Looking Back and Moving Forward

Written on Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 at 11:47 am by Adaire
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With Christmas finished, the New Year is not too far ahead. In fact, it’s going to be 2010 in a matter of days! Oh dear, time does fly doesn’t it? :) As what happens to some, if not most, people, the New Year is when we look back at the year that was. We reminisce about the triumphs, the losses, the remarkable events that we will continue to celebrate and even the tragic ones we wish to move forward from. As a people, we just can’t help it, can we? There just seems to be a sense of closure or finality about one year ending and a promise of a fresh start at the beginning of another.

Rise Up

This past 2009 has been a hard year for a lot of families, not only in the States but around the world too. With the heightened recession, many people lost their jobs, homes, income and livelihood. As the stock market, real estate and other affected industries plummeted and gradually lost their fights with the dwindling economy, they took with them the confidence and hope of many.

I recently came across an article by Stephen Ruppenthal in my friends Liz and Ric’s HealthyWealthynWise magazine, entitled The Great Decline: How to Change Loss into Gain. In it he sums up the feelings and fears that have been running through the minds and hearts of most people this year, as well as what we could do to avoid going deeper into the abyss.

If there’s one thing I learned in my 32 years of living on this wonderful planet, it’s that things and events come and go – yes, even trials and hardships. :) Nothing remains constant. Like a wheel, our lives revolve and we all go through our own ups and downs. After all, how uneventful our lives would be if we just stayed on top all the time. :)

I’ve also learned that in order to better appreciate the triumphs, we have to go through the trials as well. It’s these obstacles that teach us all the lessons we need in life – even though we may not rightly see them at the time. Pains and troubles do tend to shut our eyes and hearts down sometimes. :)

I agree with the Stephen’s sentiments in his article. It doesn’t help us one bit if we bury our heads in the sand and wait for the worst to be over. We’re just wasting precious time and opportunities to learn. It’s better when we stand up straight, take the blows that life brings us, accept the pain and experience everything – all while looking forward. We could change our mantra into something more uplifting, think of more positive times with our families, appreciate the special little moments, be more open to all types of experiences we’re facing (good and bad) and accept our weaknesses. These are easier said than done, I know. :) But they guarantee that we’ll all be stronger after.

Don’t be afraid of the emotions and the doubts that will plague you. They are meant to toughen us and help us define who we are in face of trials. It builds our character and introduces us to different parts of ourselves we may never have tapped before. Always remember that nothing can keep us down if we don’t let it. There is inner strength and power in each of us. We just have to be brave and reach in deep for them.

Be Prepared

One of the reasons we are so afraid to face the future is fear of being stumped. Yes, I said stumped. :) When are we left speechless and frozen? It’s when we are not prepared. When we don’t know what to do or what to say, or we know we have a lot of unfinished business we have to attend to, we are in a constant state of fear and uncertainty. Well, that simply won’t do. Can you imagine spending your days always looking over your shoulder? I know, I can’t. :) I’d rather keep looking ahead towards all the wonderful experiences of life.

What’s my secret? Well, it was my friends’ – Ric and Liz – solution. See, they’ve been following the Mayan Calendar for some time now. And since the calendar ends – on December 21, 2012 – a LOT of people have been making big waves about it saying it means everything from a spiritual awakening of mankind to the end of the world and everything in between. To add salt to that surprise, it may even end sooner – on October 28, 2011! But, that’s only a little more than a year away, you say. Why, yes it is. That got your attention and your heart racing a bit didn’t it? :)

Before you collapse and have a heart attack, Liz and Ric have a solution for us. They have researched, interviewed experts, and compiled all these information into a CD. It contains all we need to know about 2012 and how we could live freely without fear before it arrives. It’s called The Top Ten Answers You Need To Know About 2012.

Isn’t it exciting and empowering? We can actually breathe easier, because we have plenty of time and a chance to take control and prepare ourselves for it, instead of living in constant fear and panic.

You know what’s even better? They’re giving it away for FREE! You may ask, why are they doing it? Well, it’s not only because they’re so kind and into giving more. :) They are also just sick and tired of all the misinformation floating around out there. If people are going to learn about 2012 now, they might as well learn properly with all the right information from experts who have been studying this calendar and phenomenon for a long time.

As I’ve mentioned above, it’s always better when we face reality and accept whatever life brings us. Even better than that is being prepared, providing ourselves with all the right tools and digging deep into our beings to tap into our inner strengths and power. So, if you’re ready and willing to change your life, achieve financial success and be prepared for the coming 2012, go to this link and order your free CD now. Better hurry up, because they’re fast running out!

How has this year been for you? How did you handle the trials and hardships that plagued you, if any? Are you ready for the fast-approaching 2012? Share your experiences and thoughts and write your comments below.

Here’s to a fresh start for all of us!

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