Drawing Up your Internet Marketing Battle Plan

Written on Thursday, October 20th, 2011 at 6:08 am by Adaire
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I take my hat off to people who claim they’ve managed to succeed in marketing their business by going with their sheer gut instinct. I bet, though, that they still had to steer that instinct into writing a business plan. I’m all for spontaneity and following your vibes, however you want to call it. But when money is involved, you can’t simply conduct your business without concretizing something on paper, virtual or otherwise.

Every serious business, regardless of its size, needs a plan. Writing a business plan is similar to a general laying out his strategy to win a battle. He tells his troops not just what to do and how they’re going to do it, but also what to anticipate. And yes, in case you’re wondering, I do think that marketing your business online is a battle in itself. You’ve got countless people fighting for the top spot, it’s like World War III being carried out in the search engines. :) The last remark may sound like a joke, but it has a kernel of truth to it.
Okay, so now you know you need a plan if you want to both survive and succeed. That’s great. Now you may be stumped at this point. The thought of hiring a third party to map out an Internet marketing plan for you might even cross your mind. Before you dive headlong into that direction, allow me to raise a few more points.

In the Internet Marketing TNT article “Discover Your Very Own Internet Marketing Success Map,” online business owner Mike Purvis, in an interview with Tammy Lawman, urges us to be wary of Internet marketing programs that offer solutions that will have you spending more before you even realize a profit. Think of them as cookie-cutter plans that marketing companies sell to online entrepreneurs. All clients get the same solutions package. They’re like the party favors every child gets. As a kid, I didn’t like all the contents of the favors. Obviously, the parent who put them together wasn’t thinking of me or any guest in particular. :) They just slapped together stuff they think the average kid likes.

Going back to the discussion of marketing solutions, no, you don’t want to be treated as an average client. You’re shelling out good money for the best Internet marketing plan possible, so you deserve something more than a general solution. You need something specifically designed for you. As Mike Purvis puts it, you need “a program designed to give you the entire puzzle with each piece numbered and ready to assemble.” Good marketing plans take the guessing game out of the equation and respond to your specific needs.

It helps to know your own marketing needs, but essentially every online businessperson needs to consider the following when formulating his battle plan:

Invest in your domain, hosting service and auto-responder. Sundeep Vaish, in his article “Internet Marketing Business Plan”, also from Internet Marketing TNT, recommends having them if you’re building a serious business. The auto-responder is essential for handling correspondences between your company and customers. It also automatically builds your customer list for you as it confirms subscriptions and other customer activities.

Get visitors to leave their contact details. You can use an “ethical bribe” to achieve this, as suggested by Sundeep Vaish. In exchange for their details, you could offer either a digital or physical product.

Have a high converting sales letter. Your copy should clearly define your offer and what it can do for your customer. Follow up with your list to make sure your customers heard you for the first time. It doesn’t hurt to remind them of what they might have missed. :)

Generate traffic. “Traffic is the very foundation of it all,” says Toby Russell in another article from Internet Marketing TNT, “Learn How to Start Your Internet Marketing Business With These Top Traffic Generation Tips”. Why? No traffic equals no customers equals no sales. So make traffic a priority and work on becoming known.

Getting more people from your target market to discover your website via search engines can be done in a variety of ways: search engine marketing, Pay-Per-Click, banners, and social media marketing, to name a few. Make sure you use the correct keywords for the copy you send out into cyberspace. Otherwise, your ads and web copy will just go to waste.

Get all your great ideas on paper when you draft your Internet marketing battle plan with your team. As your goals and processes become clearer and easier to define, edit and refine the plan until you come up with one that really meets your business’ marketing needs.


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