Finding Fulfillment Through Entrepreneurship

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When we were little, our teachers often asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up. Quite predictably, many of us raised our tiny hands and gave the standard responses: doctor, teacher, pilot, nurse, policeman and so on. If your class was anything like mine, anyone who answered “I want to be an entrepreneur!” would have been greeted by a lot of confused looks from our classmates because most of us didn’t even know what an entrepreneur is!

Some people today still don’t know what an entrepreneur does – or they simply brush entrepreneurship aside because they think it’s too unstable or risky to pursue as a career. But the fact remains that entrepreneurs are a very important part of our economy, as Julia Gentry, one of the pioneers of, argues in her Healthy Wealthy nWise article “Why Do We Need Entrepreneurs?

In this article, Julia presents some facts that prove the importance of entrepreneurs in society. She stresses that at the alarming rate that people are losing jobs, it’s essential that entrepreneurs keep coming up with new businesses to help these people find jobs and decrease the rate of unemployment in the country.

While society depends on entrepreneurs for growth and success, the companies and businesses that entrepreneurs start up can’t guarantee perpetual providence for people and their families. No one should feel financially secure just because they have a job. The economy is constantly changing, and businesses can go bust in the blink of an eye and leave its people with no income at all.

While the fluctuation of the economy is beyond our control, the career path we choose to take and develop is in our hands. No one will be a victim of financial distress caused by unemployment if we all take the time to learn how to be an entrepreneur.

Find What’s Missing
When you become an entrepreneur, you essentially get to be your own boss. But being the boss doesn’t mean freeing yourself from the dirty work. It actually means embracing all aspects of the business – that means everything from making the most difficult business decisions to motivating your people to keep up the good work. In a sense, you evolve from a mere contributor to an insider with deeper involvement in the business that determines the outcome of your and your people’s endeavors.

This sounds like a huge responsibility, doesn’t it? So why would you want that kind of burden on your shoulders? Is entrepreneurship worth all that hardship? The answer is a resounding yes. It’s through entrepreneurship that you can find the true essence of success, purpose and fulfillment. If you’re an employee who feels like there’s something missing in your life, then you may find that missing piece in the independence and success that you can achieve through entrepreneurship.

A lot of people say that when choosing a job, you should choose one that you love because you’re going to spend most of your life working on it. Business ownership may require you to shed a lot of blood and sweat, but none of it goes to waste because everything you do will help you achieve your dreams, and you’ll be helping your people earn a living too. What’s not to love about that? :)

Nothing is Impossible
Becoming an entrepreneur doesn’t only improve your character and sense of responsibility – it also grants you the opportunity to do the impossible, explore the unknown. It’s just like Julia says in her article: entrepreneurship allows you to take nothing and turn it into something. Entrepreneurs think of creative ideas, identify opportunities, take risks, and respond to the market’s needs. These are people who don’t just stop at conceptualization, but put their own ideas into action.

Most people hesitate to start up their own businesses simply because they don’t know how to. Reinaldo Lopez, an Internet Marketing Consultant, has unleashed a possible springboard for business rookies in his Small Business CEO Magazine article, “How to Capitalize on Your ‘Aha’ Moment”. Reinaldo enumerated a simple process on how to turn an idea into a business. The key points in his list include changing one’s mindset, avoiding distractions and hindrances, and taking massive action now. There’s no room for hesitation here; you have to be confident in your own abilities and start taking steps toward your life as an entrepreneur today. :)

Entrepreneurship cultivates not just self-fulfillment but also a continuous pursuit to get more value out of life. It liberates people from the mediocrity of normal employment, and prevents them from becoming too complacent about their careers. This is true not just for business owners, but for the customers they serve and the people who work for them as well. Customers will benefit from the improved products, while the people involved in the business will have the added benefit of learning many things that will help them become entrepreneurs themselves.

In essence, becoming an entrepreneur gives you the opportunity to make life better for yourself and the people around you. That opportunity is lying there, right in front of you, just waiting for you to grab it. All you have to do is get over your hesitations, adjust your mindset to focus on your goals, and start your career as an entrepreneur today. :)


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