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“Some things can be perfectly expressed by sound alone and images would only be disturbing. Other times, sound would be possible, but visuals are much stronger and closer to what I want to express and then again, they sometimes overlap perfectly.”
~ Alva Noto

It’s a visual world and people respond to visuals. No matter how well crafted the print ad, how well written the brochure, there are still some things left unsaid by the written word. Sometimes, a live, 3-dimensional talking visual is what it takes for a potential customer to make a purchase. And with so many businesses being conducted over the web, videos as a promotional tool should be part of any business’ internet marketing.

Kent Simpson, a home-based businessman for 20 years now, has made use of this technique. He gives examples in his Internet Marketing – The Net Today article Using Video for Business Promotion.

The nature of the video can vary depending on the message you want to get across. Whatever it is, efficient marketing dictates that your video presents a value to your market – it should respond to the wants and wishes of potential customers. Here are the examples that Kent listed:

  • Testimonials
  • Product Demos
  • Case Studies
  • Product Critiques
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Webinars
  • Business
  • Enterprise Review

Why use “video-mercials”

Any normal business with a website can take advantage of today’s technology to grow their customer base, increase purchase frequency, solidify customer loyalty, and ultimately, grow the business.

1. It’s a visual world, and most of the time, emotions are evoked and actions are taken because of something that we saw and heard. A video about your product or service is an effective way to communicate
2. It’s quick & effective. If a picture says a thousand words, a video is a million. It’s an effective medium to communicate your message across in a very clear and straightforward manner. Instead of having to leaf through a brochure or sales letter, customers will be grateful that all they have to do is click and watch.
3. It’s a personal approach. With a video, your product or service or website is not just a name, but also a face and a voice that is tangible to them. Customers can relate to you more easily that to a mere website and the written word.
4. It hastens customer conversion. You can post a video that leads on to a link to your website, and customers who click on it can be identified as “hot” prospects. The next steps are up to you.
5. It’s a louder voice among the crowd. Your video gives you an edge to stand out among the competition. It’s a way to differentiate your business from the rest, with the look & feel that your video is designed.
6. It can boost your searchability in the search engines. The videos you upload in social video hosting sites can be tagged with key words appropriate to your business website. This then increases your search probabilities every time the key words are used in the search engines.

Internet marketing has countless benefits especially to the small business entrepreneur. With limited promo funds, creating and posting videos on the net is an economical and effective way to reach as many as your target market at a very fast rate. Take advantage of this and see how it helps grow your business. I’ll be happy to hear from you and the success stories you have as a result of your own “video-mercial.”

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