The Gift of Sharing – Part 2 of 2

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Welcome to the second part of this post, where I share a few links that I recommend for you to read. As mentioned in my previous post , I have chosen to share these articles with you since they have inspired, helped and touched me. Since I’ve always liked to share and (as much as I can) inspire others, I’m providing you with these links that I hope would make you think and reflect on your own lives as they have mine.

The first post focused on goal setting this 2010. This second part, on the other hand, will focus on self improvement. Moving on (before I digress :) ), presenting the second half of my recommended links!

A New You for the New Year

With each New Year, we aim to let go of the negative habits and elements from our past. (Thus, the invention of New Year’s resolutions. :) )We look forward to making a fresh start and improving ourselves in hope for a better, more colorful future. To start you off, here are a few articles (in no particular order) on self improvement that have inspired me and offered different perspectives on how to approach my life.

  1. Gratitude is a choice for Happiness

One way to be happy is to be content, and one way to be content is to recognize the talents and gifts that we currently have in our lives and be thankful for all of them. If we focus less on complaining and more on feeling grateful for whatever we have in our lives and appreciating everything and everyone in it, we cease wanting for more. Not to say that aiming to achieve more and becoming successful are bad. In fact, appreciating each step of the journey makes it more worthwhile.

2. Could Blame Be Holding You Back & Limiting Your Happiness?

Everything we think, say and do starts and ends with us. Only we could decide how we’re going to react towards someone, something or a situation. Learning to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions are important keys to our happiness, so too is our refusal to give in to blame.

3. How to Want Very Little

In a world where every conceivable technology pops up and gets invented seemingly every day, and where every possible convenience to humans (and even animals and pets! :) ) are provided, it’s very hard to step away from wanting to possess a lot of these things. If and when we decide to take ourselves away from such temptations, aiming to have little seems easy. But it all starts with wanting little, and there are a number of ways to ensure that it becomes true for you.

4. Giving is Good for Your Health

Happiness brings with it a lot of greatness. Giving part of yourself to help others contributes a great deal to this wonderful feeling. It may not always be easy, but doing it one day at a time and even a little at a time goes a long way. It has also been documented that giving and the happiness it brings a person does a lot in easing pain and suffering, both of the giver and the receiver. Whether spiritually, emotionally, mentally or physically, it certainly does wonders to one’s life and health.    

5. The Three Most Powerful Words

Nowadays, the media has a tendency to blow things out of proportion. Heroes are celebrated and welcomed and victims are, more often than not, glorified. Because we see it so often, we are led to think that it’s okay to accept the role of “victim.” However, as we all know, it isn’t. Accepting responsibility for ourselves brings with it freedom – to choose where we’ll go and what we’ll do. With this, we’ll have more chances to live more and be happy for being the driver of own lives, and actually being present in all the important decisions we have to make.

6. Some Muttering on Mattering

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. The best success and things in life are those that we’ve worked hard for. Both these thoughts require from us at least one thing and that is effort. The same concept applies to our lives, whether personal or professional. If we want to matter to something or someone, we have to make an effort to show them that and treat them like they too matter to us.

7. What’s On Your Good Habits List?

Many people say that habits are hard to break, especially the bad ones. They worm their way in to our lives and wedge themselves in it so tightly that we sometimes find ourselves doing them unconsciously. Once we realize that we’re still doing them, we end up being stumped! :) This new year is a chance for all of us to let go of our bad habits and try to move them out with good ones. It’s never too late to adapt a good habit, listing them down and doing them one at a time could help cancel out the bad.

Are you ready to launch the new you? Do you have links or thoughts to share on self improvement? Tell us by posting a comment below.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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