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It’s New Year once again and if there’s something we love doing at the start of each year it’s making a list of resolutions we could accomplish – or try to, at least :) – within the coming year. I’ve made and kept a lot of those resolutions – lose the holiday weight, add new twists to my exercise regimens, write more about things I love, and the like – but I’ve also let go of a few. It’s not that I couldn’t do them per se, it was probably because some of them were just so vague and immeasurable that they tend to get forgotten or put aside for a time. :) Below are a few things we could keep in mind when writing our resolutions for the year ahead.   

Don’t be a victim

With the year we’ve had as a country and as a people, it’s very easy to point the finger towards others for whatever mishaps or failures we experienced. Somehow it’s easier for us to deflect the blame and think that we had no doing whatsoever with whatever fate our businesses or our lives have had. Now, that’s a little convenient and immature isn’t it? :)

I believe Janice Dorn enunciated it well in her HealthyWealthynWise article entitled The Three Most Powerful Words. She discussed the mentality that some people adapt in face of failure and hardship – taking the role of victim to distance ourselves from being the cause of the fall. Personally, I think taking this easy way out is a form of cheating and frankly, a little cowardly, yeah? :)

Be responsible for your life. Whatever road you choose to take, whatever resolutions you choose to keep or let go, whether you would be honest with yourself about your accomplishments or not, however you treat your loved ones and other people – it’s all up to you. As an adult, you are completely capable of making all of these decisions for yourself. If you win and achieve things, the glory is all yours. If you fail at things or lose then, the responsibility is all yours as well. I know it’s disheartening and a little discouraging, but let’s face it, it is all part of being a grown up. :)

Now that you are responsible for you, you’ll surely make a conscious effort to do better at fulfilling those resolutions and whatever things you choose to do in life.

Be realistic

To avoid being overwhelmed by your resolutions, why not try making them more specific? Instead of saying you want to lose weight, specify how much weight and how. Instead of trying to do ten resolutions all at the same time, why not take them one at a time? Thus, giving you a better chance to focus on each.

Don’t be afraid to fall midway. You can always get up and try again if you fall on the first try. Do things at your own pace and don’t compete with anyone. This way, you won’t feel pressured at all. You may even end up having the time of your life. After all, we’ve already established that you are responsible for you and they are your resolutions to make, break or accomplish. :)
Enjoy the climb

In her HealthyWealthynWise article, Goal Setting: Ten Lessons I Learned While Climbing to the Top, Jill Koenig stated ten tips on how to go about accomplishing your goals. They could be applied to everything, from our more general goals in life to the specific resolutions we’ll have for next year.

When we set out towards a goal – whether it’s financial success, starting our own business, giving a little more each day, spending more quality time with our loved ones, or simply finishing one of those forgotten books a month – we must be prepared to go for them on our own. The farther and higher we go, the people who started the journey with us may start thinning out and this leaves room for a little fear to enter our systems. However, if we look at our goal and think to approach it as we do the other things in our lives, then we would be encouraged to do better and try harder. Once we set about accomplishing our goal, we can’t let whatever’s left of our fear stop us. We just need to start and go forward with our resolution. Whenever we feel like giving up, we could always tap into our inner courage and suck it up to move along.  :) Sometimes, something mysterious happens. The more we are nearer to reaching our goal, we tend to get more fearful and feel the need to retreat. Well, I say you could avoid that niggling fear and forge ahead.

In every triumph you experience, don’t forget to take a step back to appreciate the journey you’ve had and celebrate the victory – no matter how big or small it is. Don’t worry, things get easier the longer you do something and keep at it. When you know that you’ve accomplished your goal, then it’s a pretty nice feeling to have.

Of course, once you’re successful with one goal, you’ll have to start again with another. Don’t be afraid of going through the whole thing again. Savor each unique experience and take all the lessons you could get. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that there’s no better teacher than life itself, and the only things more important than reaching your goal are enjoying the journey towards it and how we go about accomplishing it. These are clichés I know, but they are true nonetheless. :)

How did you do with your resolutions this past year? Have you started making your New Year’s resolutions for next year? Do you have other tips and strategies on how to successfully fulfil all of them? Let us know. Write your comments below.
Happy New Year everyone!

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