The Gift of Sharing – Part 1 of 2

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I’ve always believed and been an advocate of sharing. It’s nice when you get to infect others with your good mood, brighten their days with a smile or inspire them with a good story. With that, I would like to share a few links that I recommend for you to read. These articles have inspired, helped and touched me. I hope you too will take as much from them as I have.

Since there are many, I’ve decided to divide this post into two parts. This first part focuses on goal setting this 2010. Without further ado, here you go!

Ready, Set Goals!

It’s early days yet for 2010 and it’s not too late to draft those resolutions you’ve been pondering since late last year. (Admit it, you’ve been mulling over these thoughts and goals and going back and forth if you should go through with them or not. :) ) I say, go for it (or them :) )! To help you finish your list of resolutions and for tips on how to actually keep them until the end of the year or until they’re considered a success (whichever comes first :) ), here are a few links (in no particular order) that helped me figure out and narrow down mine.

1. Five Tips for Planning Effective New Year’s Resolutions

Every good New Year’s resolution has to answer a few basic questions. Does it make me happy? Would it bring about change in me? What approach works best for me? Gretchen Rubin’s tips help answer these and a few more questions to help us draft our resolutions for the year.

2. 7 Steps For Making a New Year’s Resolution and Keeping It

The reason we often end up having unfulfilled resolutions by the end (or even middle! :) ) of the year is that we tend to take on more than we could handle. Approaching them one at a time, planning ahead and anticipating obstacles, preventing ourselves from being pressured to start right away and just going for it and looking forward to a something good at the other side are just some measures we could take to help us make and declare our resolutions successful.

3. Tips for Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

This New Year, plenty of people have resolutions on their minds. Often, we get pressured because we feel that we are alone in the process of fulfilling them. Contrary to popular belief, other people are actually involved. We need the support of those around us, the ability to sift through the rubble and take them on a day at a time, keep track of our progress, reward ourselves when deemed appropriate and keep in mind that we actually set these resolutions for our own sake. :)

4. “We Always Get Dirty Again, To Be Sure…”

To relieve the pressure from ourselves at the start of the year, we must remember that there are such things as partial good resolutions. We don’t always have to make our resolutions stick forever. We should also be willing to get a little dirty and experience some sort of decline once in a while, so we could go back and clean ourselves up again. This way, we are reminded of that which we have to do and try to achieve more and best ourselves each time we do it. What it all comes down to is the principle of it all.

5. Consistency vs Intensity

Excitement often gets the best of us. Due to this, we tend to burn ourselves out with the intensity we apply at the start of whatever process we have. At the end, it doesn’t even surprise us if we let our resolutions go by the wayside. But that just won’t do! J What we should aim for when setting our New Year’s resolutions is consistency. We have to focus more on longevity rather than power. It pays to be more careful sometimes, to make sure that we accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves.

6. No Resolutions in 2010 Just Vision & Goals into Reality

Here’s another good idea we could try – let’s not make resolutions for this 2010. Instead, we should set goals for ourselves. Somehow, it’s easier to take control and visualize ourselves accomplishing these goals when they are more tangible. In line with this, we should never underestimate the role our minds play in the process. It is true that when we visualize something, then so it will be. We just have to work hard and have faith that we can do it.

7. How to Make the Most of the Fresh Start of a New Year

Fresh starts bring with them hope and renewal. This New Year, resolutions or not, we could always make an effort to start anew. But in order to appreciate our fresh start, we should let go of our past baggage, decide what’s important to us today and avoid distractions that would veer us away from being happy. It’s also important to remember that we could start anew not only at the start of the year but at any time or day we choose to make a change in our lives.

Did the links above help you with your resolutions? Do you have other links or thoughts concerning goal setting that you would like to share? Let us know through the comments section below.

Watch out for part 2 of this blog post!

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    Thank you very much.
    Please, Continue!

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