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Finding a Breakthrough by Breaking Your Routine

August 30th, 2011 by Adaire in Sharing Success

Are you stuck in a rut? Do you find your everyday routine so rigid that the very thought of deviating from it unsettles you? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to take charge and take steps to break out of that unhealthy cycle. You might be wondering why I’m encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone, and you will know why shortly.

Believe it or not, routine can be sometimes bad for you. Monotony robs you of creativity and discovery. There’s so little room to create error than you don’t learn anything. And as funny as this sounds, we actually learn more from making mistakes! We can even discover life-changing things from our slip-ups.

Here’s an example of a mistake turned good, as mentioned by business owner and life coach Will Eisenbrandt in his article “Is Your Routine Killing your Goals?” at Healthy Wealthy nWise: The people of 3M invented Post-it notes by mistake. They were trying to come up with a very strong adhesive, but ended up with something weak by mistake. Yet that so-called mistake managed to stick enough, and it evolved into one of the most popular office products in the market. Now that is one mistake I wouldn’t mind making in my lifetime. :)

I’m not saying that all mistakes will make you millionaires. I’m merely trying to point out that when we deviate from our routine, our minds are refreshed, making them fertile ground for our best ideas to flourish. Think of it as making room for a ‘Eureka!” moment.

I personally am averse to repetitiveness because it buries your passion. As Will Eisenbrandt said it wisely, your success may be limited by your routine. In other words, when you insist on staying within your comfort zone, you deprive yourself of the following:

Opportunities. They can range anywhere from potential promotions in the workplace to becoming a partner in a lucrative business. On the personal front, they could be a chance to travel or discover a new hobby.

A Solid Social Network. You might be happy with the few contacts you have, and that’s okay. But to really live the one life you have, you need to get out and mingle more. The more people you have in your circle, the richer your experiences will be. Who knows, you might meet someone out there who will give you that career break you’ve always wished for!

Learning More About Yourself. We become more familiar with ourselves as we continue to deal with many people from all walks of life and engage in more diverse activities. We learn our strengths and weaknesses, and if we’re lucky, we meet people who will point them out constructively. When we take the time to explore new things and gain new contacts, we feel that we are living our purpose.

I acknowledge that the thought of going against your usual routine can be uncomfortable at first. Start with small changes and do them one day at a time. Over time, you’ll find that slowly breaking out of that rut will become, well, routine. :) Talk about irony, but hey, it’s progress! And I encourage everyone to try this not merely for the beauty of growing and developing, but also to find your passion and empower yourself.

Speaking of passion, I feel quite validated that even Bob Doyle, one of the people behind the film “the Secret”, shares my standpoint. Tammy Lawman’s interview with Bob in the Healthy Wealthy nWise article “Follow Your Passion and Find Your Power” tells us that the Law of Attraction works better for people who know what they want and pursue it passionately. Why?

Simply put, when you are passionate about something, you don’t experience the drudgery of hard work. Your passion serves as your natural energy that keeps you going and enables you to enjoy the journey to success. Without the shackles of negativity, you feel lighter, happier and more in tune with yourself. You become blessed with confidence and an open mind.

You can’t attract good things if you have any hesitations and doubts. Neither can you change your life for the better if you won’t even make the first step. So what are you waiting for? Get moving, break out of that mundane existence, embrace variety, find your passion and pursue it!


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