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Some Thoughts on Rental Property Investment

June 19th, 2012 by Adaire in Sharing Success

Rental property investment is one of the best investments you can use your capital for. In fact, with this type of investment, you can leverage the money you have and use it to acquire valuable properties at only a fraction of the price.

Let’s say you made a $10,000 down-payment on some rental property valued at $30,000. What you can do is rent out the property and use the monthly income you gain to pay off the rest of the cost over a period of years. After a number of years, you’ll be able to complete your payment and acquire a $30,000 property – for only $10,000.

This is a common tactic in the real estate industry. However, not a lot of people realize the key to this type of transaction. The key to this type of transaction is not the conditions of the loan, the interest rate, or even the property. They key here is finding a long-term tenant that can provide you with a steady income, which you can use to pay off the property.

But how do you find and keep tenants? While I was contemplating about this concern, I came across an article from Healthy Wealthy n Wise. The article was called, “Tips on Maintaining Rental Property When Investing.” In that article, Ethan Lumsden reveals a lot of interesting facts about rental property.

In one section, Ethan says, “Maintaining rental property is incredibly important. Studies have revealed that the number one reason tenants renew their lease is because it continues to be maintained well! Tenants tend to terminate their leases when things are left to get worse or they were ignored.”

If we want to keep our tenants, Ethan suggests that we put ourselves in their shoes. No one wants to live in a home that is constantly breaking down. It is important to establish good rapport with your tenants to keep them. Once they feel that they are being mistreated, they can simply leave.

Check out Ethan’s article for more useful tips regarding this issue, including information on repair forms, work orders, means of communication, and many others. Repairs and maintenance duties are an unavoidable issue that you should consider part of the industry.

Another thing you can do to make sure your tenant stays is to find the right tenant. Unfortunately, it takes some experience and knowledge to be able to find good tenants. For this task, you might need the help of a professional realtor.

In the same magazine, Jason Lom’s article, “Locating the Realtor That Best Suits Your Needs” might be a good place to start for some great insights regarding realtors. Here are two tips from his article on how to find the most efficient realtors:

1. Create a List

One of the most important things that you need to do when looking for a real estate broker is to create a list of different top selling agents, so that you have a wider range of options to choose from.

2. Asking the right questions

After narrowing down the list, the next step that you need to do is interview the people you think are competent enough to do the job that you ask for. Do keep in mind that many successful real estate agents are well-spoken, possess high intelligence, and are always presentable when it comes to their appearance.

Read the rest of Jason’s article to find out more information that can help you find the right realtor. The real estate industry is something that a lot of people can succeed in. Accountants and bankers succeed because of their financial knowledge. Salesmen succeed because of their ability to build rapport with buyers and tenants. Even carpenters succeed in this industry because of their great ability to restore old property.

Regardless of what your main expertise is, there is always an advantage it can earn you. But if you really want to make the most out of your investments, don’t try to do everything by yourself. You have to be self-aware. You have to know where your strengths and weaknesses as an individual are. If you’re weak in one area of business, find someone who’s good at it and work with that person.

Good luck! :)


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Friends and Lovers

June 12th, 2012 by Adaire in Lifestyle

No romantic relationship is without its challenges. Sure, you may claim to have a pretty good relationship with your partner, and truly believe that the both of you will last for the long haul, but in no way does that mean that you two don’t have your rough patches. All people have their differences, and there will come times that the two of you are going to have to butt heads. Remember, though, that it’s not what you argue about but how you address the argument that proves how great of a pair you really are.

Love in Progress

A truly fantastic relationship is one that is willing to admit to its faults and possess a sincere desire to be better. Change is a certainty, no matter who you are, and to deny its call would pretty much spell disaster! So, if you, your partner, or the both of you have apprehensions about changing the way your relationship currently is, then be prepared to fight the exact same fights, and run the risk of crumbling apart! :(

In contrast, if the two of you decide to make some key alterations, then that can only mean good things. :) The fact alone that you two are willing to own up to your faults and weaknesses is already an enormously good sign. Just getting past that hurdle is an achievement in itself!

