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Two of the best-kept success secrets of money-making business owners are not so secret at all. In fact, they’ve been featured in this blog together and separately several times. I’ll give you two guesses, and if you thought visualization and focus, then you’re most definitely right. <g> As you may already know, the first helps us with our goal setting and the latter, with reaching those objectives. When we project our goals into the future and focus on what we need to do in order to achieve success, we’re able to make these plans possible and our dreams real.

Ric and I started the same way. With a vision of a better life, one which we wanted for our growing family, we left the corporate world and set out to create our own online marketing businesses, among others. Since we wanted our children Chandler and Stefan to grow up with a more comfortable lifestyle, and we wanted to spend more time with them and with each other, we pushed forward until we achieved the life we always dreamed of and wanted. Now, we’re glad we stuck to our guns, so to speak. <g> In braving the small business world, we’ve achieved such blessings and success that we plan to share with others for as long as we can.

There are two interesting Small Business CEO Magazine articles that, again, focused on these two success secrets. As always, I’m glad to share them with you here.

Read the writing on the wall

The first article, written by Donald Yates – a former Director of Business and Leadership Development for Imperial Research who helps young people with their self discovery and life planning, among others – is entitled If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Do It!

Here Donald Yates discusses the importance of visualizing one’s goal and seeing its success in order to make it real, have something to work towards and get it beyond the realm of mere fantasy, dreams or illusions. For someone to have a clear vision of where he wants to go or what he wants to do, he should be able to read the writing on the wall, in a manner of speaking. <g> Below are a few useful lessons I caught from the article.

Grasping is key

In order for someone to believe in something, he should be able to grasp its importance first. If he could believe that it can be done, then it will be done. It’s as simple as what we’ve always mentioned here – as you see it, so shall it be. Grasping a concept, an idea or an action gives you some form of validation and confidence. The more you believe in what you need to do, the more you’ll have the conviction to go through with it.

Eye on the price

To help someone visualize a goal, especially in business, you must always keep your eye on the price. Focus your energies on what you long to achieve in the long run. If, for example, you plan to earn some money in business, improve your skills and survive all economic conditions, then it’s best and encouraged that you do everything you can and include all the elements you need to complete these goals.

Personalize it

Somehow, visualization makes the project or objective more personal. Since you’ve clearly pictured it in your mind, considered everything you need and envisioned it a success, you’ve already invested part of yourself into it. You already have a certain connection with the project and will work harder to turn it into reality – up to the point of actually feeling it, smelling it, touching it and owning it. You may even consider it an emotional investment, if you will. <g>

Look back

More often than not, past events and experiences have an effect in how we visualize our current goal. If we feel that something cannot be done, we have to convince ourselves otherwise. If we made wrong decisions in the past, we can prevent ourselves from going down the same paths. If we picture a goal clearly in our minds and work towards using all our senses and abilities for its success, then we’re on our way towards achieving a complete experience.

Whether we work alone or are setting an example for our people, we must always be capable of visualizing a project from conception to execution to finished product. Our performance and the performance of our people would depend on how clearly this picture has been established, drawn, led to and acted upon. If you see that you can do it, then all your confidence will follow.

Always keep in mind that reality comes from having clear visualization of your goals, your acceptance of an endless realm of possibilities and opportunities open to you and your faith in your ability to make it come true. Remember that success comes easily if you just learn to visualize and accept it.

Focus your attention

The secret of how to focus your attention on one thing in order to achieve success in your business or any life activity was discussed in the article of Wil Schroter – an entrepreneur, author and public speaker – called Focus is the Key to a Successful Startup.

In this article, he gave a few tips on how you could start small but earn big. It sounds very promising doesn’t it? <g> This concept is important to keep people from trying to do everything at once, overestimating their capabilities and ending up selling themselves and their clients short. To help you specialize on one important thing instead, here are the tips I got from his article.

Bite off less than you can chew

When starting your own business, it’s important to first consider all the angles. Make sure that you’ve visualized not only the process and product delivery, but that of supporting and maintaining it as well. If it gets to be too much, you could always start with a single product or service and see that to fruition. When everything’s fine and good, then you could consider adding in more products and services little by little. It’s better to offer something small at first, as long as you’re able to deliver properly, rather than offering the world, so to speak, and failing to provide everything that was promised midway. It will surely save you a lot of stress, grief and possibly a few law suits too. <g>

You have ten seconds to get it right

Since people receive plenty of information every day, they don’t have much time and patience to spare. Thus, you have about ten seconds to get their attention and make them interested in what you have to offer. This process will help you filter and find out what your product’s unique selling point is, and learn to exclude whatever goes beyond that time frame. It will also test the value of your product, because if you can’t find one unique selling point that could survive this short scrutiny from your clients, then you would have to rethink your product itself.

Stay on target gold leader

After launching and establishing your product comes the important task of seeing it further into success. A lot of factors such as demanding customers and improvements you’d like to include come into play and may distract you from your original goal. While taking into account some of these factors every once in a while, you must make sure to stay focused on what you wanted to achieve and where you wanted to go since the beginning.

To ensure that you keep an eye on your goals, you can choose which improvements you’d focus on at a certain time and anticipate the resources you need for that improvement. Just make sure that whatever additions or improvements you include would drive your business towards your pictured goal instead of diverting from it.

In your business experience, are you able to visualize your goals and work towards its success while focusing on a specific product or service? Let me know through the comments section below.

Happy visualizing!


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