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How Green is Your Home?

April 19th, 2011 by Ric in Lifestyle

One of our goals with this blog is to “pay it forward,” to make a difference in other people’s lives. We do this by sharing stories, tips, and advice on improving our outlook on life, achieving success, and other topics. Basically, we want to help you Make More and Live More like we have.

As much as we can, we want you to Give More too. We want you to make a difference in other people’s lives. Liz wrote in our first post Why We are Here that “often we’re conditioned to think that we can’t make much of a difference…yet.” She debunks this, saying “that’s just not true.” Back then, we addressed this with the GIVE MORE SALE that funneled your contributions into care packages for abandoned babies in Africa, US troops in Iraq, and school children in Rwanda, among others.

Sending aid out to foreign countries isn’t the only way you can give more though. You can make a difference by taking care of the environment, in the process giving to your neighbors, your children, and possibly, everybody on Earth.

Sorting and recycling your waste as well as reducing your consumption of water and electricity are just a few of the ways to give more to this planet. Maxwell Jason has an article up on Healthy Wealthy nWise entitled Why Choose A Green Home? In his post, he lists a few reasons you want a green or eco-friendly home. I think going green is a great way to Give More. In the process, you probably make your home more comfortable, meaning you Live More too.

1. Lowered Utility Bills in a Green Home
Maxwell explains that “one of the most noticeable differences of living in Green home is the significant reduction in utility bills such as water and electricity.” So you give back to the planet, you live more by living more comfortably, and you make more by saving on utilities too? Isn’t that great?

2. Better Temperature Control
One of the most important aspects of a Green home is proper insulation. This keeps the temperature inside the house fairly constant, regardless of the conditions outside. This leads to savings on air conditioning and heating.

3. Cost Effective Use of Solar Power
Free electricity from a practically unlimited source – need I say more? This feature is one of the more expensive aspects of eco-friendly living, but if you can afford it, it’s one of the best things about a Green house.

4. Aids in Waste Reduction
“In order to reduce the dependency on water treatment plants, these homes use waste water from dishwaters or washing machines for irrigation purposes for the garden or washing cars and toilets,” Maxwell explains. He also adds that “many homes come equipped with rainwater collectors which are used for similar purpose.” If you can reconfigure your piping, or if you’re only starting to build your house, you can start recycling “gray” water, and once it’s all set up, you won’t even have to think about it.

5. Improved Quality of Air
“Many traditional building materials emit toxic gases,” Maxwell says. “Environment friendly homes avoid them completely because these gases are hazardous to health and can severely harm infants and little children.” If that isn’t a reason to go Green, I don’t know what is. Maxwell also explains that some Green homes “come fully equipped with adequate ventilation and air filtration for all rooms of a home especially the isolated ones such as the kitchen,” and this leads to improved indoor air quality.

It would be great if we can all buy or move into fully Green homes, but even if you can’t go Green all the way, there are ways you can improve your home to make them more ecologically friendly. Using glass with insulating features for your home, installing a rainwater collector to irrigate your garden, and replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL (compact flourescent) or LED lights are just some of the ways you can go Green, and give more, in your own small way.

How Green is your home? Can you think of other ways to help your house Give More to your neighbors, your children, and your planet?

Keep giving,

Image by: Idea Go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net