A desire for progress is proof that the two of you place a great and sincere value on your relationship. The last thing you would want to do is take your relationship for granted. To you two, every moment with each other is meaningful, and must be experienced to the fullest.

The Secrets behind Change

But how, exactly, do you go about with your progress project, so to speak?

There’s this article in Healthy Wealthy nWise by Mayank Jayaswal that actually addresses that question to the letter. Aptly enough, it’s entitled “Tips on How to Make Your Relationship Stronger.” It’s the perfect read for any couple that craves for the ingredients to a better, healthier relationship.

One of these ingredients, for instance, is communication. Jayaswal says, “What most people forget is that communication is one of the most important aspects in keeping a relationship healthy. Two people in a relationship must communicate often. It is when you communicate often and share all the details, you build the trust, get to show that you’re honest with them and thus love them a lot. Another important part of communication is listening. Listening attentively to what your partner is saying is a good way to keep things alright between the two.”

I really couldn’t agree more. :) In fact, if I were made to choose among all the ingredients listed in the article, I’d really put communication at the top of my list. I really believe that without it, all the other ingredients would be pretty much meaningless. Can you imagine trusting someone you don’t communicate with, let alone forming a commitment with that person?

Friendship: The Ultimate Secret

Ensuring a communicative relationship, however, relies on certain factors. And what I think is the most crucial factor is the extent of your friendship with your partner. That’s right: friendship.

Now, if you believe that you can’t really, truly be friends with your romantic partner in the midst of your relationship, then you are happily mistaken. So many aspects of friendship are required in a healthy relationship that you can’t really separate the two things in the end. Simply put, you can’t be a lover without being a friend.

There’s another article on Healthy Wealthy nWise, this time by Sarah Ruiz, that really gets this point across. In her piece “Can Lovers be Best Friends?” she says, “I learned that in order for a real relationship to develop and grow, all the aspects and critical components of a friendship have to be present. I learned that these two very different, but same concepts, are intrinsically mingled offering the same results. I learned that you couldn’t have a loving healthy relationship without a committed loving friendship.”

Think about it: friendships have a lot to do with communication. The more you openly communicate your thoughts and opinions with someone, the more you consider that person your friend, right? So if you want to have a communicative romantic relationship, then the idea of seeing your romantic partner as one of your closest friends is the ticket. J

Friends Forever

Can you imagine if your romantic partner was not someone you could call a true friend? Wouldn’t it be downright terrible if you had to turn to someone other than your lover when faced with a big dilemma, or when you have something important on your mind?

A friend, furthermore, is someone you can easily foresee being with long into the future. I’m sure you have at least a couple of friends from all the way back in high school, or even elementary!

In the same vein, your romantic partner should be someone you can instantly turn to for help without any hesitation, as well as someone whom you can foresee spending the rest of your life with. Give a new meaning to the term “friends forever,” and find a Mr. or Ms. Right whom you can be true pals with! :)

Goodluck! :)


Five Crucial Tips for Self Growth

June 11th, 2012 by Adaire in Sharing Success

Every person has a unique idea about self growth. Individuals have different perspectives on what it means to improve. Feelings of solitude, for example can be dealt with in many ways. A person may respond to the situation by seeking to improve his social skills to meet new people; or he may decide to focus on other matters such as his or her career to take his or her mind off of these feelings.

At the end of the day, how an individual improves and what we become as a person is up to him. However, the process that one must undergo to reach his or her goals is similar. Whether a person wants to improve mentally, physically or emotionally to deal with a personal issue, these five tips are sure to make the personal development process much easier.

1. Start Your Self Growth Process Today
One of the biggest obstacles to personal development is the inability to start. Some people wait to long for the perfect time to start their development. The truth is that you can start this process any time you want. But the crucial factor is that you have to want it. If you want to lose weight then exercise today, start a diet today. If you want to meet new people, go out today. The most difficult concept to overcome in this process is “tomorrow.” You have to approach your goals as if there was no tomorrow. Force yourself to start today. The hardest part of this process is the start.

