Life Is What Happens When You Live More and Give More

Written on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 at 9:45 am by Liz
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When you make more money, you can do more with your life and share it with others as well – that’s basically the concept behind the Make More, Live More, Give More Blog.

Don’t get me wrong though, making a lot of money is nice but it’s not the end all and be all.  You will not lose yourself in the daily grind if you reward yourself for your hard work and you are able to realize fulfillment as you share your blessings with others.

That said I encourage you to check out the original post that explains the whole Live More & Give More concept at “Why we are here”.  Each month I’ll update you on what Ric and I do with our Live More & Give More Sales and hope you will join us in the practice.  It’s a LOT of fun <g>…

Live More: The $300 Birthday Dinner

Every month, Ric and I celebrate life and LIVE MORE.  We set aside a budget for it and use it to treat ourselves.  And since Ric’s birthday falls in September month, it gave us another reason to enjoy life.  His birthday is not simply a celebration of another year, but a reminder for us that we’ve gone this far, and we deserve all the good things life can offer. So we set aside some of our earnings and indulge.

That weekend, Ric’s sister, Kitty came over to party with the two boys while Ric and I went to Washington, DC to celebrate.  We decided to eat dinner at Restaurant 1789 in Georgetown, where they claim to have the best Rack of Lamb in the city.  And boy were they right!  It was a feast for the palate – absolutely amazing.  If you’re a foodie like we are, you’d enjoy the selection of dishes in their menu

1789 Restaurant Dinner Menu

Ric ordered the Beef Carpaccio for starters, and then the Geoduck (tasty but funky-looking clams) for his second course.  He chose the Roasted Monkfish as his main course, and had the Honey Fritters for dessert.

I started with the Pear Salad, which was wonderful, and then I got the Crispy Veal Sweetbreads that were just out of this world!  It was a good way to start my meal.  Of course, I asked for the scrumptious Rack of Lamb for my main course, which was served with roasted beets and greens on the side – a delectable combination.  If that won’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what else will.  To cap off the meal, I just ordered the Cheese Course since I have a major sugar intolerance.  But I did manage to grab a bite of Ric’s Honey Fritters and it was downright yummy.

Our dinner was truly unforgettable.  Our compliments to Chef Giusti who prepared the delectable dishes – its flavors and textures were simply sublime.  Many thanks also to our wait staff team that took good care of us and even made some phenomenal wine pairings with each course.

Since we were in DC that weekend, we didn’t miss the chance to visit the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and “My Diamond” as well (my maiden name is Hope, so I lay personal claim to the Hope Diamond <g>.)  And though it wasn’t part of our “LIVE MORE” budget, we splurged and stayed overnight at a beautiful suite in the Mayflower Hotel downtown.

Mayflower Hotel

Anyone can LIVE MORE. All you have to do is to regularly set aside the first sale from your business or the money from the first hour you work at your job – whatever works for you – just make it a certain amount so you use it to celebrate your abundance.

Give More: The $400 Big Give

The idea behind the GIVE MORE concept is to make a difference – now.  You can do so in your own way.  And Ric and I take the second sale we make each month and contribute to whatever cause we believe in.

This month we donated $200 to Run Tellman Run the man who is running on his bare feet across the U.S. to help raise funds for homeless kids.  Tellman is actually a good friend of ours.

RunTellmanRunTellmanRun_Feet 09.24.09

Photos by: Luke Q. Stafford.    Photo source:

Tellman’s run route began in Fort Lee, NY and he’s supposed to finish in Santa Monica, LA.  It seems crazy to run barefoot from east to west coast but it’s an effective way to raise awareness for the homeless youth, and maybe even raise the desired amount of $100,000,000 for them.

Yes, this looks like an unattainable goal but he believes that “If you don’t set yourself extremely ambitious goals, nothing great will ever be accomplished.”  With that guiding principle in mind, he began his journey on September 9, 2009 and is planning to accomplish his goal in just 99 days.  As of now, he’s somewhere in Elysburg, Pennsylvania.  If you want to track his progress, you can check it on his blog  You could also help support his cause by donating any amount online – even as little as five bucks would help.

Another way we tried to pay it forward is through Kiva.  Ric and I set aside $200 for Kiva, whose mission is “To connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.”  It is actually the first of its kind website that allows person-to-person micro lending.  How does it work?  Well, you can choose to be a lender in the site (like what Ric and I did) and then select the person you want to lend to – just browse through the various entrepreneurs’ profiles.  After choosing, you can go ahead and make a loan.  With that, you’ll get the satisfaction of helping someone gain economic independence and improving his life as well.

Did I mention that Kiva has profiles of entrepreneurs around the globe?  So while you let your fingers do the typing, you could instantly help someone from the other side of the world.  Ric and I chose to give loans to two entrepreneurs from the Philippines – one is into livestock and the other is into farming.  We’re kind of new to this online loaning too but Kiva has this tool where you can track the progress of the loan status.  If you want to be a lender like us, you can sign up with Kiva.  It’s so easy.  Just visit the site and click on the “Lend” button.

Now you have a couple of ideas on how you could give back too. Go ahead and make a difference.

Leave a comment below and let us know how YOU are going to LIVE MORE and GIVE MORE…

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