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The caterpillar does all the work, but the butterfly gets all the publicity.” ~George Carlin, stand up comedian, actor, author

The most interesting element of marketing, for me, is Promotion – it’s that communication link between the seller and the buyer – how you say “here I am, here’s what I have to offer, buy me!” :)

It’s the same element that makes or breaks the success of your business. You may have a good product in your hands, or pricing that is competitive, but with weak promotions, you won’t get much far.

For me too, this is the “fun part.” :)

You can opt to budget for the traditional above-the-line advertising, (TV, radio & print), and be prepared to allot a huge chunk of your promo A&P for it. This kind of promotions may have a wider reach, but know too that a part of your advertising may be falling on the wrong targets, most of them not really interested in your product or services.

Simple, quick & cheap

Or you can take the below-the-line route, reach not as many people as you would want to, but definitely the right people, for less the cost! :) The key to a good promo is increased noise and visibility.  Get seen and heard by the right targets, the ones who are actually interested in what you have to offer.  Keep your promo messages simple:  what your product is, what good it will do for them, and how happy they’ll be when they use it. :)

Dr. Ivan Misner, called by CNN as the “father of modern network marketing”, and New York Times bestselling author, notes that your business can benefit from the promotions that your network can provide, at minimal costs.  In his article in the Small Business CEO magazine, he lists Top Ten Ways Others Can Promote You.  Dr. Misner suggests that you make the connection between specific items or services you need and identify the people who can supply them.  Make use of systematic referral marketing and find simple, cheap and quick ways to promote your business.

Get in the scene and make noise!

This is where the fun begins.  You can increase awareness for your business while building your network of suppliers and clients at the same time.  Use these occasions to announce yourself and endorse products and services.  Short of saying, get on that stage, grab the mike and tell the room about your products.  Of course, everything should be done within the bounds of proper business ethics and human relations.  :)

Bring out those business suits and cocktail dresses as you ensure that you’re invited to the right events, fairs and conventions.  Take it up a higher level and work on receiving recognitions and awards.  Chew up that shyness and nominate yourself, your products and services for citations of accomplishments. :)

Arrange meetings, make contact with key business suppliers and customers.  Let them know you’re in the scene, and make a lot of impact each time.  Make every interaction you have with these key people an unforgettable interface.  Now, you have the perfect excuse to stay out late as you wine and dine in the company of pleasant people. :)

Increase your visibility to those who matter

“I don’t hurt or want for visibility, but people seem to forget pretty easily.” ~ Gary Coleman, actor

As the quip goes, “out of sight, out of mind”, this is oh-so-true for products and services.  Keep letting your target market know you’re there, show yourself as much, as many times, and wherever possible.

Dr. Misner cites the importance of displays and exhibits.  Get on flyers and do leafleting activities.   Make your promo materials as visible as possible – the way the neighborhood salon promotes itself by attaching a leaflet on the garment bag of the laundry shop next door.  Or the way products are emblazoned on plastic bags carried out by every customer who walks out the shop.

Publish information about your business.  Make use of social networks to carry information about you around.  Make yourself searchable on the internet.  A simple but comprehensive website will not cost much to make.  Talk about creative fun again! :)

Get linked to a community

What has proven to be a very effective promotional vehicle is the network or community you and your business belong to.  Form strategic alliances and link with other businesses that can complement your services.  This is where Dr. Misner’s idea of systemic referral marketing kicks in.  Your community may be as good an ally and a competitor to you as well.  Either way, being linked to others is good publicity and free promotions for you.

Ensure too that your online connections are well established.  This is the easiest and cheapest way for people who need you can find you and get in touch with – to buy your product or avail of service.  Put yourself out there!

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enjoy yourself.  After all, you’re doing the fun part of the business already! :)

See you around! :)

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