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Think of the person you trust the most.  Can you measure how much you trust that someone?  If you think that you can’t measure it or if you believe that trust is something you either have or don’t, then think again.  Although trust itself is intangible, it is definitely real and measurable as well.  That’s the realization I got from the NOBS TALK of Stephen MR Covey on The One Thing That Changes Everything.  If his name sounds familiar, it must be because he’s the former CEO of the Covey Leadership Center and he’s the author of “The Speed of Trust,” which discusses the importance of trust and how to become good at extending it.


You might think that trust is just another nice, soft social virtue, but there’s more to it than that.  It’s essential to have it in any type of relationship and I’m not just referring to the romantic kind.  You can actually use trust as a hard-edged economic driver for your business.  How?  When you show your staff or team that you trust them, they’ll most likely reciprocate it and you’ll have more productivity in your business.  According to Stephen, when the trust is high, the speed goes up and the cost comes down.  There’s a positive effect of having high trust in a workplace – it boosts output and efficiency.

The Ultimate Illustration of The Speed of Trust

Trust is something that you must not assume.  You ought to deliberately focus on having trust in your relationships and be good at actually building it.  You’ll really get huge benefits if you have high trust in all your money making ventures.  Think about it – will you recommend a product or service to someone if you don’t trust in it yourself?  Or what if it’s the other way around, will someone recommend your products or services if they don’t trust you?  The truth is, it’s not just about being a nice person, you also have to be able to deliver.  I’m pretty sure you won’t vouch for someone you don’t trust.  That’s one of Stephen’s points – networking is the ultimate illustration of The Speed of Trust in action.  You’ll get more referrals for your products or services if people believe in them.  The secret is to develop that bond of trust.

You can’t expect to have a high trust with others immediately.  You really have to work on it.  How?  By doing something about your credibility and behavior – the two elements that are very important in trust.  Working on these elements means working on your personal growth as well.  Make sure that you establish a reputation of believability and credibility that flows from your character and competence.  You also have to behave in ways that will help you build trust.

Common Behaviors in High-Trust People

Stephen mentioned that there are 13 particular behaviors that can make it easier to build trust.  You need to be aware of this because trust is the ultimate advantage and you need it especially during these challenging times.  You must make it one of your goals and objectives to create trust between you and your people.  Here’s how.

  1. Talk Straight – Be certain that whatever comes out of your mouth is the truth.
  2. Demonstrate Respect – Give respect to everyone, whether it is a low-level person in terms of pay grade, or a higher up.
  3. Create Transparency – As much as possible, always declare your intent and have no hidden agendas.
  4. Clarify Expectations – Make sure that you are on the same page as the other person.  You must have the same interpretation, understanding or expectation about what you’re both trying to do.
  5. Practice Accountability – Hold yourself accountable first and take responsibility always.  This will especially inspire confidence among your peers or personnel.
  6. Listen First – Don’t just listen with the intent to reply, instead listen with the intent to understand.
  7. Keep Commitments – You really have to do what you say.  This is the fastest way to grow trust in any relationship.

If you want to find out what the other behaviors are and you wish to learn more about Stephen’s success secrets, you can either purchase his book or visit his website.  You can also download his FREE audio here.

Do you have other ideas on how to develop trust?  Please share your insights on the comments section below.  Or if you want to learn more about self-improvement, you can visit the Resources page for more information.

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