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Written on Thursday, January 26th, 2012 at 9:06 am by Adaire
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I still remember the first time I decided to start my own online business. My goodness! I really had no idea where to begin. I felt like a fresh college graduate on my first day of work. But I knew that there were a lot of opportunities online, and that I wanted to start my own business.

There were so many acronyms and terms used in online businesses that I couldn’t understand. It was actually quite overwhelming, but I just decided to stick with it since I had nothing to lose anyway. Even then, I knew that it was important for me to learn ways to overcome adversity and to find new ways to generate income.

So, even if I was struggling, I persevered. I did my homework. I visited instructional sites, I joined forums, and I even searched the Internet for online business articles that I could read! It took me some time to learn the tricks of the trade. I was not the most technologically aware lady, but what I lacked in natural ability, I made up for with determination.

These days, articles regarding the topic can be found all over the internet. There are even more resources now than there were before! Just a few days ago there was an article I read at Internet Marketing TNT written by Make Money Online entitled, “Online Business Ideas – 3 Ways To Finally Make A Full-Time Online Income In Part-Time Hours.”

In that article, I learned that:

  • It is better to sell someone something over and over again, rather than always finding new clients to sell to. The ideal situation is to find clients who would pay you every month. Consistent income, even if it’s just for a small amount, is better than inconsistent large incomes.
  • There is a big difference between generating small income from lots of sources and generating big income from few sources, and there are different approaches for each.
  • A person looking to make money online should not start from scratch. There are many people who have built online businesses and are just looking for people to sell it to or help them build it up even further.

The article was very inspiring because it constantly reminded me that there are many opportunities out there for everyone. It’s comforting to think that even in these times there are ways to find profitable work. So, don’t be discouraged. The information you need to reach new heights in your career may be right under your nose. You just have to type the right keywords.

I know you are having doubts right now. I had my doubts before too. You are probably asking yourself, “Can I really make a profit online with the little online knowledge I have?” Fortunately, there are articles online that show us how this can be done!

A few days ago I found an article also from Internet Marketing TNT which talks about a key aspect in making a profit online. The title of the article was “The perfect online business model?” In that article, Ryan Lee talks about how building a good business model can boost your online profits!

According to Ryan, running a membership site is one of the best business models to make money online because:

  • Membership sites have minimal startup costs, no inventory, no employees, and have a steady income.
  • Membership sites are less of a risk than other online business models.
  • Membership sites can provide multiple streams of income that could include backend offers, affiliate reviews, seminars and many more!

I know that many of you are as intimidated and overwhelmed as I was when I started out. Don’t be afraid. Just do your best and I know that you can be successful too. Trust me. It’s not as hard as it looks. If I can start from scratch and grow to understand these crazy, techie systems, so can you! It’s not rocket science. All it takes is a little faith in your own abilities. Take that leap of faith and start your own online business now. :)


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