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Congratulations Penny Causby!

April 27th, 2012 by Ric in Sharing Success

Congrats to Penny for getting her new Automated Cash Sites up and running!  www.Getting-Better-Daily.com.

Congratulations Helen Kampf!

April 26th, 2012 by Ric in Sharing Success

Congrats to Helen for getting her new Automated Cash Sites up and running!  www.inspirationalteachers.com.

Congratulations Nicole!

April 26th, 2012 by Ric in Sharing Success

Congrats to Nicole for getting her new Automated Cash Sites up and running!  www.healthywealthynwise.me.

Congratulations, Richelle Wheeler!

April 17th, 2012 by Ric in Sharing Success

Congrats to Richelle Wheeler for getting her new Automated Cash Sites up and running!  www.prosperitycouncel.com.

The ABC’s of Internet Marketing: Is it all about the Keywords?

April 17th, 2012 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

So the other day, I was stuck in a pretty bad traffic jam. I’m not 100% sure what caused the jam. There were no car accidents, no road work, no floods and no snow. Nothing. To keep myself occupied, I imagined what caused the traffic jam.

After contemplating for a few minutes, I came to the conclusion that it was probably caused by a number of different things. Maybe someone’s car engine stalled for a few minutes. Maybe someone was driving slow, trying to learn how to drive. Maybe a scene for a movie was being shot and a few drivers slowed down to catch a glimpse of some movie stars. Individually, these minor traffic delays wouldn’t cause a heavy traffic jam, but if these minor things happened at the same time, it could cause a complete jam. That’s when I had an epiphany.

Website traffic is a lot like road traffic. Although there may be instances when it’s caused by a single factor, such as massive roadwork, or poor weather conditions, for the most part, what causes web traffic is a number of different factors. It’s not just one particular method or technique. It’s a combination of different factors.

Recently, internet marketing trends are leaning towards the use of SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to increase traffic. Many internet marketers are using keywords in the hope of getting a high ranking in search engines.

However, there was an interesting article I read recently from Internet Marketing TNT that argues against the use of popular keywords. This article by Darren W Chow takes the bull by the horns and asks what every internet marketer is thinking of. The article was called, “Which Is More Important – Traffic or Top Rankings?

As Darren says, the obvious answer to the question is, of course, “both.” We need both traffic and a nice ranking to draw traffic into our sites. However, according to Darren, this is where the problem comes in. He says, “In our effort to turn our sites into virtual cash cows, we tend to lose sight of our priorities as we get distracted by the “clutter” on the Internet.”

His point is that many marketers, in their desire to increase their site traffic, lose sight of why they want traffic to begin with – to make sales. Many marketers use popular keywords to get more traffic, but fail to convert the traffic into sales because they’re drawing the wrong traffic.

Darren suggests that we shouldn’t just focus on getting the most traffic by using the most popular keywords. We should focus on getting the “right” kind of traffic by using the “right” keywords. Optimizing your content using the right keywords is a popular method used to increase traffic in a site. But as I mentioned earlier, it takes more than just one specific method to create traffic.

The best type of traffic is caused by a combination of different factors. A real life traffic jam can be caused by a flood, for example. But just imagine how big that traffic jam would be if that flood happened during rush hour, and caused several vehicles to break down, in an area where some famous movie stars are filming the next Hollywood blockbuster? That would be an epic traffic jam indeed!

This is exactly the type of effect we want for our sites. We want to use the right keywords and place them in the right type of content. We also want to feature great products and link to affiliates that are relevant to our niche. We can’t just rely on SEO techniques to carry our sites. In fact, misusing SEO techniques might even harm our website rankings instead of helping it.

I can try and explain how this could happen, but Michele Pariza Wacek explains it better in her article, “Spiders or Peeps, Why Writing for SEO Can Hurt Your Website Rankings.” In this very insightful article from Internet Marketing TNT, Michelle explains why SEO techniques aren’t as effective as they used to be.
She says, “First off, SEO (like everything Internet-related) has changed. A few years ago, SEO made perfect sense. That WAS the main way people found things on the Internet.”

Take note her use of, “WAS.”

Michelle is pointing out that our searching habits have changed. Although some of us still use keywords for our searches, we no longer rely on generic keywords alone. We search for specific brand names, we search for people and we search for specific details we hear about in different venues – television, radio, print, and even social media sites.

The role of blogging, the personal touch, has increased. There is more emphasis on content and genuine human connections and opinions. It’s no longer about the keywords, it’s also about credibility. As Michelle says, “Google and all the other search engines are going to reward you if your website isn’t deceptive, offers great content, and the content changes regularly. If you do that, the search engines WILL like your site regardless of your SEO.”

