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Okay, since it’s January, all of the “New Year” stuff has been on everyone’s mind lately, including mine. How can we help it, when we all seem excited about this year? This 2010, most people are more than willing to see the back of 2009 that kept us all on our toes – not out of excitement, but mostly out of fear and worry due to the dwindling economy, companies closing down, downsizing stories left and right and the destructive natural disasters that plagued several countries worldwide.

The year brings with it a lot of hope – a better economy, more jobs for people and plenty of chances for recovery. If people around the world will adapt more positive attitudes, put into action long-forgotten plans, work harder towards rebuilding what was lost and attract more optimistic energies, then we will definitely find ourselves in a good place at the year’s start. That’s not really asking for too much is it? :)

No time like the present

If you’ve been longing and planning to start your own business for a while now but got waylaid by the bad economy last year, then it’s probably time to bring out those blueprints from the back burner and work towards starting your money-making dream again. With the slowly recovering economy, fresh starts are bound to be necessary, welcomed even. When business owners regain their confidence and new business ventures enter the arena, more income will flow into the industry and help the economy recover even more.   

Let the words and business coaching of Joanne Black in her Small Business CEO magazine article, Close More Sales: 3 Ways to Get In, Get Started and Make More Money Now—No Matter the Economy, inspire your plans in realizing your business dream. I believe her go-getter attitude and tips are great. They aren’t applicable only to times of recovery but to any economic condition as well. Now that’s another ray to add to your sunshine! :)

According to Joanne, you can enter the business world and close deals when you follow these three tips, “Recommend New Approaches, Create Metrics, Negotiate or Walk.”

For you to get into the circle, get to know your clients and gain their trust, you should be more creative and try new twists to your business deals. It’s always better to go for the smart, well-planned and perhaps a little unique but exciting (may also be known to others as untested :) ) way, rather than spend much on the usual, widely used and maybe even a used-up approach.

One good approach could be putting together metrics with your clients. More than putting yourself in their shoes, try working with them too. Draw up pros and cons lists, lay out plans and plot financial strategies to better understand each other’s objectives and arrive at a unified approach towards achieving success. This often leads to a more open relationship and possible referrals and repeat transactions.

Lastly, learn the fine art of negotiating. Don’t expect to land your projects and clients easily. Rather, anticipate the clever and witty numbers and deals play that would take place. Revel in the widely used and traditional practice of bartering – exchanging goods or services for another – and be willing to adjust your offer and specifics to the client’s needs. That is your initial goal after all, to offer your talents and services to answer a market need. :)

If your negotiations don’t work out, be ready to walk away as well. Don’t fret over every single unclosed deal. There are a lot of other clients out there who are in need of your specific services and are willing to pay your price. Just don’t forget to believe in yourself and your abilities. If you had the confidence to brave the economy and start your own business, then you’re definitely not afraid of a little hard work. :) The best results and accomplishments, more often than not, come from the things that you worked hard for.

The voice of experience

In line with starting your own business, you should be willing to listen to the voices of experts who have gone through similar experiences and succeeded. My friends Liz and Ric Thompson have made arrangements through their Association of Small Business CEOs (ASBCEO) for you to get a FREE copy of Ewen Chia’s course that would educate us all about starting an online business with success secrets and practices that he himself has applied to get to where he is now.

For a brief background, Ewen Chia is one of the foremost Internet marketing gurus who’s often referred to as “The World’s #1 Super Affiliate.” This international best-selling author, speaker, trainer, husband and father of two started blazing his way as one of the pioneers of the Internet business industry back in1997. He has written material that helps others find their fortune in Internet marketing, including the course Work From Home Internet Success System!, his first print book How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too! and the course featured below. Ric and Liz Thompson, on the other hand, are themselves co-founders of several successful businesses such as The association of Small Business CEOs, Transperience Network, Small Business CEO Magazine, and Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine. See resources page for more great links

It’s good to know that many people have gone through similar ups and downs in business and made it through very well. You know what’s so exciting about this course? That Ric and Liz have put together a deal where you can get it for FREE! Yes, I really meant to say FREE! By making it available through the Association of Small Business CEOs , this education, normally worth thousands of dollars, can be ours for just a small shipping and handling fee. I got your undivided attention there didn’t I? :)

The Thompsons are encouraging us to Discover The Millionaire Profits System That Shows You Exactly How To Start Your Own Million-Dollar Internet Business…Even If You’ve Never Made A Sale Online Before! (Whew! It’s definitely a mouthful, but mighty fine I tell you. :) ) The step-by-step course is meant to inform us of an alternative to the usual nine-to-five day jobs out there by educating us about the wonders of online business.

The course will share with us the right mindset, tools and methods we could use in a straightforward but fun approach. From core knowledge to out-of-the-box tips and tricks to expanding your business, these reading materials, professionally made videos and instant download access are going to show us what to do and in the right order to do them in. Since the author has been exactly where we are, there are no lies about the realities and obstacles that we’d meet.

Check it out and let me know what you think…. :)

Furthermore, we won’t be treated like children or ignorant business owners. Instead, the course will challenge us to learn using a devised approach that would help us retain the lessons we’ll learn and not just let them go over our heads in exasperation. This Millionaire Profits System was shortened to just six lessons that could make us millionaires in just 12 – 18 months. I get so excited just thinking about it and all the possibilities it offers! :)

This 2010, don’t be afraid to finally realize your dream business. Whether the economy recovers quickly or not, you could still get started towards achieving your goals and objectives. All you need is to bring back that spunk that inspired you to dream in the first place and brave the obstacles you’ll face. With the helpful tips given above, you now know where and how to start. Thus, no more excuses and dilly dallying. I say go for it and see your dreams come alive right before your eyes – all with your hard work and perseverance of course. :)

Do you have other tips or success stories you’d like to share with us? I look forward to hearing from you through the comments section below.

Have an exciting fresh start everyone!

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