2. Set Deadlines for Your Self Growth
Time has always had an ambivalent relationship with progress. On one hand, time is a deadline. You only have a limited amount of time to reach your potential before age catches up and debilitates your faculties. On the other hand, you can think of time as an extension. There will always be tomorrow, next week, next month, and even next year to meet your goals. If you look at treat time as an extension, you’ll never reach your goals. You have to set deadlines for yourself if you want to achieve and form of personal development.

3. Self Growth Can be Have Fun
There is always a lot of stake when one seeks personal development. You’re thinking about your future, your potential and even your limitations. However, there has to be some level of balance. You can’t take it too seriously or you will be debilitated with too much pressure and it will impede your growth.

4. Find a Support Growth to Achieve Self Growth With
One of the best ways to achieve personal development is to find a community who share the same goals. Organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous form strong bonds among its participants that they genuinely care about each other. This support can be the difference between success and failure. You don’t have to face your personal challenges alone. There are people you can work with to achieve common goals.

5. Be Realistic about Your Self Growth Expectations
You have to enter this endeavor knowing that this is a long-term plan. Personal development takes time. You can’t start this journey thinking that you’re going to see results overnight. Setting unrealistic goals will only result in disappointment and discouragement. Make sure that the goals you set are achievable. Begin with the basics. Once you’ve achieved some easy goals, you can start increasing the difficulty. But you should always start with the easy ones to gain confidence before you take on bigger challenges.

6. Interact with Different People for Self Growth
Personal development is not just about becoming stronger, smarter and more successful. It’s also about developing your personal character. It’s also about empathy and compassion. It’s also about awareness. Interact with people from different walks of life to become more tolerant of their culture and be more understanding of their personal struggles.

7. Break Negative Patterns that Hinder Self Growth
In our daily lives, we develop patterns because of repetition and routine. Some of these patterns are advantageous while others are destructive. A cold beer at the end of the work day may seem harmless, but as you drink one every day, your tolerance for alcohol increases and you end up drinking more. Next thing you know, you’re an alcoholic. If you want to achieve personal development, you have to learn to recognize trends in your own lifestyle. If there are negative patterns in your life, mistakes that you notice yourself repeating, you have to find a way to break them.

8. Face your Fears for Self Growth
The only limitations human beings have are the limitations they set upon themselves. Fear is the enemy of personal development. It is your fear of rejection that prevents you from meeting new people. It is your fear of failure that prevents you from taking on challenges. It is your fear of isolation that forces you to conform to what is popular. You can improve the quality of your life to a great degree just by facing your fears.

9. Achieve Self Growth for Yourself
The idea that you’ll have more motivation for personal development when you’re doing it for someone else is false. If you’re girlfriend, for example, tells you that you don’t have to change for her, that she’ll love you anyway, would you still be motivated to improve? Growth must come from an inner desire to be better. You have to want it for yourself. You have to do it for yourself. If you enter this endeavor half-heartedly, you’re not going to achieve much. But if you put your heart and soul into this effort, it has the potential to change your life completely.

10. To Achieve Self Growth Believe in the Power of Change
There are two types of people in the world: those who believe that people never change and those who believe that nothing stays the same. In order for you to have a shot at personal development, you have to belong to the latter group; you have to believe in change. The person you are at the beginning of the process may be a completely different person from what you are at the end of it. Thinking otherwise will just allow your old habits and old vices resurface. You have to internalize the transformation you undergo.

There are many avenues and possibilities for self growth and personal development. Any positive endeavor you participate in will inevitably transform you. Just don’t give up. As long as you keep trying, there is no possibility for failure. Dare to be better. Dare to improve. Weight loss begins from a single calorie. Developing a strong physique begins from a single push-up. You can start small, you can progress at your own pace, but the most important thing to remember is that you have to start the journey of growth and development.

Good luck! :)


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Congratulations to Brian Kuzel!

June 7th, 2012 by Ric in Sharing Success

Congrats to Brian for getting her new Automated Cash Sites up and running!  http://www.sun-current.com/.