Meet Me

Liz ThompsonLiz Thompson, successful entrepreneur, creator and co-founder of the top online magazine, Healthy Wealthy nWise, as well as founder of Small Business CEO the Transperience Network is committed to providing the tools people need to build successful lives.

“Everyone defines success differently,” says Liz. “That’s one reason why Ric and I started Healthy Wealthy nWise Magazine, Small Business CEO Magazine and the Transperience Network  as well. We wanted to introduce people to a wide range of successful mentors that anyone could learn from, and not limit their exposure to just one person’s idea of what success means.”

Liz started her first successful business at age 25 and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. In 2001, Liz and her husband Ric bought NetStorm Internet Services – a small ISP.  After taking the service international and selling it, they began work on Healthy Wealthy nWise, nurturing it until it grew into the #1 online transformational magazine in the world.

The work Liz is doing now is without a doubt some of the most fulfilling of her life, but none of it could have come about without the principles of networking and personal development Liz has learned through her various enterprises.

Liz Thompson is successful because she shares knowledge she has accumulated. “Success is everywhere and in everyone. The more we share our passion and fulfilment, the more we create it in our own lives.”

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