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An Introduction to Internet Marketing

February 13th, 2012 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

Today I’m going to talk a little about one of the biggest earning secrets of the Internet: internet marketing. I’m going to be honest right now and just tell you upfront that internet marketing is the gold rush of the 21st century. It has made millions for companies, and has created millionaires all over the world. It is one of the most convenient ways to make money online.

Initially, I thought that marketing online was going to be complicated. In the real world, before you can endeavor in marketing you’re going to need a company, several licenses, a client list, an office, and the worst part – you’re going to need money. What if I told you that in internet marketing you wouldn’t need any of these to begin? It is truly a great opportunity as it allows you to start earning immediately without having to make a capital investment.

I was thinking of the best way to introduce you to the topic of internet marketing. Thankfully, I came across an article from Internet Marketing TNT. It’s called, “The Basics of a Home-Based Internet Marketing Business.” As soon as I saw that title, I knew that I found exactly what I was looking for.

This article by Sam Schneider provides all the basic information you’ll need to gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Internet Marketing. In that article he talked about:

- The advantages of home-based internet marketing businesses. Sam calls internet marketing “the perfect model for a home-based business” because it can be started from home, does not require special training, uses minimum equipment, and it doesn’t require a start-up cost.

- Limitations of internet marketing businesses. Like all businesses, internet marketing has its limitations too. One of which is its bias for new technologies. You really have to be aware of the most recent developments that make online transactions easier. Other concerns involve internet security and broad return policies.

- The types of home-based internet marketing business. There are several types of internet marketing businesses. In his article, Sam provides a brief introduction of the most popular ones: online commerce, service-based commerce, Multi-Level Marketing, and Publishing and Advertising.

I really hope you read that article. All the information contained there will put you on the fast-track towards a successful internet business you can run from the convenience of your own home!

However, since internet marketing is such a popular business choice, I realized that you may encounter a lot of competition. I started asking myself, “What advice should I give my readers on how to gain a competitive advantage in this business? What skills would they need to succeed in this business?” Then, I suddenly remembered an article I previously read at Internet Marketing TNT. Karen Newman wrote an article called, “Executive Level Skills = Internet Marketing Success,” where she explains how developing certain executive levels skills can turn you into the perfect internet marketer. Here are some of the skills she mentioned along with a few short excerpts from the article she wrote:

- Leadership Skills: “In the parlance of Internet marketing, a leader is a successful entrepreneur who can assist others in achieving success.”

- Organizational Skills: “Being able to manage a myriad of ever-changing tasks is a necessary skill for any Internet marketer.”

- Sales and Marketing Skills: “Sales and marketing professionals understand how to define and promote powerful messages that attract potential customers to an opportunity.”

- Technology and Computer Skills: “A solid understanding of technical matters will increase your chances of success.”

- Mentoring Skills: “An important facet of any executive level position is the development of subordinates into effective managers and employees.”

- Motivational Skills: “The motivational skills necessary to succeed in Internet marketing come in two flavors-personal motivation and team motivation.”

- Self-Discipline Skills: “There will always be ups and downs as a business unfolds, and a tremendous amount of self-discipline is necessary to stay focused and committed to long-term success.”

The short excerpts I included here do not do justice to the amount of insight she provides in comprehensive explanations found in her article. I hope you take a look at it and really try to understand what she’s saying.

One key attribute that can help you find success in business and in life is a thirst for knowledge. Take knowledge wherever you can find it: read articles, listen to good advice, learn from your experiences and find good mentors. Gain a competitive advantage in internet marketing by knowing more than your competitor. It is usually what brings victory. Knowledge is power.

Good luck! :)


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