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The Art of Attention-Grabbing

April 10th, 2012 by Adaire in Financial Freedom

Let’s do a little thought experiment today. Imagine two kids who decided to sell lemonade on their respective lawns throughout the summer vacation. One is selling one glass of lemonade for 40 cents, but only has a simple table and chair for his set-up, as well as a moderately sized white signboard with the words “Lemonade 40 Cents” in black marker. The other kid is selling one glass of lemonade for 80 cents, but his set-up is comprised of an actual plywood stand with a counter covered in bright yellow cloth, as well as a large signboard that reads “Sweet, Ice-Cold Lemonade – JUST 80 Cents!” in bright red paint.

Who do you think will sell more?

Attraction, Reaction!

If you guessed the latter kid, congratulations! There’s an enormous chance that the one with the more attractive set-up will get more customers. At this point, the fact that it’s twice the price of the other kid’s lemonade doesn’t really matter. Would you buy cheap lemonade that’s been sitting on a sad little table all day, or would you buy pricier lemonade from the cutest, most fun-looking set-up on the block? It’s a no-brainer! :)

What does selling lemonade have to do with internet marketing, you ask? Well, everything, actually! If you don’t even have the marketing savvy to sell a glass of lemonade on your lawn, what makes you think you have the skills to market a more complicated line of wares over the World Wide Web?

There’s a reason why all the biggest and most successful corporations have an incredibly disciplined marketing team working for them. In this day and age of seemingly infinite choices, it’s no longer just about having a top-quality item to sell. It’s also about knowing how to set this item apart from others. It’s about grabbing attention—making people look in your direction despite the fact that your competitors are trying to do the same.

Be Accessible

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So, what’s the first step towards grabbing people’s attention?

The secret is accessibility. Sure, you may have all the bells and whistles at the ready, but if your advertisements are improperly placed, or are placed in sites that hardly anyone visits in the first place, of what use are all those bells and whistles? I read this article “What Makes an Effective Internet Marketing Tool?,” by Anthony Harris in Internet Marketing TNT that explains this issue so well. According to Harris:

A good internet marketing tool should be located where it can be easily accessed by people. No matter how good an advertisement is, if no one can see it, then it is useless. It should be known that people are the target of internet marketing tools and that these people can have various interests. Thus, a company can choose to place its internet marketing tool where it receives the most attention by all people, or it can place the tool where it can attract the attention of the target market.

Well said, don’t you think? :) So, before you even think of getting all these amazing multi-media gimmicks to sell your product, you have to first make sure that you have the right venue for all of it. Remember the kid with the awesome-looking lemonade stand? Now imagine that his house is at the very end of a dead-end street. If you don’t think he should move his set-up to the park or by the school playground, then you have a thing or two to learn about real marketing!

The Bells and Whistles

Image by: Robert Cochrane

Once you’ve pinned down a great spot for your advertisements, it’s finally time to concern yourself with all the bells and whistles! Now, being that you’ll be working with stuff available on the World Wide Web, you have quite a smorgasbord to ponder over! How do you figure out the right thing to do? Well, according to Alan L. Smith in his Internet Marketing TNT article “Multimedia Marketing – The Latest Online Marketing Tool,” getting professional assistance is definitely worth it. He says:

The goal of multimedia marketing is to make the customers feel that they are getting personalized treatment along with a fair price. In your site’s testimonial section, you can record live video footage of satisfied clients in their own voice. Also, you can creatively display your products/services with animated images. You can couple it with attractive sales and discount offers, thus creating a complete online marketing package. Such type of work can be well executed by a professional multimedia development company who conducts extensive research and consults with you before developing a web multimedia solutions plan.

Sometimes, people can get so excited about all the possibilities in marketing that they forget to really home in on the techniques that are best suited for their product or brand. Getting professional assistance can help you look at the bigger picture better. It will also definitely lessen potential stress, especially if you’re not that skilled in setting up all sorts of multi-media gimmicks and making them run for the long haul.

The bells, the whistles, and the extra help will have to cost you extra, but that’s definitely money very well spent! :)

Focus, Focus, Focus

Gone are the days when marketing just meant walking around wearing a sandwich board and pointing people in the direction of your store. Today, marketing, as well as advertising and public relations, makes staggering amounts of money each year making sure that certain products and services grab your attention more than others. And if you have your own product for sale online, marketing is a necessity from the very beginning. Just make sure that you focus your ideas on what your product or service is, and who you want to attract. There are so many great possibilities out there for you to take advantage of, and it’s all just a matter of finding the right one. :)


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