If you are an internet marketer, a heavy reliance on keywords may quickly bring your site traffic, but your visitors may click away just as fast once they realize that they’ve been “tricked” to go there with keywords.
If you really want to make a connection with your target audience, you have to take the time to be genuine. Eventually, if you care about your content, you’ll get visitors who will do for you what they’ve never done for those “keyword sites” – they will read your content, they will link to your site and your articles, and, best of all, they would thank you and inspire you to continue what you’re doing knowing that you’ve helped a person find what he or she needs in the most convenient and sincere way you can.

Good luck! :)


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Congratulations, Louis Conjar!

April 11th, 2012 by Ric in Sharing Success

Congrats to Louis Conjar for getting his new Automated Cash Sites up and running!  http://www.personal-liberty.com/tony-robbins/.

The Art of Attention-Grabbing

April 10th, 2012 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

Let’s do a little thought experiment today. Imagine two kids who decided to sell lemonade on their respective lawns throughout the summer vacation. One is selling one glass of lemonade for 40 cents, but only has a simple table and chair for his set-up, as well as a moderately sized white signboard with the words “Lemonade 40 Cents” in black marker. The other kid is selling one glass of lemonade for 80 cents, but his set-up is comprised of an actual plywood stand with a counter covered in bright yellow cloth, as well as a large signboard that reads “Sweet, Ice-Cold Lemonade – JUST 80 Cents!” in bright red paint.

Who do you think will sell more?

Attraction, Reaction!

If you guessed the latter kid, congratulations! There’s an enormous chance that the one with the more attractive set-up will get more customers. At this point, the fact that it’s twice the price of the other kid’s lemonade doesn’t really matter. Would you buy cheap lemonade that’s been sitting on a sad little table all day, or would you buy pricier lemonade from the cutest, most fun-looking set-up on the block? It’s a no-brainer! :)

What does selling lemonade have to do with internet marketing, you ask? Well, everything, actually! If you don’t even have the marketing savvy to sell a glass of lemonade on your lawn, what makes you think you have the skills to market a more complicated line of wares over the World Wide Web?

There’s a reason why all the biggest and most successful corporations have an incredibly disciplined marketing team working for them. In this day and age of seemingly infinite choices, it’s no longer just about having a top-quality item to sell. It’s also about knowing how to set this item apart from others. It’s about grabbing attention—making people look in your direction despite the fact that your competitors are trying to do the same.

Be Accessible

Image by: stockimages

So, what’s the first step towards grabbing people’s attention?

The secret is accessibility. Sure, you may have all the bells and whistles at the ready, but if your advertisements are improperly placed, or are placed in sites that hardly anyone visits in the first place, of what use are all those bells and whistles? I read this article “What Makes an Effective Internet Marketing Tool?,” by Anthony Harris in Internet Marketing TNT that explains this issue so well. According to Harris:

A good internet marketing tool should be located where it can be easily accessed by people. No matter how good an advertisement is, if no one can see it, then it is useless. It should be known that people are the target of internet marketing tools and that these people can have various interests. Thus, a company can choose to place its internet marketing tool where it receives the most attention by all people, or it can place the tool where it can attract the attention of the target market.

Well said, don’t you think? :) So, before you even think of getting all these amazing multi-media gimmicks to sell your product, you have to first make sure that you have the right venue for all of it. Remember the kid with the awesome-looking lemonade stand? Now imagine that his house is at the very end of a dead-end street. If you don’t think he should move his set-up to the park or by the school playground, then you have a thing or two to learn about real marketing!

The Bells and Whistles

Image by: Robert Cochrane

Once you’ve pinned down a great spot for your advertisements, it’s finally time to concern yourself with all the bells and whistles! Now, being that you’ll be working with stuff available on the World Wide Web, you have quite a smorgasbord to ponder over! How do you figure out the right thing to do? Well, according to Alan L. Smith in his Internet Marketing TNT article “Multimedia Marketing – The Latest Online Marketing Tool,” getting professional assistance is definitely worth it. He says:

The goal of multimedia marketing is to make the customers feel that they are getting personalized treatment along with a fair price. In your site’s testimonial section, you can record live video footage of satisfied clients in their own voice. Also, you can creatively display your products/services with animated images. You can couple it with attractive sales and discount offers, thus creating a complete online marketing package. Such type of work can be well executed by a professional multimedia development company who conducts extensive research and consults with you before developing a web multimedia solutions plan.

Sometimes, people can get so excited about all the possibilities in marketing that they forget to really home in on the techniques that are best suited for their product or brand. Getting professional assistance can help you look at the bigger picture better. It will also definitely lessen potential stress, especially if you’re not that skilled in setting up all sorts of multi-media gimmicks and making them run for the long haul.

