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“Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.”

This quote has been repeated many times by many people, and it still rings true whoever says it. Happiness comes, not from something outside of us, but from within. Happiness isn’t the result of success. In fact, it’s the other way around – happiness leads to success.

So many people have written about happiness that I would be hard-pressed to come up with  original ideas about being happy. Whatever I say, somebody else most likely has already said before. The quote above, for example, has been attributed to H. Jackson Brown, Dale Carnegie, and Ingrid Bergman, among others. I really don’t know who said it first, and it really doesn’t matter – it still rings true regardless of who said it.

I won’t be sharing anything truly unique and original, but I can, however, share some of my favorite ideas on happiness as shared by some contributors to Healthy Wealthy n Wise.

Just Be Happy

“True happiness is not derived from favorable circumstances only,” shares Sanjay Joshi in his article Discover True Happiness Within You.  “It is all about maintaining the same degree of joy even in the face of most adverse conditions.”

Continuing this line of thought, Melody Larson’s 1st stone in her article 7 Stepping Stones to a Life of Joy is this: “Be happy for no reason. There’s nothing you need to become, nothing that needs to happen, in order for you to be happy.”

Both Sanjay and Melody highlight the fact that happiness is a choice you make. You don’t need a reason to be happy. Instead, you choose to be happy, whether or not things are going your way.

Stop Judging

“When we judge ourselves, our circumstances, or other people,” explains Lenora Boyle, “it leaves no opening to settle into and accept ‘what is’.” Sometimes, what may initially seem like the worst thing in the world could turn into the biggest blessing. Your failure could be the springboard to future success – but only if you let it.

When things don’t go your way, you still gain from the experience. Bobbi DePorter explains it well in her article 8 KEY CATALYSTS – Failure Leads to Success: “Whenever you fail or succeed, the universe has just handed you a piece of wisdom. Don’t let it go to waste. Mine it for all it’s worth.”

Keith Varnum explains further by saying “Be Specific, but Not Limiting” in his article Prosperity Can Be Easy and Fun! “Focus on the essence, the spirit, of what you want – not on the exact outer appearance you think it has to take. Center on the specific experience and qualities you want to create – not the form or box it has to be delivered in.” Accept that life doesn’t always give you exactly what you want, yet still gives you everything.

Be selfish

Melody Larson put it best: “You have to put your own needs and desires above everyone and everything precisely in order to serve everyone and everything.” In her 4th stone: Relish being selfish, she explains that “Selfishness in the highest sense of the word is about being yourself so fully that you can share yourself fully with others.”

Our blog title also highlights this, though maybe a bit more subtly. We want to give more to others, but in order to do that, two other things must come first. We have to make more and live more. If we don’t do that, we won’t have much to give to others.

Don’t hold back

Yes, being happy is a choice. This doesn’t mean that you choose to be happy and not feel anything else though – that’s a sure-fire way to drive yourself insane. Instead, Keith Varnum suggests that you “feel the pain as well as the joy. Shake with fear. Let the anger rise up and roar!”

“Feel Extravagantly” is how he puts it. “Feel. Feel the agony – and the ecstasy. Until you feel you’ll surely explode!” Many people go about their daily lives insulating themselves from negative emotions and thinking that this allows them to be happy. What happens to them instead is that they end up not feeling anything.

What ideas can you share to help others live happy and fulfilling lives? I’m sure there are a million other tips out there that I’ve missed out on, and I’ve probably skipped at least a couple of your favorites. What are they? Share with us in the comments.

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