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Starting a business is a big investment. It requires significant amount of money, time and energy. That is why, running it should be equally given full attention and care. A big, and usually the most intricate, part of operating a business is building the brand through advertising.

Advertising is usually attributed to using a medium, either print, radio TV or internet. However, in the Healthy Wealthy n Wise article “Small Business Marketing and Advertising Ideas to Increase your Small Business Sales”, the author, Claude Whitacre, talks about advertising being internally integrated in the business operations. Claude cites effective business tips that can increase client base and business returns.

Eye Candy

Yes, your business should be pleasing to the eyes because most first-time clients are gained through first impression. Claude gives emphasis on the importance of making your place of business (i.e. shops or restaurants) very inviting through visual appeal.

While it seems menial, keeping your parking space occupied gives an impression that many people come to your place so it should be worth a try. On the contrary, make sure that there is enough space for upcoming customers. You don’t want to discourage them with the unavailability of space.

Inside, customers will best appreciate your products and services if the place is sufficiently lit. Imagine an art gallery that looks dark, buyers won’t be able to appreciate the details if the artworks are not properly lit. So how can you expect a sale? Open your clients’ eyes to the real beauty of your offer through effective lighting.

Music to the Ears

Sound, just like light, travels fast to reach your target even without them looking (i.e. when driving). That is why audio such as on-location call outs and music are also very effective in luring customers to come give your service a try.

Sounds add entertainment value and also ease out either the background noise or awkward silence. When choosing the music, make sure it is appropriate for your business. Spa audio should be soothing so it should be light and not too loud. Restaurants music should be a bit livelier but should not overpower conversations. Meanwhile, clubs and bars appear more exciting with very loud and fast music on.

Heaven Scent

Good smell is not only about making the food appetizing or setting an ambience. The place itself should smell hygienic. Apart from keeping it clean, Claude suggests keeping your shop smelling fresh by doing away with odor causes such as smoking and pets.

Another common odor cause is the comfort room. If possible, choose a business location that offers a common comfort room. Not only will this avoid unpleasant smell, this will also free you from cleaning obligations. However, if you already have one, just make sure that the trash inside is regularly emptied and the comfort room is kept spic and span.

Mark Your Words

Having a potential client come see your shop is an achievement. Hence, you must make the most of this opportunity to build and sustain a relationship with your client. Signs or plaque cards are the most direct ways to communicate. Sadly, these are the most taken-for-granted channels.

As Claude put it, your business sign should be lit even night so you get that extra exposure beyond business hours. In addition, Claude advises to avoid putting up signs that can possibly offend, harass or turn off such as political and racial statements.

As a Marketing and Local Advertising expert and author of the book The Unfair Advantage Small Business Advertising Manual, Claude understands how advertising can be best used as a business tool.

Remember, the success of advertising lies not on what you try to portray but being able to back up your claims with perceivable truths that will win the trust and hearts of your customers! :)

More than promises, make your advertisements an experience!


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