you believe that the person in front of you does not like you, you will “see” and feel only negative responses from that person, even if that is not the actual case.  Even if the person has positive vibes towards you, you may take all his reactions as the opposite.  It is your own self-belief that blinds you from seeing what is true.

Self-esteem and self-worth

Only when you have replaced your filtered lenses with “rose-colored glasses” can you see what is good and positive around you <g>.  And that kind of positivism can only result to greater things – a healthy self-esteem, an appreciated sense of self-worth, and ultimately, the kind of self-confidence that leads to success.

This makes a lot of sense to me.  Our judgements, notions and misconceptions about the things around us are based on our sense-auditory perceptions.  What we see, what we hear, what we feel, we consider to be true.  What we don’t factor in, is, most of the time, our past notions and misconceptions prevent us from making zero-based judgements.

Only when we are secure with ourselves, our thoughts and decisions can we “clearly” see and hear and feel, and eventually, believe in what is in front of us.  Which is why, it’s important that we are confident and assured of ourselves – with clear thinking and positive mindsets.

Self-guarantee is the best guarantee

In a September 2011 article, also in Healthy, Wealthy nWise, Roseana touches on how the spiritual aspect of a person can complement, and further strengthen the mind.

“Build confidence. Gain mental strength. We know this is what we need to be both happy and successful. Nevertheless, we all look for guarantees from time to time.” Roseana points out that even the most confident people still seek guarantees – a reassurance that they made the right choice, the right move, the right thing.  <g>

In her article Build Confidence and Stop Looking for Guarantees in Life, she wrote that “we often lack self belief and question ourselves as to whether or not we are doing the right thing or making the correct decision. Frequently, as well, we would like to be told what to do instead of trusting ourselves to make the best choices.”

Clearly, life has no guarantees.  If it did, life would not be the great bittersweet experience that it is to many of us.  <g>  We should then stop looking for external guarantees because the best guarantee we can ever get is from ourself – that yes, we’re doing what is right, and yes, we’re going in the right direction.  <g>

It was a pleasant read for me when I saw the spiritual side of Roseana’s wisdom.  Her advice for success and happiness is to build confidence and gain mental strength.

Mental, emotional and spiritual decisions

In order to have clarity of mind, clear focus, and decisions with certainty, Roseana recommends that we:

  • Gather information and view it from a distance so as to see it as logically as possible
  • Pay attention to any emotional reactions and instinctive feelings
  • Ask spirit guides for their help, guidance and wait for their response

Our mental, emotional and spiritual sides are faculties that we can use to better ourselves, become happy and successful.

Crystal?  <g>

Hope it’s clearer to you now,


Image by: Graur Razvan Ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.net