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Intention Event

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Accelerated Law of Attraction Mastery

A Simple, Step-By-Step,
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The Teachers of The Secret

If you’re saying “I’m Doing Everything They Talk About in The Secret… Why Isn’t It Working for Me?” You need The Missing “Instruction Manual”. Finally… the Simple Steps You Need to Use The Secret to Transform YOUR Life.  What to do and how to do it… (even when life gets in the way)

Master Skills Set

Learn The Master Skills Set: The Two Powerful (But Little Talked About) Secret Skills that Keep Most Entrepreneurs from Success in Business…

Science of Creating Your Dreams

7 Step Scientific Process for Creating the Life of Your Dreams as YOU Want It

The Science of Creating Your Dream Business

The Step-By-Step, 6-Part Formula for Creating Your Dream Business that Makes You the Money You Want and Delivers the Life You Desire. . .Starting Right Now!

MLM First 365

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2012 Predictions and Prophecy

Free Video Reveals the #1 Thing You Need to Know About 2012…  You’re About to Learn Insider ‘Secrets’ Most People Will Never Know About the Predictions and Prophecy of 2012…

T.A.L.K. with:

“You’re About to Learn Insider ‘Secrets’ Most People Will Never Know About Creating True Wealth and Financial Freedom…

Greg Reid

Taken from blog post entitled: Do You Pursue Life With Everything You’ve Got?

Here’s a bit of what you’ll learn:

* How to stand out in a society of quitters
* You’re a direct reflection of _________ and what this means for your success
* Success lessons from ReMax, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the inventor of the SuperString Theory

* a lot more

Stephen MR Covey

Taken from blog post entitled: Trust Changes Everything

Here’s a bit of what you’ll learn:

* Why trust-building is a skillset that is a “must have”, especially in this economy…
* The 2 key pieces to get trust working for you
* Are you believeable? Here’s how to find out…
* The 13 behaviors proven to build trust among partners, staff, clients and everyone else
* The advantage every small business has
* Why trust isn’t something you “have or don’t have” – it’s something you must have to succeed
* How to measure exactly how much other people trust you – or don’t…

Tom McCarthy

Taken from blog post entitled: Are you feeling lucky?

Here’s a bit of what you’ll learn:

* Concrete, specific things you can do to increase your luck and make your business skyrocket.
* Principles to apply so the universe will work in your favor.
* Four things lucky people do more consistently than unlucky people.
* How your expectations affect your luck.
* The one big thing that separates lucky people from unlucky people.

Ryan Lee

Taken from blog post entitled: The Lowdown on Recurring Revenue Marketing

A bit of what you’ll learn:

* The easiest and most profitable recurring revenue programs to get started.
* How “sideways income” affects you.
* The biggest mistakes to avoid when starting recurring revenue programs.
* Why outsourcing is so important.
* The number one thing to keep in mind when putting together your first recurring revenue program.

David Meerman Scott

Taken from blog post entitled:  How to Become a “Word of Mouse”

A bit of what you’ll learn in David’s TALK:

* It’s not your product that matters, it’s your __________
* Forget “pulling the trigger” you’ve got to create one – and here’s how
* Why a World Wide Rave is FAR superior to viral marketing
* The freakin coolest way to kick off a world wide rave – and how you can do your own
* The 2 things you must have completely dialed in, or you’re dead before you start

Larry Benet

Taken from blog post entitled: Creating That Connection

A bit of what you’ll learn:

* The 2 questions you should ask a new contact to kick off a rock solid relationship
* 3 principles you must apply for instant networking success
* How small things can lead to huge results – creating magic moments for other people
* How to start relationships – the question you need to ask yourself right now
* How to maintain relationships – with these tools it’s a whole lot easier than you think

Manny Goldman

Taken from blog post entitled: Business Growth Starts With You

A bit of what you’ll learn:

* The 4-step process to getting the most out of your personal growth.
* The one thing that stands out in the most successful people.
* Key lessons for those getting started in their businesses.
* How to make a lasting impression on someone in the first few seconds.
* The 3 steps to controlling your mindset and emotions

Sharon Lechter

Taken from blog post entitled: The Youth and Financial Literacy

A bit of what you’ll learn in Sharon’s TALK:

* The 3 things you need to know right NOW
* What 70% of your focus should be on
* Universal lessons every entrepreneur has to learn – regardless of age


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