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Written on Tuesday, January 26th, 2010 at 8:45 pm by Liz
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Marketing is one of the most important aspects to consider when starting your own business – big or small. You have to know how and where to reach your target market, and yes, you also need to be creative and smart about it. <g>

Every successful entrepreneur has his own strategy and preferred starting point. Some take the traditional route and put out ads in newspapers, television, radio and billboards, while others try a different marketing track and distribute products online or use promotional materials such as shirts, caps, pens and the like. Keep in mind though, that these marketing strategies can sometimes become tricky. Depending on how your audience responds, they could either put your name and product on the map or spell trouble for your starting business. Of course, no one wants to ever experience the latter. <g>

Taking the road less travelled

Two featured articles on the Small Business CEO magazine explore marketing small businesses with non-traditional methods. The first is Owen Stevens’ Weird & Wacky – Making Your Marketing Stand Out and the other is Dana Udwin’s Small Business Marketing Strategy & Ideas.

Both of these articles expound on the idea of taking different routes in promoting your business. Some small business entrepreneurs may find it weird or may even lose nerve considering such a thing – since they most probably have a very limited budget for marketing and every bone in their bodies would urge them to go the safe, proven and well-travelled path. But hey, if you were brave enough to go into business for yourself, you might as well be brave (or wild and crazy, if you will <g>) enough to do whatever it takes to set yourself apart from your competition.

When my husband Ric and I started our own online marketing business, we definitely explored the road less travelled. Not only did we have non-traditional products that we chose to market differently through the Internet with online seminars, online product distribution, network marketing and the like – ways and tactics still fairly new at the time – we also weren’t sure if we would make it or not. With plenty of learning curves, perseverance, pep talks (sometimes referred to as browbeating <g>) and of course, faith in our products and in each other, we achieved success that now allows us to enjoy financial freedom. Here I go digressing again. <g>

Don’t be afraid to go the wacky way

Owen listed a few tips on how to make your marketing stand out, and these are points that I agree to. As I’ve mentioned above, you have to know who your target market is to find out where and how you should reach them. When you’ve already started, then you have to wait and see if your efforts actually had any impact on your consumers.

As with any business, you should also make sure that you are answering a unique market need and not just lining up with the business clones out there. The same goes with marketing your product. You should make sure that you are not using the same methods that your competitors are using. Don’t be wary of using slightly different or wacky methods. Go out and interact with your audience. Try various means of communication and explore creative gimmicks to add an edge to your marketing.

Of course, when you’ve planted the seed, don’t forget to follow up your efforts. What’s the use of meeting all these potential clients or consumers at all those seminars and conventions if you wouldn’t contact them afterward. <g> Making an effort to follow up with them would let them know that you are really interested in helping them out, instead of just waiting around for them to come to you.

If you, however, discover that your current line of marketing is not working. Don’t be afraid to let it go in favor of a new strategy. Marketing efforts that don’t work out are not failures. Even scientists experience a lot of explosions in their labs before hitting that “Eureka!” moment. <g> It just means you need to be more creative and find the more effective way for you to market your product.

Promo materials may be the route for you

Dana discussed the use of promo materials to make a product viral. With the revolution of Internet marketing and with plenty of available avenues for advertising nowadays, taking the more traditional approach can create a more lasting impact on your audience. It may sound boring or tacky since plenty of businesses have already explored this strategy, but you could always make it your own. Who knows? You could even set a trend and make the old new again. <g>
As an entrepreneur, I’m sure you’re prone to taking on risks and challenges. Thus, you can choose to take this approach as one. Given that a lot of promo products have already been used by countless businesses out there, you could tap your creative self and come up with a unique and remarkable material. Being tangible and portable, a unique promo material that surprises your audience (in a good way of course <g>) could become pretty effective and profitable for you. Imagine, when your customers’ friends, family and colleagues see your promo product and are equally affected by it, then you’re already viral.

Establish your identity

Whatever approach you choose to take in marketing your business or product – whether you choose to walk the wacky way or take the traditional approach and make it new again – you should always make it a point to establish your identity.

Make yourself and your product known to ensure that your audience knows who you are and can pick you out of a line up, so to speak. <g> When they know you and trust you, they’ll surely become repeat customers – which would then lead to profit and money-making success for you.

Have you explored wacky ideas and tactics in marketing your business? Have you used promo materials in the past? How did one or both strategies work out for you? Share your experiences with us. Post a comment below.

Until next time!

2 Responses to “Walking the Wacky Way”

  1. Liz says:

    Hi Dana,

    I’m glad you enjoyed this post, and I referenced you for good reason. You shared some great ideas about building word of mouth using promo materials that I simply had to share on the blog.

    Of course, we all stumble at one point or another, so the quote you mentioned is something I always keep in mind too. All the botched experiments we go through give us invaluable lessons that ultimately lead us to success.

    I’m looking forward hearing more from you in the future, and I hope all is well with you.


  2. Dana says:

    Hi Liz,
    I came across your blog and am so flattered that you referenced one of my articles. Your statement that “Marketing efforts that don’t work out are not failures…” is certainly one to live by, and you made so many other great points throughout this post. I enjoyed reading and look forward to visiting your site often to read more. Congratulations on your success and thank you again for the mention!

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