Grab Your Slice of Peace

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Peace of mind – a concept seemingly foreign to most of us overworked and overscheduled people running out and about in this modern world. Amidst our responsibilities, needs, wants and everything else in our everyday lives, we seldom get the chance to own and revel in it. When we do get glimpses though, it’s like we get to taste just a little piece of heaven! :)

Now, there are a couple of ways we could grab our own slice and enjoy peace – finding out what we really want and learning to delegate or  let go, as some may say – two  deceptively simple phrases that, not surprisingly, weigh the hardest on most people’s minds.  :) How do you find out what you want? When is it right to let go?


Listen to YOU

An article from Thrish Bishop – speaker, Intuitive Guide and author of “The Question Journey” – in Healthy Wealthy n Wise entitled It’s Time to Be Quiet helps us focus on finding all the answers we need within ourselves. Imagine that, we try and try to find answers to life’s many questions elsewhere and get confused by everything that’s going on around us, when all we needed to do was to find a spot, be quiet and listen to our inner voices.

Below are some tips from Thrish mentioned in her article:

Break the “buy your answers” habit.

Do you, like me and most people, spend money on self-help materials, when they’re basically saying or teaching the same principles? Somehow, we might be led to think that maybe if we pay for something, what we find inside it might actually be of some value. Well, that may be true for most of these sources, but not always. Try listening to what YOU know. Learn to distinguish the difference between the information they give and the knowledge that you already have. Between what you find out and what you believe in, you’ll definitely find what you’re searching for.

Shut off the chaos valve.

When we don’t want to know exactly what’s happening within us, or if we’re trying to hide something, we pretend that we have all these things going on. We make it a point to be busy, or we allow all the external distractions to, well, distract us.  :) Given that they really are important and they really do need your attention, don’t help them help you hide from what you need to do. Shut out the chaos, quiet your mind and find at least a modicum of peace within.

Rip-off the band-aid.

Don’t cover your feelings with bravado or denial. Those will only cause the negativity to fester. It’s better to let the wound breathe than let it breed in the dark. When emotions are exposed, it’s easier to deal with them, get them out of the way and move on to whatever you need to do. Let me tell you, the sooner you rip that bandage off, the better you’ll feel. :)

Cut the strings.

Don’t listen to society. Nor should you let them dictate what you should wear, eat, do or feel. Don’t let society’s restrictions limit you. I’m not saying you should break state laws or commit random acts of violence or sin. Show them off and be comfortable in your own skin instead. Listen to YOU and trust YOUR instincts. Follow your intuition and don’t allow “them” to mold you into something you’re not. Give yourself a chance to experience some personal growth.

Let THEM Help

Kim DeYoung – the “Get It Done Girl” who gives business and life solutions to mom entrepreneurs – on the other hand, shares with us one of the best tips for avoiding mistakes, and instead, boosting your profit and potential through her article Delegate – Give Yourself More Time, Energy and Money. How? Like the title said, through delegation. It may sound simple enough, but from my experience, it’s easier said than done. :)

One of the many business success secrets out there is delegation. Yes, aside from clearly setting and visualizing your goals, allowing failure to peep every once in a while and having a good marketing plan, you also need to learn how to let go of certain things and allow others to step up to the plate.

I’m sure you’d do an amazing job handling whatever it is you need to do, but with everything going on around you, you don’t have to drive yourself crazy with keeping up. There are other equally competent people out there who are very much willing to help and would likely give you better results and allow you to focus on the things that need your attention more.

Give the little, time-consuming things to them, so you could handle the bigger, more important things yourself. There are virtual assistants, virtual bookkeepers, and the like, who are very competent and enthusiastic about what they do.

With this set up, you could even pay them by the hour, as opposed to hiring full-time, in-house staff whom you’ll have to pay even without output. You’ll also get the benefit of picking their brains if you get stumped along the way, since they could easily have encountered similar situations before.

Kim DeYoung passed on some tips from her interview with Erin Blaskie:

Make a list of the things you know you want to delegate out.

Be specific about what you want to delegate. Make sure that you’re not wasting anyone’s time, and your dime, by passing off mediocre tasks.

Track your time for one week. Track everything.

Keep track of your time, so you’ll know which tasks take up more of it that you need to let go. Of course, this wouldn’t help if you don’t know how to leverage your time properly and end up spending more than you could bring in.

Communicate your business vision.

Define your business vision and share it with the team. This way, you’ll all work towards the same goal. In turn, you could better set your goals and expectations of each other. Quid pro quo. You share your vision with your people and they’ll share their opinions and own visions with you, while helping you realize your own dreams in the process.

Consider your virtual assistants as partners, not employees.

Whomever you choose to delegate your tasks to, treat them as equals and not employees. Trust me, when each is given equal chance to show what they can do and come up with, you’ll definitely see bigger and better results that would bring more to your business.

Utilize their expertise.

Let them bring something to the table. The reason you chose to delegate tasks to them is because they know something that you might not. Trust them to share what they are capable of, and revel in human beings’ capacity to learn from each other and learn on their own, while trying to satisfy their insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Have you listened to the inner you, grabbed a piece of that peace, and found out what you want? Are you able to delegate and let go of tasks that would help you grow your business? Let me know through the comments section below.

Happy searching!

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