Celebrate Life this Thanksgiving

Written on Thursday, November 26th, 2009 at 7:49 am by Liz
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It’s Thanksgiving once again, and as in every day of our lives, Ric and I have a lot to be thankful for. We have been going through life’s ups and downs with each other for 17 years (and definitely still counting! <g>) and are blessed with two active and wonderful boys, Chandler and Stefan. We live in a beautiful home, run our own thriving businesses, enjoy the time we get to spend with our growing sons and basically, live the way we want to, how we want to.

Furthermore, our businesses (New Order of Business School, Small Business CEO Magazine, Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine) are doing very well as they continue to reach countless people through the Web and spread tips, stories and inspirations on success, family, health and fitness, business, management and marketing, among other things.

Celebrate life

The celebration of one’s life doesn’t have to be too grand or elaborate, though it wouldn’t hurt if it is <g>.

You just have to take the time to enjoy life’s moments like eating in your favorite restaurants, like Ric and I do as much as we can; try something new and have not even considered doing before, like bungee jumping or sky diving; travel the world and see all those exotic places where few people have been; or just relax at home, away from your work and worries, and spend quality time with your children.

I mean, the reason we work hard all year round is to have these precious moments with our families right? When we don’t have to worry about anything but how we’re going to stop from having so much fun. Because of how we chose to live life and having the financial freedom we now enjoy, we are thankful that we have a lot of these moments as a family. We work every day with the people that we love and we get to be hands on as we see our sons grow up.

Go beyond feeling thankful

The holiday music playing in the malls and ever increasing chill in the air gave us clues that the holiday season is indeed upon us, but nothing drives the truth home more than Thanksgiving. Because after that, we know that Christmas is just around the corner.

It is usually around this season that we start to reflect on the year we’ve had. The successes and failures we experienced, the people we encountered, the things we are thankful for and yes, even things we might regret. These days however, feeling thankful is not enough.

With the recession that’s been plaguing us (as well as millions of people around the world), many are suffering. This year, a lot of businesses—big and small—closed down, the unemployment rate rose at an all-time high and many are just hoping to get relief from a few helping hands. This is where our give more philosophy comes in.

It is not enough that we are continually surviving and making more with our businesses (certainly one of the things we’re thankful for <g>), or that we get to live more with our family because of it. What’s important for us to realize is that we have the capacity to give more, pay it forward so to speak.

There are a lot of ways to choose from

I’ve recently written about these, but let me refresh your memories. My husband and I have a friend, Tellman Knudson, who runs barefoot across the U.S. to raise money for homeless youth. We are great supporters and believers of his cause and have donated money via his website, Run Tellman Run.

We are also active members of Kiva, the first micro-lending website of its kind, where we lend a small amount of money to help small-business entrepreneurs around the world. From this site, we know that we are helping real people jumpstart their lives. We are lucky enough to have made a difference in three peoples’ lives so far: Vincent Cadiz, a hog farmer in the Philippines; Miguel Ángel Miranda Vásquez, a taxi owner and driver in El Salvador; and Noli Montadas, a farmer in the Philippines. View their profiles here.

Now, these are just some of the ways that we are able to give back and share whatever blessing we have with people. There are plenty of other means out there to choose from. If you feel you are ready, you just have to look for the right avenue that you can trust and are comfortable with.

It’s not just about money

Remember, every bit of help you give (it doesn’t always have to be monetary <g>) goes a long way. Whether it’s a few dollars to jumpstart someone’s small business, a few promotions or shout outs to help raise money for a cause or a few inspirational words to help someone achieve personal growth and learn “The Secret” to start their own business, it all matters and it all makes a difference.

There is no measure on how big or small you should help out, or a salary-to-means ratio that tells you how much you should donate. The important thing is setting one’s goal to help and seeing that goal to fruition. So, while you reflect on things you should be thankful for this Thanksgiving, don’t forget to celebrate your life and help others celebrate theirs too.

Do you have suggestions on how else we could celebrate life? Or, maybe you want to share what you are most thankful for this year. Let me know by posting a comment here.

Until next time!

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