The bells, the whistles, and the extra help will have to cost you extra, but that’s definitely money very well spent! :)

Focus, Focus, Focus

Gone are the days when marketing just meant walking around wearing a sandwich board and pointing people in the direction of your store. Today, marketing, as well as advertising and public relations, makes staggering amounts of money each year making sure that certain products and services grab your attention more than others. And if you have your own product for sale online, marketing is a necessity from the very beginning. Just make sure that you focus your ideas on what your product or service is, and who you want to attract. There are so many great possibilities out there for you to take advantage of, and it’s all just a matter of finding the right one. :)


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Robert Cochrane / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Congratulations, Rene Groenendal!

April 5th, 2012 by Ric in Sharing Success

Congrats to Rene Groenendal for getting his new Automated Cash Sites up and running!  http://www.optihealthmaxwealth.com/tony-robbins/.

Congratulations, Steven Harrison!

April 3rd, 2012 by Ric in Sharing Success

Congrats to Steven Harrison for getting his new Automated Cash Sites up and running!  http://www.certainwellbeing.com/tony-robbins/.

Tips on True Love: Is the Nice Guy the Right Guy?

April 3rd, 2012 by Adaire in Lifestyle

I was talking to a good friend of mine a few days ago and she was telling me about a nice guy she met. She said he was attractive, had a good job and makes her feel very comfortable. Needless to say, he was an overall nice guy. But there was a big problem: my friend wasn’t attracted to him.

She just couldn’t help but see him as a friend. She told me how she went out with him on several dates in the hope that she would feel a spark of passion, something that could inspire her to see him as a potential romance. She hoped that he would do something to take her breath away or sweep her off her feet. It was clear that she really liked him as a person and she wanted so bad to see him as the type of guy she could be romantically attracted to. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be.

I believe that nice guys deserve someone who would love them and be passionate about them, because they deserve nothing less. I feel bad for nice guys who don’t do well romantically. But I feel worse when a woman “settles” for a nice guy that she’s not passionate about, simply because she thought he was a good catch.

Pamela R Reaves says it best in “When Nice Is Not Enough,” an article I found in Healthy Wealthy nWise. She says, “Once we define him or her as nice, the sense of entitlement enters the picture even when we’re desperately trying to exercise restraint. He or she is “nice,” so we must have this person in our lives. If they are attractive and nice, then we must definitely have them close to us.

There is a tendency for us, women, to rationalize going into a relationship with a nice guy we’re not passionate about. Many of us have been involved with “imperfect” partners before and meeting someone who is “nice” could be refreshing. But if the passion or chemistry isn’t there, we shouldn’t force it.

Forcing ourselves into liking a nice guy would be unfair not only to him, but for you as well. You might prevent Mr. Nice Guy from meeting a girl who could be passionate about him. And worse, you might miss an opportunity to find someone who stirs your soul, makes you feel giddy like a high school girl, and drives you head over heels in love! That’s the type of relationship we should be looking forward to!

As much as we don’t want to reject Mr. Nice Guy, being nice just isn’t reason enough for you to be in a relationship with someone. If you want more specific situations when “nice” is not enough, here are some from “When Nice Is Not Enough”:

  • When two people desire a commitment that goes far beyond casual;
  • When you want your love-interest to have no regrets, reservations, or questions about spending the rest of his/her life with you- especially if you’re planning on living a very long life;
  • When you need the comfort, care, and support of the individual to whom you have entrusted your well-being and you are not well; When you need unwavering support during a period of test, trial, or tribulation;
  • When you want the slightest touch from your partner to convey far more than the touch itself – the kind of touch that reaches the soul;
  • Or when you want to see a smile on his/her face that matches the wonderful feeling you have inside just thinking about the time the two of you spend together.

As Pamela says, “This level of commitment, depth of love, degree of stamina, soul-stirring touch, and mutual passion calls for far more than “nice”. Be honest with yourself. When you started out by describing him or her as “nice”; when you envisioned where the relationship was going, when you decided to forsake all others and commit solely to this person, you expected much more than “nice.

We should learn to be patient when it comes to love. I know how awful it is to be single when all your friends seem to be happily involved with great partners. But don’t just settle for the next nice guy you meet. Find someone you not only like, but someone you adore.

If you’re finding it hard to find true love, read 3 Tips for Finding True Love Any Time of the Year which is also from Healthy Wealthy nWise. Shay Dawkins gives three tips that can help you find not just Mr. Nice, but Mr. Right!

  • Be thankful for everything (including your mistakes). Learn to be thankful for the good things in your life.
  • Forgive others so that you can forgive yourself.
  • Find enjoyment and satisfaction in every day. Strive to find the happiness in your average, workaday life.

Shay believes that before we can find love outside ourselves, we must strive to find love within ourselves first. It’s much easier to be open and generous with our emotions when our hearts are free from emotional turmoil, guilt, or discontent.

The joy and positivity we feel will radiate from within us and attract the right people we can share our wonderful life with. You don’t have to seek out love. Be generous with your compassion and love will come find you.

May you find someone you are passionate about and who is passionate about you! :)


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