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Friends and Lovers

June 12th, 2012 by Adaire in Lifestyle

No romantic relationship is without its challenges. Sure, you may claim to have a pretty good relationship with your partner, and truly believe that the both of you will last for the long haul, but in no way does that mean that you two don’t have your rough patches. All people have their differences, and there will come times that the two of you are going to have to butt heads. Remember, though, that it’s not what you argue about but how you address the argument that proves how great of a pair you really are.

Love in Progress

A truly fantastic relationship is one that is willing to admit to its faults and possess a sincere desire to be better. Change is a certainty, no matter who you are, and to deny its call would pretty much spell disaster! So, if you, your partner, or the both of you have apprehensions about changing the way your relationship currently is, then be prepared to fight the exact same fights, and run the risk of crumbling apart! :(

In contrast, if the two of you decide to make some key alterations, then that can only mean good things. :) The fact alone that you two are willing to own up to your faults and weaknesses is already an enormously good sign. Just getting past that hurdle is an achievement in itself!

A desire for progress is proof that the two of you place a great and sincere value on your relationship. The last thing you would want to do is take your relationship for granted. To you two, every moment with each other is meaningful, and must be experienced to the fullest.

The Secrets behind Change

But how, exactly, do you go about with your progress project, so to speak?

There’s this article in Healthy Wealthy nWise by Mayank Jayaswal that actually addresses that question to the letter. Aptly enough, it’s entitled “Tips on How to Make Your Relationship Stronger.” It’s the perfect read for any couple that craves for the ingredients to a better, healthier relationship.

One of these ingredients, for instance, is communication. Jayaswal says, “What most people forget is that communication is one of the most important aspects in keeping a relationship healthy. Two people in a relationship must communicate often. It is when you communicate often and share all the details, you build the trust, get to show that you’re honest with them and thus love them a lot. Another important part of communication is listening. Listening attentively to what your partner is saying is a good way to keep things alright between the two.”

I really couldn’t agree more. :) In fact, if I were made to choose among all the ingredients listed in the article, I’d really put communication at the top of my list. I really believe that without it, all the other ingredients would be pretty much meaningless. Can you imagine trusting someone you don’t communicate with, let alone forming a commitment with that person?

Friendship: The Ultimate Secret

Ensuring a communicative relationship, however, relies on certain factors. And what I think is the most crucial factor is the extent of your friendship with your partner. That’s right: friendship.

Now, if you believe that you can’t really, truly be friends with your romantic partner in the midst of your relationship, then you are happily mistaken. So many aspects of friendship are required in a healthy relationship that you can’t really separate the two things in the end. Simply put, you can’t be a lover without being a friend.

There’s another article on Healthy Wealthy nWise, this time by Sarah Ruiz, that really gets this point across. In her piece “Can Lovers be Best Friends?” she says, “I learned that in order for a real relationship to develop and grow, all the aspects and critical components of a friendship have to be present. I learned that these two very different, but same concepts, are intrinsically mingled offering the same results. I learned that you couldn’t have a loving healthy relationship without a committed loving friendship.”

Think about it: friendships have a lot to do with communication. The more you openly communicate your thoughts and opinions with someone, the more you consider that person your friend, right? So if you want to have a communicative romantic relationship, then the idea of seeing your romantic partner as one of your closest friends is the ticket. J

Friends Forever

Can you imagine if your romantic partner was not someone you could call a true friend? Wouldn’t it be downright terrible if you had to turn to someone other than your lover when faced with a big dilemma, or when you have something important on your mind?

A friend, furthermore, is someone you can easily foresee being with long into the future. I’m sure you have at least a couple of friends from all the way back in high school, or even elementary!

In the same vein, your romantic partner should be someone you can instantly turn to for help without any hesitation, as well as someone whom you can foresee spending the rest of your life with. Give a new meaning to the term “friends forever,” and find a Mr. or Ms. Right whom you can be true pals with! :)

Goodluck! :)